Monday, October 24, 2016

Kate Major Arrested

TMZ reports that Kate Major, estranged wife of Michael Lohan, was arrested for assaulting a police office. On Saturday, Major dropped the kids off at Lohan's house. Lohan was probably wearing yet another mesh shirt, because that's how he rolls, and you know what the sight of Michael Lohan in a mesh shirt does to Kate Major. Hulk Smash! Major immediately went over to a neighbor's house and drank copiously until she forgot about seeing Lohan in a mesh shirt. 

When she came out, Lohan wouldn't give her the keys to her car, and he called the cops on her. When the cops arrived, Major attacked. My guess is because Lohan was standing behind the cop in his stupid mesh shirt, and Major, in her drunken stupor, lunged for the shirt and missed, hitting the cop instead. Major is currently in jail in Palm Beach, where she will probably stay for a bit, since she's already on probation from the last time she saw Michael Lohan in a mesh shirt.

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