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True Facts of Truth with Jane Fonda

Stephen Colbert Helps South Carolina Schools

CNN reports that Stephen Colbert recently used the funds generated by the auction of his "Colbert Report" set pieces to fund schools in South Carolina. Colbert was able to fund every single classroom project request made by public schoolteachers on the crowdfunding site This will fold almost 1,000 projects for 800 teachers at 375 schools. Colbert grew up in South Carolina.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Getting Divorced

John Frusciante, former member of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, is getting a divorce. TMZ reports that after for years of marriage, Frusciante and wife Nicole have ended things. Nicole filed first, citing irreconcilable differences, and is asking for both spousal support and for her attorney's fees to be paid by John.

Demi Moore's Storage Unit Pillaged

Demi Moore has been renting a storage facility in North Hollywood. TMZ reports that the actress recently discovered that nearly $200,000 worth of clothing is missing from the unit. Moore thinks that it's an inside job done by the storage facility, as there were no signs of forced entry. The last time that Moore had checked on the facility was six months ago, so it will be challenging to find surveillance that goes back that far.

Friday, May 8, 2015

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Ellen DeGeneres Scares the Crap Out of Kristen Wiig

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Gift Suite Meanie

This actress with the famous family name was so nasty at a recent celebrity gifting suite that those who witnessed her behavior just can’t stop talking about her!
There is a definitive procedure at celebrity gifting suites. Each sponsor has their own table or booth and pays thousands of dollars for the opportunity to be able to introduce their products to the attendees.
The celeb can’t just walk in, scoop up the merchandise, and leave. Each celebrity is assigned a guide who walks them through the event at a calm and steady pace, making sure that they at least pause at each table to give the sponsor a chance to show off the goods that they are promoting. From beginning to end, the whole walk through takes less than an hour, and the celebrity typically walks away with literally thousands of dollars in free swag.
If a celebrity chooses not to accept a product (anything from a new cell phone to a scented candle to a necklace to a vacation certificate), that’s fine. However, if they do accept the gift, they should have a brief conversation with the sponsor and smile and pose for a photograph with the product. That’s the price they pay for the free swag. Most celebrities are polite and grateful.
Not this one!
First of all, our actress loudly insisted that she didn’t want a guide. She said this right in front of the guides who were lined up to help her. “I can walk through myself! I don’t want any of them!” She finally relented when event organizers insisted. Then, while walking through the room, she was overheard yelling at her guide. “Why the hell are you walking so slow? Have you been in an accident and can’t move fast?” She was also annoyed that the guide was trying to lead her through the exhibit. “Just walk behind me and let me decide where to go! You should be invisible!”
The actress – who is soon going to be seen on a new TV show – was also overheard insulting the sponsors. She didn’t do it to their faces, but she did say things about some sponsors loudly enough for other sponsors to hear. “I’m not going to that table! Their [products] are low class!” And when she did accept products, she would roll her eyes and sigh to express her annoyance at having to pose with the sponsor and the product before finally taking a smiling picture.
She was so mean that her guide wound up in the bathroom crying and being comforted by a couple of the sponsors who had witnessed the actress’ bad behavior first hand.
Perhaps her older, more famous – and more gracious – family member/s could take some time out of their busy schedule to teach this actress some manners? She certainly could use it!
Family or Relatives:
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 5/8/15

How would you describe your perfect sandwich?

New National Lampoon's Vacation NSFW Trailer

James Franco Writes Op Ed About McDonalds

James Franco has written an Op Ed about his time spent working at McDonalds for the Washington Post. Read the article here.

Oh, and did I mention that McDonalds just revealed an updated version of the Hamburglar? What do you think of the reboot?

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Ricki and the Flash Trailer

Adam Levine Antiqued After Jimmy Kimmel Show

After Adam Levine finished talking to Jimmy Kimmel, he stopped in the alley to sign autographs for waiting fans. One dude took advantage of Levine's stasis to coat him in powdered sugar! The suspect was apprehended on the scene and arrested for battery. See TMZ's coverage of the incident below:

Adam Levine Accidentally Threw A Mic In A Fan’s Face

TV Show Roundup

Hart of Dixie has been officially cancelled by the CW.

The Mindy Project has been cancelled by Fox.

Revenge has been cancelled by ABC, reports Us Weekly.

Casting News:
Mercedes Mason is the latest actress to join Fear the Walking Dead, reports TV Line.

Paul McCartney Massaged Dana Carvey's Shoulders

Sofia Vergara Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sofia Vergara is the latest actress to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Us Weekly reports that the ceremony was attended by boyfriend Joe Manganiello, son Manolo, costars Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, and Ed O'Neill, and her family from Columbia. Watch the ceremony below, if you're into that kind of thing (it doesn't really get going until the 19 minute mark).

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Catchphrase with Sofia Vergara and James Marsden

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What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - No To A Movie Star

This actress is best known for her sexy role in a TV sitcom from the 1960s. However, it is also perfectly appropriate to describe her as a movie star.
She recently went out to dinner on the island of Manhattan, but did not like the seating arrangement at the restaurant and asked to be moved. She thought it would help to assert her fame with the hostess.
“Don’t you know who I am?”
“You must not watch television.”
“Yes, I do.”
“She’s still a beautiful woman,” says her friend, “but, unfortunately, if the person is under the age of 30 and misses the reruns at midnight, they have absolutely no idea who she is. She keeps asking, though!”

TV Show:
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 5/7/15

If they made a movie about your life, what actor/actress would you want to play you?

New Magic Mike XXL Trailer

Cindy Adams' Mother's Day Essay

Mother's day is coming up on Sunday. For those of you who are missing their mothers, Cindy Adams has written an excellent essay, Tell Your Mother You Love Her. Read the whole thing here.

Martin Short's Hanging Penis - David Letterman

Deflategate Verdict

The verdict is in! TMZ reports that Tom Brady and The Patriots consciously cheated in the AFC Championship, according to Ted Wells' just-released investigation. Patriots owner Robert Kraft released the following statement:

"To say we are disappointed in its findings, which do not include any incontrovertible or hard evidence of deliberate deflation of footballs at the AFC Championship game, would be a gross understatement. We will accept the findings of the report and take the appropriate actions based on those findings as well as any discipline levied by the league.”

Rihanket: The Rihanna Dress Blanket

Jennifer Aniston Is Trying To Ruin Mean Girls

Deadline reports that New Line Cinema is creating a Mean Girls spinoff called Mean Moms. Jennifer Aniston is eyeing one of the lead roles. The movie will be based on Rosalind Wiseman's book Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads: Dealing With The Parents, Teachers, Coaches, And Counselors Who Can Make — or Break — Your Child’s Future. So, that's happening. What are you thoughts about this? My first one is that "She doesn't even go here!"

Lindsay Lohan Still Blowing Off Community Service

The Teflon Con strikes again! After being given 1,000,000,001 chances to complete her community service, TMZ reports that Lohan is once again blowing off her community service. Lindsay is due in court on Thursday to prove that her community service is complete. When it's demonstrated that it is not, the prosecutor plans on asking the judge to issue an arrest warrant. But really, what's the point? It's not like it will accomplish anything anyway. London does not have an extradition agreement for misdemeanors, so one call to the Arab Milkshake Man, and she'll be off on a private plane across the pond again.

Elizabeth Olsen Dating Tom Hiddleston

Us Weekly reports that Elizabeth Olsen, 26, is dating Tom Hiddleston, 34. A source close to the couple says that the two have been hooking up and text when they're apart. Olsen called off her engagement to Boyd Holbrook in January.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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John Oliver on Standardized Testing

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Split List

We’ve been telling you about this celebrity couple’s troubles for YEARS. The public announcement of their separation is going to be innocuous (“we’ve grown apart” or “work commitments”). However, they both dislike each other so much – and have so much dirt on each other – that we just can’t see both parties staying cordial throughout the process!
If you are only newly aware that their marriage is ending, allow us to present you with a simple list of all the issues that may come up during the split.
  • Drug use (Marijuana, cocaine, heroin)
  • Alcohol consumption (excessive)
  • Smoking (especially around the children)
  • Infidelity (multiple instances)
  • Money (hiding and excessive spending)
  • Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
  • Emotional abuse (verbal aggression, jealous aggression)
  • Child abuse (neglect, food control)
  • Physical abuse (pushing not punching)
You can figure out who is going to use which weapon/s against the other. We would not be surprised if this one gets ugly.
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 5/6/15

What song described your current mood?

Jimmy Fallon & Jack Black Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video

Mouth to Ears Blind Item - What Fashion Designer Got Banned From the Met Gala?

Fashion’s biggest night, the Met Gala, went down last night.  But there was one particular American designer that you may have missed dazzling us on the red carpet.
Scandal broke out at last year’s Gala, when a certain “royal” family was caught on tape in the fight of the century.  Rumors were buzzing as to what exactly happen.  It was alleged that infidelity was the root, with the involvement of a certain designer and the King of the royal family.
Well the Queen was playing no games this year.  Not only did she slay the red carpet, but she also allegedly had this fashion designer banned from the event.  To make things worse, the King has history with this designer’s ex husband.  So we can understand why the Queen did what she did.  But with this designer’s messy nature and her current ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband being blasted all over social media, we can see why no one wants her around.
Can you guess who we are talking about?
Source: Mouth to Ears

Jeremy Renner Doubles Down on Calling Black Widow A Slut

Ellen Albertini Dow Has Passed Away

Actress Ellen Albertini Dow has passed away at the age of 101. She was famous for her roles in The Wedding Singer and Wedding Crashers, among many others. Read her obituary at the New York Times.

Arnold Acts Out His Films In 6 Minutes

Celebrity Real Estate - Travis and Shanna Edition

Six years after their divorce, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are finally selling their marital home. The Calabasas abode has hit the market for $2.6 million. The 5,271 square foot home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and all the memories of Meet the Barkers. See pictures of the home at Page Six.

Honest Trailers - Fifty Shades of Grey (100th Episode!)

Sick Day

Good Morning, Anarchists!

Sorry content has been a little lighter this week; I've been battling the worst cold ever. All will be back to normal soon.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Justin Timberlake Becomes a Lime To Sell Tequila

Reader's Choice 5/5/15

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Under the Bus Contest

Now that this actor/actress couple’s relationship is falling apart, a new contest is about to begin. In it, each contestant will try to throw the other under the bus!
The contest will start soon. This will not be a nice game. Nor will it be a fair game. Even though he is more of a mess than she, he has more money, more fans, and more influence with the press and within the industry. We’ve heard that his team is planning to launch negative articles about her on a regular basis. They will paint him as the innocent, lovable guy who is just trying to make movies, and her as the (gold-digging/ promiscuous/ lying/ cheating/opportunistic/ uncaring/ nagging/ drinking/ drug using) woman who is trying to destroy him.
Most of it won’t be true, but that doesn’t matter! As long as YOU think that he is the good guy and she is bad guy, that’s what matters! He wins.
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 5/5/15

What is the worst cinco de mayo fail that you've seen?

Hollywood Street King - The Gay Rumour

Madonna called up her friends in the entertainment industry to let them all know that she dislikes today’s blind item. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z.

The queen of pop is the person behind the rumor that today’s blind item is gay. Know why? Because today’s blind item did not play along during a recent public display of affection.

Dig the drop:

“Madonna used to like him, but she now, despises him. He clowned Madonna and she wants her revenge.”

Source: Hollywood Street King

Madonna Ask Anything Chat - In Which She Disses Drake

Trailer For Robin Williams' Final Movie

Walking Dead Actor Busted in Georgia

I know what you're thinking. Norman Reedus finally got in trouble for drinking. Nope! Norman lives to drink another day. This is about Seth Gillam. TMZ reports that he got popped for speeding, possession of marijuana, and DUI in Peachtree, Georgia. Speeding is a bit of an understatement - he was going 107 mph, and blew a .107 blood alcohol level. Gillam was released after posting bond.

Melissa Rivers Talks Joan Rivers On the Today Show

Sofia Vergara Talks to Howard Stern About Embryo Saga

Sofia Vergara recently appeared on Howard Stern's radio show, where she opened up to him about the ongoing embryo saga with ex Nick Loeb. Us Weekly quotes her as follows:

"I’m not going through anything. He’s going through it. A child needs a mother and a loving relationship with parents who don’t hate each other. I don’t hate him but obviously he has a problem. A kid needs parents. I wouldn’t want to bring kids to the world where it’s already set against them. It would be so selfish. You sign papers. If it was so serious for him, this issue, which I totally respect because it's serious. Then you should've taken it more seriously at the time. There is a contract. He can’t do anything.... We did it two times. You make the mistake the first time. Two times? And now you want to change your mind?! ...You have to follow what you sign!

I'm okay. I didn't do anything wrong. This is a year later. Joe [Manganiello] and I try not to even talk about it. We have lawyers. We’re having so much fun right now. We just moved into a new house. We’re planning a wedding. We try not to think about this, we can't do anything. It's signed, it's done, and that's it."

Amy Adams Is Married

Amy Adams did in fact get married over the weekend! Adams exchanged vows with actor Darren Le Gallo, confirms Us Weekly. The couple have been together since 2001, and engaged since 2008. They are parents to a daughter, Aviana, 5. No word yet on whether or not they had the service performed at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, just like Jessica Alba did.

Met Gala Fashions

The Met Gala took place last night in New York City. The Daily Mail has the red carpet pics. Who is your pick for best dressed?

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SNL - Orioles

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What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Single Brings Her More

This actress starred in a TV show before she moved on to films. She had a well-publicized split from her husband, and is now talking a lot about her single status.
But… what if she’s not really single?
In fact, she is actually dating a producer, and has been for several months now! So why is she pretending that she is “looking for love”?
Allow us to explain. Right now, pretending to be single brings her more than if she was dating. Pretending to be single brings her a new project, more money, more publicity, and more of a connection with her fans. If she announced that she was steadily dating someone, all of that would disappear.
So, for the foreseeable future, expect her to cash in on her “single” status as a celebrity bachelorette who is “looking for love”!

New Project:

Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 5/4/15

What is your best cure for the common cold?

73 Questions with Matt Lauer

Popbitch Blind Item - Sports Star

Some of the people who work with which globally famous sports star really shouldn't be talking so loudly about putting bets on when he's coming out, should they?

Source: Popbitch

Jamie Foxx Butchers National Anthem

Celebrity Real Estate - Zooey Selling Edition

After purchasing a brand new home in Manhattan Beach, Zooey Deschanel has listed her quirky Hollywood Hills home for sale. The property, which she purchased from Mark Ruffalo, features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and wooded grounds. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Suicide Squad Cast Photo Revealed

Celebrity Real Estate - Demi Moore Edition

Demi Moore has listed her insane New York City penthouse for sale for $75 million. If you have that kind of cash to drop, that will buy you 14-plus rooms, three floors, and a "Southwestern Mission motif." See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Kit Harrington on Graham Norton

Lindsey Vonn Splits From Tiger Woods

After three years together, Us Weekly reports that Lindsey Vonn has split from Tiger Woods. Vonn released the following statement:

"After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. I will always cherish the memories that we've created together. Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart. I will always admire and respect Tiger. He and his beautiful family will always hold a special place in my heart."

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SNL Black Widow Trailer

Mama June Headed To A Strip Club in Florida

Mama June, 35, is headed to the Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club in Pompano beach, reports TMZ. She will be appearing there later this month. Good news/bad news depending on what you're into - Mama June will not be stripping. She will be keeping her clothes on for the scheduled meet and greet. At a strip club.

Brooklyn Decker Is Pregnant

Brooklyn Decker, 28, and husband Andy Roddick, 32, are expecting their first child together, reports Us Weekly. The pair have been married since 2009.

A photo posted by Brooklyn Decker (@brooklynddecker) on

Fight Night Roundup...And The Winner Is

In last night's big fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Manny Pacquiao. The New York Times has an in-depth article about the fight. What do you think about the outcome?