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Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Are Gutted About Bake Off - The Graham Norton Show

Lady Gaga To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show

Page Six reports that Lady Gaga will headline the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show on February 5th in Houston, Texas. Well, at least it will be better than Coldplay (but probably not quite as amazing as Beyonce).

Don't Fuck With Angelina Jolie

TMZ reports that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have agreed to a temporary custody deal in which Angelina gets every single fucking thing that she asked for. Yasss, bitch! In the terms of the agreement, Angelina gets physical custody until October 20th. Brad gets visitation - the first visit will be supervised by a therapist, who will determine whether or not the visits will need to continue to be monitored. Both Brad and Angelina will go to individual counseling, and the whole family will go to counseling together. Brad will submit to random drug and alcohol tests. This agreement will last for 3 weeks; if Brad and Angelina can't come to a permanent agreement by then, it will head to the courts.

To prove that Angelina has a heart of gold, TMZ reports that if there's a move to file child abuse charges against Brad Pitt, Angelina will not cooperate with the investigation, because she does not want to see Brad punished. 

And this is why Angelina wins. Some of you may have forgotten how good she is at this after she transformed herself from gothic actress to global humanitarian, but she is a master at controlling her image, and more importantly, coming out on top. Slay, queen!

Blake Lively Is a Mom Again

People reports that Blake Lively, 29, and husband Ryan Reynolds, 39, have welcomed their second child together. Lively gave birth recently in New York. Just like the first time around, no further details are being provided at this time. The new baby joins older sister James, 22 months.

Friday, September 30, 2016

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Perky Hates Trouser Snake

This perky TV Girl is not as nice as she seems on the outside. She likes to take jabs at a former costar.

There is a story going around that her former costar may have had a secret child when he was younger. Perky’s response was to send a copy of this article to her friends, exclaiming “LOL. Only 1? Bet Mr. Trouser Snake has at least a dozen out there!”

Perky TV Girl:

Her Former Costar:

Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 9/30/16

What is your favorite painting?

Dog Eat Dog Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Nicholas Cage Movie

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Sexual Harasser

Can we get a preemptive restraining order? This A-list television personality is earning quite the reputation as a sexual harasser at his network. Incessant, unwanted phone calls, emails and texts to female staff + excessive pervy comments. It's getting to be a bit of a problem.


So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is the A-list television personality?

Source: The Gossip Life

Justin Theroux Works Out

Justin Theroux is on the cover of this month's UK Men's Health Magazine. Here's what he had to say:

"You have to come in to filming in the best shape you can because as the hours and weeks grind on you, you find yourself not having the luxury of going to the gym and doing the big workouts you like to do. The beauty of workouts now is that you really just need some rubber bands and a kettlebell and you can set up anywhere." 

On happiness:
"I only ever find myself unhappy if I mistrust my gut. If I've learned anything, it's to do what I want based on my taste. Usually I enjoy myself. It's simple advice, do what makes you happy. But I've been very successful, at least on a happiness level."

On modern men:
"I just find non-modern men very boring. Just because they seem rigid, stuck in the old tropes of what it means to be a professional, a boyfriend, a father. Those kinds of things."

On style:
"The one thing that is unchangeable is I refuse to wear shorts. I just don't think it's a good look on anybody. It's the same with flip-flops. I don't think anyone should wear those things unless they're in rehab, in hospital or on a beach. I just prefer jeans and boots."

On Jennifer Aniston's essay on paparazzi culture:
"I was very proud of what she wrote. It was a rare insight into how disgusting all that is. At some point it becomes bullying. It sucks when people aim cameras at your stomach on some bizarre womb watch. But more to the point, it's equally damaging to the national conversation."

Katy Perry Votes Naked

Britney Spears Reflects on her 20s

Britney Spears recently sat down for an interview with the UK's Lorraine. Here's what she had to say, as reprinted by E! News:

"I liked my thirties way more than my twenties. My twenties were horrible. My teens were fun, but I like my thirties. Thirties is great. You know who you really are."

On children Sean, 11, and Jaden, 10:
"It's a little strange. I'm nervous, because I know 12, 13, 14 and 15 is going to be really scary, and I'm going to be like, 'Mom, please come to the house and help me out here!' But right now it's a great age. They're still babies."

On her new album Glory:
"I really took my time with this record. I took like two and a half years to do it, and I worked with the most profound, amazing people. It was just really, really cool. I definitely had the jitters. I was like, 'Oh, my God! Will people like it?' Oh, my God! But it worked out."

On being single:
"I'm in a really good place right now, so I think I'm just...I'm loving and learning myself every day, and learning who I am, so it's's awakening. It's cool. It's OK to be single, yeah. It totally is."

Anna Kendrick Talks Staying Grounded

Anna Kendrick recently sat down for an interview with InStyle UK. Here's what she had to say:

Do you enjoy photo shoots?
‘I never know what I’m doing, so I stave off madness by channelling characters from fantasy franchises. So yesterday, I was acting like a drunk Galadriel from Lord Of The Rings, shouting [adopts Cate Blanchett voice]: “In the place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen… Treacherous as the Seas…” And the photographer was like, “Stop talking, let’s take a picture”.’

That’s one good way to deal with any feelings of self-consciousness…
‘Yes. When on camera, pretend you’re an Elven wizard. I’ve got that classic American female thing of feeling totally great [about my body] and then hating myself. It comes in waves. Usually those waves last five to seven seconds.’

You star opposite Justin Timberlake [in Trolls]. Do you find it annoying that he’s great at everything?
‘Yeah. It’s really annoying when you’ve heard your demo track of a song and it sounds totally fine, then you hear his and you realise you should probably go home. Vocally, he’s not fucking around.’

At 31, you’re almost already a screen legend because you have such a wealth of material built-up over the years. You proved early on that you could do serious movies with Up In The Air, and now you have the freedom to jump into goofball comedies. It’s an atypical trajectory…
‘I thought you were going to say, “Because you’re just so full of wisdom and grace.” I had a realisation early on that some of these comedies are going to be for the next generation what Tommy Boy was to me. The only reason my brother and I knew how to communicate when we were growing up was through that movie, y’know? That felt like a more daunting prospect than something like Up In The Air. I’m not slumming it in comedy, it’s the opposite.’

You’ve been able to work with so many great actors. Meryl Streep, for instance…
‘Meryl and George Clooney [Up In The Air] are so good [at acting], better than they need to be, and both so normal. I’ve worked with a lot of famous actors who look batshit crazy compared to George and Meryl. They’re all living on another planet.’

Do you feel pressure to be funny?
‘No, and I’m also so grateful I don’t have to do the Miss America thing when I meet fans, like “Believe in your dreams!”, or “It was a dream to meet you!” I don’t know how to do that. I’m unstoppably awkward. That’s why I’m so bad in the post office. Am I in the wrong line? Did I fill out the wrong thing? I practise what I’m going to say before I go in.’

Does it help develop your sense of humour to feel a bit of outsiderdom?
‘Yeah, well-adjusted people are rarely funny. My dad has that black Irish humour, which was a big part of it. He took the family to see [play] The Beauty Queen Of Leenane, and my brother and I loved it. My mum looked at us and went, “You’re a bunch of sickos, that is not funny. It’s dark and sad!” So yeah, I see humour in eternal abuse.’

You’ve avoided the trappings of young Hollywood. How have you remained grounded?
‘My close friends are the same ones I had when I first moved to LA, who were totally cool with me being some unemployed, aspiring actress. So you keep them. The only thing that bums me out about fame is when I notice a behaviour I have that I wouldn’t have if I was in a different profession. Like when I went to Ikea to get the bins for my garage? I was cowering behind DIY shelving in a baseball cap as a family walked by. I don’t know if that’s cool, but it’s something I do.’

Read the full interview at InStyle UK.

Celebrity Real Estate - Hermione Granger Edition

The house that served as Hermione Granger's childhood home in the Harry Potter movies has hit the market for $3.1 million. The Heathgate, London home is 2,490 square feet, and features six bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice backyard garden. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Amanda Knox Looks to the Future

Amanda Knox recently sat down for an interview with Good Morning America. Here's what she had to say, as reprinted by E! News:

"I think I'm trying to explain what it feels like to be wrongfully convicted—to either be this terrible monster to be just a regular person who is vulnerable. What I'm trying to convey is that a regular person like me, just a kid who was studying abroad who loved languages, could be caught up in this nightmare where they're portrayed as something that they're not. Now my attention is turning towards the next person. My name's cleared. I'm fine. I'm moving on with my life. I'm going back to graduate school. I'm redeveloping my relationships. I'm redeveloping my relationship with freedom.

I can't go back to the life I had before and neither can the exonerees that are out there and a lot of times their stories go overlooked and I think that it's our moral duty to examine the cases of a wrongfully convicted person from the perspective of their really demand that we have objective looks at their cases and the facts of their case as well as them as people as opposed to demonizing them the way that I was."

On Meredith Kercher:
"That's the really sad part about this tragedy is that as soon as the prosecutor made it about, 'It has to be Amanda, it has to be Amanda,' they took away the fact that this case is about her and what the truth was about what happened to her. She's been lost in all of that, but that doesn't change the fact that we have also an obligation to everyone that could potentially be innocent to find out the truth for the sake of the victim."

Amanda Knox's Netflix documentary debuts today.

TV Show Roundup 9/30/16

Casting News:
Legends of Tomorrow alum Joseph David-Jones will join the cast of CMT's Nashville in a major recurring role for the show's 5th season, reports TV Line.

TV Line reports that True Blood's Sam Trammell will join the cast of NBC's This Is Us in a recurring role.

Grey's alum Sandra Oh will co-star on season 3 of ABC's American Crime, reports TV Line.

E! News reports that Kate Plus 8 will return to RLC for another season in January.

ABC has given full season orders to both Designated Survivor and Speechless, reports E! News.

Angela Simmons Is a Mom

Rev Run's daughter Angela Simmons has welcomed her first child with fiancΓ© Sutton Tennyson. E! News reports that their son was born recently. This is the first child for the couple, who got engaged earlier this year.

A photo posted by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills is a Grandmother

E! News reports that Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards' daughter, Brooke Wiederhorn, has welcomed her first child with husband, Fatburger heir Thayer Wiederhorn. Their son was born on Wednesday night. The couple have been married since 2014.

Ron Jeremy Rear Ends Pedestrian

TMZ reports that porn legend Ron Jeremy hit a pedestrian while turning left in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night. It was dark, and the pedestrian was wearing all black. Jeremy claims he only "nicked" the guy. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries, and Jeremy was not cited, although the accident is under investigation.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

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2 Chainz Drinks $600 Coffee (Made from Cat Poop) | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

Reader's Choice 9/29/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Stop Banging Your Costar

Drama, drama, drama among cast members of this popular prime time TV series!

The handsome lead actor is “a horndog.” Always has been.

One of his conquests is a pretty female member of the cast. While their relationship is not public, they are seeing each other.

Here’s the problem: He considers it “friends with benefits.” She thinks that they are in a serious relationship. He is still screwing other women. She is demanding that he stop sleeping around and that he stop flirting with women online. He is refusing. They have been fighting since last season. The tension spilled over onto the set.

Right before they went on hiatus, the Show Runner put them both on the spot, told them that their relationship was hurting production, and warned them that they had better either break up or fix things before returning next season.

They didn’t break up. And nothing got fixed.

Now they are back in production and the fights between the two of them are worse then ever! He’s still sleeping around, and she’s still angry. Cast and crew members are choosing up sides. It’s a mess.

The Show Runner has had it with all of them! Since he can’t force fidelity or a breakup, he only has one way left to restore the peace: Boot one of them off the show! In fact, he’s already found the perfect spot in the season where one of them could be written off.

Which one will it be? Well, although The Actress is more well-liked by the cast and crew, The Actor is the bigger star. Therefore, we think that The Actress’ job is more likely at stake.

So, Actress, if you want to keep your job: Stop banging your costar!

BONUS CLUE! The cast and crew of the show read BG because they all love blind items!




Source: Blind Gossip - It's An Exclusive!

Deep Thoughts 9/29/16

Who is your favorite comic strip character?

Before the Flood - Leonardo DiCaprio Trailer | National Geographic

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Call a lawyer on the phone. This A-list singer desperately wants revenge on her A-list adversary for many perceived slights and bad blood over the years. A lawsuit? Too obvious. A public attack? Unbecoming. Anonymous slandering to sponsors and industry bigwigs? Perfect.

Just wait until the A-list adversary finds out.

Who list the A-list singer?

Who is the A-list adversary?

Source: The Gossip Life

Benedict Cumberbatch Interviews Tom Hiddleston

Benedict Cumberbatch recently interviewed Tom Hiddleston for Interview Magazine. Here are some of the highlights from their exchange:

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: Like all interviewers, I should first of all thank you, Tom, for taking this time.

TOM HIDDLESTON: [laughs] Thank you, Benedict. We should just thank each other for our time. For the rest of our lives.

CUMBERBATCH: And then, in typical British fashion, we should just apologize for everything as well.

HIDDLESTON: I'm sorry for disturbing you.

CUMBERBATCH: I'm more sorry than you.

CUMBERBATCH: Oh, God, I'm not supposed to be writing this down, am I? 

HIDDLESTON: Are you transcribing this later?

CUMBERBATCH: I'm just sort of staring out over a very European landscape imagining what you're describing, very far from pen and paper. I feel like I'm in the jungles of Vietnam. But so long as someone else has got that spelling and that's not my editorial responsibility, I'll be very happy. Well, Tom, you're an equally eloquent writer and actor. I remember reading a piece that you wrote, describing the first day of facing this icon of cinema, King Kong. You know, you've got a great reputation as a cineaste. But I was wondering if there was an era of film—if you had a time machine—that you could go back and be a part of? Whether it's musicals or neorealism in Italy post World War II or maybe a Spielberg film in the '80s?

HIDDLESTON: There are two great eras that I still revere. I'm bowled over in awe and admiration by the uninterrupted takes of the dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly. There's no "We're going to fix it in post." I was watching a clip from Swing Time [1936] and ... What's his name in Singin' in the Rain [1952]? "Make 'Em Laugh"? Donald O'Connor! I watch those films in awe. That was a different kind of performance. And the second one is the '70s. 

CUMBERBATCH: When the East Coast boys took over L.A. and the studio system? The Scorseses ...?

HIDDLESTON: Yeah. The emotional immediacy and realism and seriousness of cinema then. Taxi Driver [1976], Raging Bull [1980], Apocalypse Now [1979] ...

CUMBERBATCH: I completely agree. They were highly relevant, tackling massive, important issues of their time politically. They managed to find the golden balance between entertainment and art. 

HIDDLESTON: That's also when Stanley Kubrick was doing his best work. 2001 came out in 1968. Before the moon landing in '69, they felt they'd already been there because of what Kubrick had given them as an experience in the cinema. They actually invented materials with NASA, costuming and props, to have stuff that was ahead of its time. I mean, it's sci-fi driving the boat. And the films that we're making now are still informed by those films, by that extraordinary era. Although, we are guilty of golden-age thinking—an idea from Midnight in Paris

CUMBERBATCH: At the same time, we acknowledge that, for the past ten years, we've been living in a golden age of long-form TV, which you are now a part of. When The Night Manager broke in the U.K., you could not move for people talking about it. It was just utterly riveting, and just another great jewel in the BBC's crown. How was that, working with Susanne Bier?

HIDDLESTON: I just loved the experience of making it. It always felt as though we were making a six-hour feature. We storyboarded it and scheduled it as one 360-page screenplay, with one director. Susanne was our captain. We shot in Switzerland, London, Devon, Morocco, and Majorca, in that order. It felt like the lion's share of the series took place in Morocco, in Marrakesh, where our Cairo interiors were, and where we shot the Arab Spring riots. We spent seven weeks in Marrakesh and we had to get through so many pages per day, in which I was featured in every frame, jumping between identities—I was Jonathan Pine and Andrew Birch and Thomas Quince and Jack Linden. Someone asked me recently what was it like to go back to television, and it didn't feel like that. The difference is greater for the audience than it is for us, I think. And, strangely enough, speaking of the '70s, The Night Manager was first optioned by Sydney Pollack [in the early '90s], and he commissioned a film script from Robert Towne. Finally the rights went back to le CarrΓ© and his sons Simon and Stephen Cornwell. But maybe there is a world where that story is better over six hours than over two. I don't know. How do you feel? You're someone who, for many, many years, has concurrently done television and film. We were riding horses the day after the first episode of Sherlock aired on the BBC—you were falling off horses, training for War Horse [2011]. I remember when Sherlock became the extraordinary phenomenon that it has become. And since then, you've done three seasons? 

CUMBERBATCH: We've done four seasons. And one Christmas special ... 

Read the full interview at Interview.

The Weeknd - Starboy ft. Daft Punk

Nico Tortorella Talks Being Sexy As Fuck

Younger star Nico Tortorella recently sat down for an interview with Elle. Here's what he had to say:

You've had your fair share of shirtless scenes in the show, and we at ELLE love to flip the script, so I have to ask: Do you ever feel objectified?
"Totally. Have you seen the calendar we put out [for the TV show Younger]? I know I have to play into it to a certain extent. If I have to be objectified in my twenties to be taken seriously in my thirties, I'm doing something right."

Was that part of the job something you were aware of as you got into acting?
"As long as my work continues to speak for itself outside of what I look like, I'm okay. This is going to sound obnoxious, but I get told I'm too good-looking for a lot of roles. They don't write roles people would think I'm supposed to play as often as they used to—the rom-com pretty-boy storylines. Movies are thankfully about real people nowadays, and I don't necessarily always look like a real person."

You seem pretty aware of how you you're presented.
"One hundred percent. I wear my heart on my sleeve and live my life as openly and honestly as I can."

So in regard to your sexual fluidity…
"Look, a lot of people don't think that the way that I live my life is a real thing, that it exists, that having a broad spectrum of sexual orientation is even possible. I get told all the time on social media. God forbid you open up a Reddit article. But it comes with it, you know? I'm not trying to redefine sexuality or humanity or say that my answer is right and yours is wrong. I'm just happy with who I am. I am driven by love and I have been in love with a handful of different people, men and women. It's like, if you go to a bookstore and you know exactly what kind of book you want, you have to look it up in the system because it's in a specific section of the bookstore. I fit into a handful of sections in the bookstore."

Some people believe that a bi or pansexual relationship can't be monogamous. You're dating a woman right now. Do you believe in monogamy?
"I believe in it. I am not ruled by sex. I never have been. I'm not looking to fuck all the time. I am more interested in the ability to have intimate relationships with people on an emotional level."

What's been the industry's attitude toward your "coming out?" Because Hollywood is notoriously—
"Run by a bunch of old white dudes who say anything other than heteronormative is blasphemy? That is still sadly the case, but I had hours and hours of conversation with my entire team about how I was going to handle this, because I refused from the beginning to restrict myself to any sort of lifestyle. I think as long as you come at it from a place of positive passion, it sets the right example. And I do think it's gotten better for actors who want to be out or open in their careers. I think—I hope—we are moving toward a tipping point."

A photo posted by nicotortorella (@nicotortorella) on

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks New Show Divorce and Old Show Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down for an interview with Time in anticipation of the debut of her new HBO show Divorce. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Frances, your Divorce character, is not always sympathetic. Are audiences ready for a heroine so complicated?
"We used to go back and forth: “Should Carrie have an affair?” And I’m like, “Guys, Tony Soprano is a murderer!” Frances is real. She is a smart person. And we weren’t with her for those 17 years of marriage. We’re with her now—she’s exhausted and she’s made some bad choices. But those choices are going to be very familiar to some people."

Were you concerned that your two big TV characters are both defined in part by their relationships with men?
"I see Divorce as a portrait of two people. Divorce, I learned, is that the very act of trying to get away from the other person requires that you do it with the other person you’re trying to get away from. I always felt that Carrie’s journey was toward love and home. It was how she chose to go about capturing love. Frances feels to me in a way more isolated, more alone, because she’s made decisions in a very different way. Neither of them feel defined by the men with whom they are entangled. I’m a woman, so what is familiar to me you might see in a way that I might not recognize."

You’re opening yourself up to celebrity life and the public eye once again. Is that hard?
"My life is speculated about—my marriage is, constantly. I don’t imagine that it will become so much more dense that that will become overwhelming to me. I’ve weathered the worst already. The work is important to me. I want it to be well received. That matters to me. I care about trying to separate what matters and what doesn’t. I read, but I don’t read about myself. Sometimes, it’s brought to my attention for reasons that are legitimate. I’m much more human than people think. I’m easily hurt, still, after all these years. I have developed a tougher skin, but I’ve worked really hard and the show is interesting and important and I’m proud of my work and that’s all I can do. I can’t control it beyond that. I’d like to control it, but I can’t."

How do you push back against the rumors that you feuded with castmates on Sex and the City?
"You answer when they’re deserving and worthy of an answer, and the rest you let go, and let your reputation speak for itself. It was always so heartbreaking to me that there was this narrative about Kim [Cattrall] and myself because it just didn’t reflect anything that happened on that set. They just didn’t do it to the Sopranos guys. It was so strange to me and upsetting. I posted something on Kim’s birthday and people were like “Oh my God, I didn’t know you liked her!” What? We were all at liberty to walk away at any time! But nobody asked those questions of shows with men. Isn’t that interesting?"

Questions about a potential third Sex and the City film tend to come up no matter what you’re promoting. Is it frustrating to not be able to move on?
"I would be a fool to feel burdened by that, or frustrated or resentful. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you about Divorce if it weren’t for Sex and the City. The last movie came out in 2010. It was 13 years of my life, give or take—how better to have spent a career? And now it’s time for me to do something else."

Read the full interview at Time.

Celebrity Real Estate - Aaron Neville Edition

Aaron Neville is selling his Greenwich Village penthouse for $2.5 million. The post-war condo features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a terrace. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Goldie Hawn Talks Independence

Goldie Hawn recently appeared on the UK's Loose Women, where she was once again asked about her 33-year relationship with Kurt Russell. Here's what she had to say, as reprinted by Page Six:

“I would have been long divorced if I got married. If you need to be bound to someone, then it’s important to be married,” she shared. “If you are independent, then it’s important to not be married. We like the choice and we chose to stay. We’re always asked why we are not married. Why? What is marriage going to do for us? At the beginning, you want to see each other all the time. Then you get jealous when they’re gone too long and that’s exciting. But for a healthy long-term relationship, then 68 percent of the time is good.”

TV Show Roundup 9/29/16

Casting News:
E! News reports that Alec Baldwin will play Donald Trump this fall on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Wyclef Jean will guest star on an upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU, announces The Hollywood Reporter.

FXX has renewed You're the Worst for a fourth season, reports E! News.

The Hollywood Reporter announces that HBO has renewed High Maintenance for a second season.

Agnes Nixon Has Died

Agnes Nixon, the woman who created All My Children and One Life to Live, has passed away at the age of 88 from complications of Parkinson's and pneumonia. Prior to her passing, Nixon had been writing her memoir, "My Life to Live." She had just completed the book last weekend. Nixon is survived by her four children Cathy, Mary, Robert and Emily, and 11 grandchildren. Read her full obituary at the Los Angeles Times.

Tokio Hotel Guitarist Getting Divorce

TMZ reports that Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz is pulling the plug on his yearlong marriage to Rita Sommerfeld. Kaulitz is citing the ever-popular irreconcilable differences, and asking the judge to deny spousal support. Luckily, the band isn't very popular and hasn't put out any new music lately, so there aren't many marital assets to squabble over.

Frances Bean Cobain Divorce Update

TMZ reports that a judge ruled that Frances Bean Cobain has to pay $12K/mo in temporary spousal support to soon-to-be-ex husband Isaiah Silva for the next four months. During that time, the couple will also go to mediation. In addition to the $12K/mo, Bean was told to fork over $15K to cover Isaiah's attorney fees, because he's broke as fuck. As a reminder, they were married for less than 2 years, and he wants $25K/mo. 

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What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - The Greatest Fakers

This famous Actor has a film coming out before the end of the year.

To boost both his personal profile as well as the publicity for the film, he and his publicist are looking for a female celebrity to act as his girlfriend for the next few months.

There were initially several women under consideration – actresses, singers, and models – but right now he is focusing on two in particular. While we are not sure either of them will take the bait, they both have the greatest relationship-faking experience you could ask for!

The first is an Actress who stars on a network series. She is coming off of a breakup and has been in a faux relationship in the past.

The second is a world-famous Singer. She is also coming off of a breakup and has been in multiple faux relationships in the past, some with gay men, some with straight men.

Right now, our Actor is leaning towards The Singer.

His team wants him to go on his first teaser date with the chosen girl in October, so IF this does happen, it will happen SOON!





Source: Blind Gossip - It's An Exclusive!

Deep Thoughts 9/28/16

What is an interest that you haven't pursued, but have always wanted to?

Fences Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Denzel Washington Movie

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Drip Drip Drip

Get the barf bag ready, Gossipers, because the grossest tee ever is incoming.

This D-list band member swears he met this A-list icon when she was on the way up at a party. "She was drunk and the line outside the bathroom was insanely long," he recalls. "I told her I needed to piss and the crazy bitch suggested I do it on her, so I did."

He claims he did it right there and then, in front of the watchful eyes of over twenty people. 

Gross, man.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is she?

Source: The Gossip Life

Kardashian Korner

E! News reports that #SockMogul Rob Kardashian is once again feuding with his famous family. On Monday night, Rob took to his twitter and posted his half sister Kylie Jenner's private cell phone number, not once, but twice. He followed up with doxxing of his sister with, "Didn't invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me ? You all must have lost your damn minds!!" Depending on what publication you read, word on the street is that Rob and Chyna are broken up again, so the sisters were throwing separate baby showers for Rob and Chyna so that they wouldn't have to be in the same room with each other. Chyna knew about it and was totes cool about it; Rob didn't know and doxxed his sister. When he found out later, he was still mad that Chyna wasn't invited to his dude baby shower, and was not the tiniest bit sorry for doxxing his sister. You stay klassy, Rob Kardashian!