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Addicted to Fresno Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Natasha Lyonne, Aubrey Plaza Movie HD

Margaret Cho Officially Separates From Husband

Margaret Cho announced her split from her husband Al Ridenour back in December, but TMZ reports that Cho has finally filed the official separation documents. Cho states the date of separation as September 2014. The couple have been married since 2003, and have no children together. Cho came out as bisexual in 2013; the couple had an open marriage.

Candice Swanepoel Is Engaged

E! reports that Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel, 26, is engaged to longtime boyfriend, model Hermann Nicoli, 29. The couple have been together since they met in Paris when Swanepoel was 17. 

A photo posted by Hermann Nicoli (@hermannicoli) on

Jenna Bush Hager Is A Mom Again

Former first daughter and current Today show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager has welcomed her second child with husband Henry Hager. Poppy Louis Hager was born in New York City on Thursday, reports People. Poppy joins older sister Mila, 2. The couple released the following statement:

"We are thrilled to announce the birth of our darling daughter. Poppy is named after Jenna’s grandfather, George Herbert Walker 'Poppy' Bush, a.k.a. Gampy. His nickname growing up was Poppy, and we are proud to name her after a man we so adore. Louise is in honor of our grandmothers’ middle names, Louise and Lewis. Mom and Poppy are healthy and well.”

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Let Me Make You a Martyr Trailer

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Sneaky Tab

This divorcing actor told his wife that he is not paying for the other woman‘s expenses. Liar! He IS picking up the tab. It’s just not on HIS credit card. A member of his team puts it on their credit card. The sneaky actor then reimburses them and proclaims his innocence.



Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 8/14/15

What clubs/organizations were you a member of in high school?

Jem and the Holograms Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Aubrey Peeples, Juliette Lewis Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - The Worst Director

This director was once a solid B-list director, amongst his other jobs. He wasn’t George Lucas, but he had the ability and the power to get a movie off the ground. Not only did he abuse that power, but he’s still considered by several prominent actors to be the worst director they’ve ever worked with.

Our multi-talented B-list camp diva would fight and feud with the director on the set of this infamously troubled 2003/4 production over the ever changing script. The A-list lead actress wanted (and tried) to pull out of the movie at least four times, but her reputation and a lawsuit was threatened.

Our now passed A-list actor and the director clashed so bad on a set that they had to be separated and the direction was handed over to another still alive A-list actor. Our passed A-list actor even tried to fight the director, who fortunately resisted. Our passed A-list actor would suggest changes and ideas in his normal abrasive manner and the director would reaction aggressively and confrontationally to every suggestion.

Who is our director?

Who is our B-list camp diva?

Who is our A-list lead actress?

What is our first movie?

Who is our passed A-list actor?

Who is our still alive A-list actor?

What is our second movie?

Paul Haggis on Crash's Best Picture Win

The Hollywood Reporter had a feature earlier this year in which they asked Academy voters who they would vote today in best-picture releases from history. When revisiting 2006, Brokeback Mountain was picked over actual winner Crash. Paul Haggis, the director of Crash, had the following to say to HitFix:

"Was it the best film of the year? I don't think so. There were great films that year. Good Night and Good Luck, amazing film. Capote, terrific film. Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, great film. And [Steven] Spielberg's Munich. I mean please, what a year. Crash for some reason affected people, it touched people. And you can't judge these films like that. I'm very glad to have those Oscars. They're lovely things. But you shouldn't ask me what the best film of the year was because I wouldn't be voting for Crash, only because I saw the artistry that was in the other films. I mean, I knew it was the social experiment that I wanted, so I think it's a really good social experiment. Is it a great film? I don't know."

Haggis went on to further clarify his remarks to Showbiz 411
“I am very proud of Crash, and am honored to have been chosen as one of the best films of that year – especially in a year where there were so many terrific and daring films that explored real and pressing issues. It is unfair and rather ridiculous to ask a director if his film is 'the best' - being a Canadian I am never going to be one who stands up and announces 'Yes, my film absolutely deserved to win over all those amazing films.' It’s not going to happen — and my answers have always been consistent."

Burnt TRAILER (HD) Bradley Cooper Drama Movie 2015

Celebrity Real Estate - Country Music Edition

Grammy Nominated country star Dierks Bentley is selling his Nashville home for $1.7 million. The 4,428 square foot home features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a guesthouse. See pictures of the property at Page Six.

LeAnn Rimes Talks Beauty Regimen

Singer LeAnn Rimes recently sat down for an interview with Into the Gloss, where she talked about her beauty regimen. The site quotes her as follows:

On Health and Wellness:
"I’m a big vitamin person. I take like 20 pills in the morning and 20 at night—fish oil, prenatal vitamins, probiotics, biotin...I have an herbalist I work with who has put me on a bunch of different things. I’m very strict about making sure I take them.
At home, we have a gym upstairs. I switch it up between circuit training, Pilates, boxing, and yoga every once in a while. I also jump rope a lot when I’m on the road. That’s one thing that I carry with me because you can do it wherever."

On Makeup:
"At home, if I know I’m going to go out of the house, I’ll put on a little bit of tinted moisturizer and maybe mascara and lip gloss. My daily ritual is just sort of just about covering up redness and feeling OK about myself. It’s so simple. I love Troy Surratt’s Moderniste Lip Pencils, and I use his Diaphane Loose Powder. It has a little bit of shimmer to it, but it's really, really subtle—which is great for summer. I’ve been blessed with fairly decent brows, so I’ll fill them in every once in a while with Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color and keep ‘em waxed every couple of weeks."

On Skincare:
"It’s difficult living out of a suitcase on tour because I’m constantly dragging my stuff around. Sometimes I’ll just get lotion and face wipes because you don’t always have wash cloths and the sink in the bus is tiny and just not conducive to full-on washing. I’ll do Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes and lotion and brush my teeth. Sometimes it gets down to just that."

Read the full interview at Into The Gloss

Life - Official Trailer (2015) Dane DeHaan, Robert Pattinson [HD]

Celebrity Real Estate - Brooke Shields Edition

Brooke Shields is featured in this month's Better Homes and Gardens with her home in the Hamptons. Shields and husband Chris Henchy picked up the six bedroom "cottage" back in 2013 for $4.3 million. See pictures of the home at Better Homes and Gardens.

TV Show Roundup 8/14/15

Casting News:
TV Line reports that actress Torrey DeVitto is headed to NBC's Chicago Med as a series regular.

The Wiz Live has cast Ne-Yo as the Tin Man and Elijah Kelly as Scarecrow. Additionally, Common will be playing the gatekeeper to Oz, reports TV Line.

NBC has renewed Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show contract through 2021, reports TV Line.

TV Line reports that American Ninja Warrior has been renewed by NBC.

Diablo Cody Retiring From Directing

Screenwriter and director Diablo Cody has decided to retire from directing (although she will continue screenwriting). She recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about her decision:

"I am retired from directing. I don't think I possess the leadership qualities required to be a director. I have a creative job and I'm very passionate about it, and it is time-consuming. Are my kids going to see that as something admirable or are they going to resent me for it? I don't know what the answer is, although I've talked to a lot of older parents who have told me that I should probably steel myself for disappointment. I'm just going to stay home in my sweatpants from now on."

Teresa Giudice Headed Back To Bravo

Us Weekly reports that as soon as Teresa Giudice gets out of prison in December, she will head straight back to The real Housewives of New Jersey. The show is currently on hiatus; I'm guessing production will pick up about a week before she gets released. Wouldn't want to miss out on that all-important "Free At Last!" shot. A source states, "She's definitely back next season. She's all set to profit off her prison stint. There is no Jersey without Teresa."

Daryl Hall Getting Divorced

TMZ reports that Daryl Hall, half of Hall & Oates, is getting divorced again. Amanda Jane Hall filed for divorce from the rocker back in May. The couple wed in 2009, and didn't have any children together. Amanda has two children from a previous relationship. This will be Daryl's second divorce; he was previously married to Bryna Lublin from 1969-1972.

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Vanity Fair Blind Item - Taylor Swift And The Critical Boyfriend

From Vanity Fair's recent profile of Taylor Swift:

"She basically lurches out of her seat when asked if it’s important to her that her boyfriend and her friends get along. 'SO IMPORTANT. Oh, it’s so important.'

'In every friendship group, you’ve got one or two girls where you hear people say, ‘Oh, she’s so different around her boyfriend!’ ' Swift says. 'I never wanted to be that girl. So that was a huge goal of mine: never ever become someone else for the sake of a relationship.'

I suggest that it can sometimes be hard to maintain one’s identity in a new relationship, and Swift laughs, wisely.

'If you’re a people pleaser, like most of us are, you try to adapt to what signals that person is giving off,' she says. 'It’s not about changing the fact that you’re a people pleaser; it’s about finding someone [to date] who is not critical. That can be the most painful thing, trying to love someone who is critical in their nature.'

Has that happened to her?, I ask, even though the answer is already obvious.

'Uh, yes,' she says. 'But usually I don’t make the same mistake twice. I make new ones, but I don’t usually repeat my old ones.'

Which of Taylor's exes is the bad boyfriend?

Source: Vanity Fair

Deep Thoughts 8/13/15

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three books and three people would you take with you? Why?

THE HATEFUL EIGHT - Official Teaser Trailer

Blind Gossip Blind Item - She Fell Off The Wagon Fast

This actress was sober when she appeared in a franchise film this year. She fell off the wagon fast. A friend of hers tells us:

Any time she goes back to Europe, she hangs with the same people and does drugs and drinks to the point of blacking out. It’s really bad right now.


Franchise Film:

Source: Blind Gossip

There Is A New Rock Supergroup, And It Is Awesome

Billboard reports that a new rock supergroup has been formed. Hollywood Vampires is comprised of members Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry (of Aerosmith), and Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (of both Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver). The group will play their first two shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles on September 16th and 17th, then head down to Brazil to play Rock in Rio on September 24th. Tickets for the Los Angeles shows go on sale Friday. Hollywood Vampires' debut album comes out on September 11th, and also features collaborations with Paul McCartney, Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, and the late Christopher Lee. And if you're wondering what Depp is doing in the group, he is playing guitar and singing backup vocals.

Trumbo Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren Biopic HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Regularly Single Actress

Our actress is hard to categorise. She’s yet to repeat the success of a huge franchise, but she’s fairly present within the media and has some success with independent movies. She could certainly be considered ‘unlucky in love.’ The reasons for that? People who have dated our actress find her absolutely emotionally exhausting. ‘She’s excessively pretentious under the disguise of culture,’ one source says. ‘She finds issue with absolutely everything. Her standards are impossible to meet. She’s tiring.’

So, when you wonder why our pretty actress regularly finds herself single despite all the great perks of dating her, this is why.

Who is our actress?

Source: The Gossip Life (formerly BRAPPP)

Kristen Stewart Talks Sexuality

Kristen Stewart recently sat down for an interview with Nylon magazine, where she talked about sexuality. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"If you feel like you really want to define yourself, and you have the ability to articulate those parameters and that in itself defines you, then do it. But I am an actress, man I live in the fucking ambiguity of this life and I love it. I don’t feel like it would be true for me to be like, ‘I’m coming out!’ No, I do a job. Until I decide that I’m starting a foundation or that I have some perspective or opinion that other people should be receiving … I don’t. I’m just a kid making movies.”

On who she's dating now:
“Google me, I’m not hiding...I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don’t think it’s necessary to figure out if you’re gay or straight. It’s like, just do your thing.”

Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer #2

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - THOT Touchdown

Move over Megan Good! Another industry THOT just trumped that play, scoring an instant touchdown, and taking the game (and her Lil Future) to a whole new level! Just ask Shad, Missy, Trey, Fiddy, Reggie, Luda, LeBron, Stoudemire, La La, Latifah … and, last but not least, her Mr. Bugatti baby daddy.

“He doesn’t want his son mingling with his baby mama’s gay boyfriend … Ask Percy Harvin.”

In what could be record-timing, our mystery milf’s ‘1-2 Step’ all the way to the end zone comes just a few months before of Princess’ 30th birthday. The official word came courtesy of none other than the suspected Future Football Wife’s 87-million dollar man! That’s Mr. QB — whose Twitter feed stays laced in scripture — aka Mr. Rest Haven, who hinted at putting on ring on it after introducing his Future female as born-again virgin!

“God told me to lead her. We’re abstaining from sex. We’re doing things Jesus’ way.”

Peep what an insider spills:

“Everybody in the industry knows she’s ______ ______’s beard. One things for sure, _____ doesn’t want his son near that dude. But I don’t know why, because he hangs out with lots of gay [guys] too.”

Celebrity Real Estate - Cindy Crawford Edition

Cindy Crawford just flipped a house in Malibu. The home, which she purchased with husband Rande Gerber for $6 million last year, just sold for $13 million. The 3,651 square foot home features four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and ocean views. See pictures of the property at Page Six.

Alton Brown Responds to Anthony Bourdain

Remember when Anthony Bourdain gave an interview last month dissing most of the chefs on TV? Well, Alton Brown recently sat down for an interview with People, where he had this to say about Bourdain:

"I don’t have to defend my skills against anybody. I’ve got 14 years and 252 episodes of a show called Good Eats that I’m pretty sure I can use as a rΓ©sumΓ© for my skills. When was the last time you saw Anthony Bourdain actually cook anything? I’ve spent 14 years cooking my own food on television and I’ve never seen him cook a meal. I will say this: I think that [he] is probably the best writer about food. I’m jealous of his work. He pokes a lot of things and that’s fine; you have to have critics, issue provocateurs, so to speak […] I’m a fan, and the few times I’ve gotten to work with him I enjoyed it immensely.”

Modern Family's Ariel Winter Gets Breast Reduction

Like Soleil Moon Frye did before her at the age of 16, 17-year-old actress Ariel Winter has opted to get a breast reduction to reduce her cup size from a 32F to a 32D. She opened up about her decision in a new interview with Glamour:

"It really did happen overnight. I remember being in my sister's wedding and being so flat and thinking, 'I just wish I could grow boobs!' And then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing, and it didn't seem like they were going to stop. I was 15 years old with [size] F [breasts]. How do you navigate that? 

It made me feel really uncomfortable, because as women in the industry, we are totally oversexualized and treated like objects. Every article that has to do with me on a red carpet had to do with 'Ariel Winter's Crazy Cleavage!' or 'Ariel Winter Shows Huge Boobs at an Event!' That's all people would recognize me by – not, 'Oh, she does great work on Modern Family.' We live in a day and age where everything you do is ridiculed. The Internet bullies are awful. I could post a photo where I feel good, and 500 people will comment about how fat I am and that I am disgusting. I really felt bad about myself. I didn't feel happy. I just kept saying, 'What am I going to wear? There's nothing for me to wear at the beach, at the pool.' 

I didn't want to not tell anybody and then have another million stories [say], 'What happened to Ariel? She looks so different.' And I also think there's some good that can come from [telling] my story. It's something that I did to better my life and better my health, and I think that can benefit a lot of young girls. I have felt happier with myself than I ever have." 

Read the full interview at Glamour.

A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

Billy Joel Is A Dad Again

Billy Joel, 66, and new wife Alexis Joel, 33, have welcomed their first child together. Us Weekly reports that the couple welcomed daughter Della Rose Joel on Wednesday. The couple began dating in 2009, and got married last month on the Fourth of July. This is Joel's second child; he shares daughter Alexa Ray Joel, 29, with ex-wife Christie Brinkley.

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Key & Peele - Rap Album Confessions

Reader's Choice 8/12/15

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Royalty Now

Producers of this reality show are hinting that this wife of a very famous actor is considering joining their show. According to an insider, that’s never going to happen!

She has always been snobby, but since marrying [Actor] she really thinks she’s royalty now. Royalty doesn’t do reality TV.

TV Show:



Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 8/12/15

What is your favorite quote?

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell gets a match at SummerSlam

Claire Danes Talks Body Shaming

Claire Danes recently sat down for an interview with People Magazine, where she talked about body shaming in Hollywood. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"I feel like my body is monitored and commented on infinitely more than my male counterpart. I remember a couple of Emmys ago, Lena Dunham and I were on the carpet together. We were singled out and criticized for having different body types – I was too skinny and she was too big. She is a dear friend of mine, and it made me angry because this is just how we are. We just take it for granted that it's acceptable and we really internalize that as normal and fine, and it's not. I was very anxious about my pregnancy because I was responsible for this huge show, and I didn't want to let anyone down at work, but I had this other major project of growing a person. I was mindful of what I was eating because I didn't want to look pregnant." 

On bringing son Cyrus, 2 1/2, to the Homeland set:

"He loves it, a set is such a playground for a kid. He loved the ops room in the last season because he loved the lights and the screens and the levers to pull. That was also a bit of a joke – little tiny Cyrus in the ops room, saving the world from Armageddon!" 

Study Shows British Women Think Overweight Men Make For Better Lovers

Perhaps this study should be taken with a grain of salt, as it was commissioned by the creator of a website called "," but in a survey of 2,544 British women ages 18 and over, results showed that 38% of respondents clocked "overweight/plus-size" as the ideal male body shape. "Athletic/muscly" only garnered 21% of the vote, reports People. What was the reason behind the plus sized love? Answers included "They seemed more eager to please me than themselves," "They were more caring and gentle," and "They made me feel less self-conscious about my own body."

Darrell Freeman, MD, who commissioned the study, had this to say of its results:

"There seems to be somewhat of a 'chubby-chaser' trend growing amongst British women. The fact that so many women prefer the sex they've had with lovers on the larger side just goes to show that chiseled looks and pumped up muscles aren't everything, and it's what's on the inside that counts."

Celebrity Real Estate - Sean Hayes Edition

Sean Hayes of Will & Grace fame has been unable to unload his Los Angeles for $8 million, so he has decided to rent it out instead to the tune of $40,000/mo. The 6,400 square foot English Tudor home features a main residence, carriage house, and a wisteria-draped pergola. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Winona Ryder: The Beetlejuice Sequel Is Happening! - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Eddie Redmayne Talks New Transgender Role

Eddie Redmayne reccently sat down for an interview with Out magazine, where he talked about his role as a transgender woman in the upcoming film The Danish Girl. The magazine quotes him as follows:

"I knew nothing about it, going in. It felt like it was a piece about authenticity and love and the courage it takes to be yourself...People were so kind and generous with their experience, but also so open. Virtually all of the trans men and women I met would say, ‘Ask me anything.’ They know that need for cisgender people to be educated. I felt like, I’m being given this extraordinary experience of being able to play this woman, but with that comes this responsibility of not only educating myself but hopefully using that to educate [an audience]. Gosh, it’s delicate. And complicated.

I was in New York when the [Caitlyn Jenner] Vanity Fair cover came out, and I was reading The New York Times and all of the op-ed pieces that were being written about it. The dialogue was so rich and full, with everyone having opinions. Then I came back and saw the trailer for the film. I absolutely salute [Caitlyn's] courage. Hers is a very specific story, and it’s one that shouldn’t stand for everybody’s. But it is amazing what’s she gone through and how she’s done it. My greatest ignorance when I started was that gender and sexuality were related. And that’s one of the key things I want to hammer home to the world: You can be gay or straight, trans man or woman, and those two things are not necessarily aligned.”

Read the full interview at Out.

Celebrity Real Estate - Jennifer Aniston Edition

Jennifer Aniston recently tied the knot with Justin Theroux at the couple's Bel Air home. Aniston picked up the mansion for $21 million back in 2012. The A. Quincy Jones-designed home sits on three and a quarter acres, and features four bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a guesthouse, and a vineyard. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Henry Cavill Talks Being Bullied

Henry Cavill recently sat down for an interview with People, where he talked about being bullied growing up. The magazine quotes him as follows:

"I was teased and it was hard. Even though for some it may be malicious, I think it's just kids being kids, and I don't hold any grudges. People have had it far worse than me. Someone who is on the outskirts of popularity is someone who gets to look in. So I became very much an observer, and that taught me an awful lot about people. It helped me read people very well, which has helped me in this industry. If I can understand the inner workings of a human being, then I can probably be a better actor." 

TV Show Roundup 8/12/15

The Hollywood Reporter announces that TV Land has cancelled The Exes after four seasons.

Showtime has cancelled Web Therapy after four seasons, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Casting News:
Actresses Ellen Burstyn and June Squibb are headed to CBS's sitcom Mom for guest spots, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Britney Spears will guest star as herself on Season 2 of Jane the Virgin, reports People.

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Showtime has renewed both Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex for fourth seasons.

TNT has renewed The Last Ship for a third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Keira Knightley Talks Motherhood

Keira Knightley recently sat down for an interview with Elle magazine, where she talked about being a mother to newborn daughter Edie. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"The love thing is astonishing. It's a very primal, primal love. That's quite extraordinary. And the ability to have no sleep and continue going. It's not pleasant — I never thought that I could actually do it for the amount of time that I've done it. Also, I have to say, as a woman, you hate certain parts of your body. You go through those periods where you look in the mirror and you think, 'Oh, if only I had different legs or arms or whatever.' You go through pregnancy and labor and then feeding the kid and you go, 'Wow, my body is totally amazing, and I'm never going to not like it again, because it did this, and this is f—king extraordinary.'"

On turning 30:
"I was heavily pregnant, I couldn't drink — what is the point of having a thirtieth birthday if I couldn't get phenomenally drunk? But my husband took over, arranged a lovely lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, 20 of us, and they were all being so sweet, like, 'Look, you can have a great time and be sober!' And it's fine apart from the fact that they started drinking at about one.Then they came back to our house — they'd covered it in balloons that said my name and happy birthday and all that — and they got completely obliterated. They were there until two or three in the morning, absolutely drunk, and I was there eight months pregnant, completely sober. So it was lovely, but it wasn't what I'd imagined a thirtieth birthday was going to be."

On whether or not she's done therapy:
"Oh, fuck, yeah! I've totally done therapy. I highly recommend it. I don't do it at the moment. But in my early twenties when I found everything completely overwhelming, 100 percent, I did it! Are you kidding? I think when you're in those moments in your life, and you want to get through them…you have to do whatever it is to help you get over it. You have to give it a go. Try anything that might help." 

Read the full interview at Elle.

Olsen Twins Sued By Interns

People reports that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Dualstar Entertainment Group, the parent company of the Olsen Twins' entertainment and fashion empire. The suit, lead by former design intern Shahista Lalani, alleges that Dualstar refused to pay up to 40 past and present interns or granting them school credit. Lalani is quoted as follows:

"I was doing the work of three interns. I was talking to her all day, all night. E-mails at nighttime for the next day, like 10 p.m. at night....You're like an employee, except you're not getting paid. They're kind of mean to you. Other interns have cried. I'd see a lot of kids crying doing coffee runs, photocopying stuff."

Clearly Lalani is not familiar with the concept of what an intern is, because all of that sounds pretty par for the course. As for Dualstar, they released the following statement:

"As an initial matter, Dualstar is an organization that is committed to treating all individuals fairly and in accordance with all applicable laws. The allegations in the complaint filed against Dualstar are groundless, and Dualstar will vigorously defend itself against plaintiff’s claims in court, not before the media. Dualstar is confident that once the true facts of this case are revealed, the lawsuit will be dismissed in its entirety.”

Kelly Rutherford Loses Children Again

Good news, bad news. Bad news is that Kelly Rutherford lost custody of her children again. Good news is that you won't have to read any more updates about it until their next court date in September. TMZ reports that Kelly Rutherford defied court orders on Tuesday by turning up without her children. A judge ruled that Rutherford had to return the children to their father in Monaco immediately. Rutherford turned them over to ex-husband Daniel Giersch's mother, who accompanied them on their plane ride home to Monaco. Rutherford and Giersch are due back in a Monaco court on September 3rd for the next round of custody hearings.

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John Oliver on Sex Education

Reader's Choice 8/11/15

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Phenomenal Payoff

It’s amazing how law suits against this famous actor simply seem to disappear!

All he had to do was pay the accuser a phenomenal SEVEN FIGURES to make it go away!

As far as we know, that is more than he has ever paid anyone for their silence before. At least now the accuser can go on with their life and not have to face off against the defendant ever again (although they are prohibited from talking about the defendant or talking about the terms of the settlement).

And our lucky actor? Well, he can go on pretending he is a perfect family man with a lovely wife and angelic children whom everyone is simply trying to shake down for money.


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 8/11/15

Have you ever had a recurring dream? If so, what was it?

Star Wars Korean Teaser Trailer

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Barely Blind

A woman has come forward with some shocking information that could place this Brooklyn M-C on a path that’s closely following his father-in-law’s footsteps! Jigga What!?

” ____ has a another son and his name is McCory.”

According to the woman, our blind item fathered her son back in 1990! That would make the kid 25-years-old today … and the third illegitimate child blueprinted by our blind item.

Check it:

“He has another son who was born in 1990. He got —- pregnant when he was on the road with Big Daddy Kane.”

Alicia Keys Talks Learning To Love Herself

Alicia Keys recently wrote a blog post for her website about learning to love herself:

"For as long as I can remember, I've hidden myself. It might have started in school when I realized that I caught on to things a little quicker, and teachers started to show slight favor to me, or use me as an example. I remember feeling like my friends would make fun of me or look at me as if I was different from them and so ... I started hiding. Not intentionally, I didn't mean to, but I did. Little pieces at a time. 

I definitely started hiding when I got old enough to walk down my NY streets alone. I started to notice a drastic difference in how men would relate to me if I had on jeans, or if I had on a skirt, or if my hair was done pretty. I could tell the difference, I could feel the animal instinct in them and it scared me. I didn't want to be talked to in that way, looked at in that way, whistled after, followed. And so I started hiding. I chose the baggy jeans and timbs, I chose the ponytail and hat, I chose no make up, no bright color lipstick or pretty dresses. I chose to hide. Pieces at a time. Less trouble that way. 

I remember feeling that same way when I first started to get recognized as an artist. I had the baggy/braided/tough NY tomboy thing mastered, that was who I was (or who I chose to be) and I felt good there. Then, because of the way I spoke or carried myself, people started calling me gay and hard and I wasn't gay, but I was hard and although I felt comfortable there, it made me uncomfortable that people were judging me and so slowly I hid that side of myself. I put on dresses and didn't braid my whole head up, so people could see more of the "real" me, even though at that point I'm sure I was more confused than ever of what the real me was. 

...And just the other day it hit me! OMG! Alicia!!! Why are you choosing to be that person?? That is so old and outdated!! STOP!! 
You are allowed to be smart 
You are allowed to be beautiful 
You are allowed to be radical and have strong thoughts that others might not agree with
...You are allowed to be yourself!!"

Read the full post at Alicia Keys' website.

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UnREAL's Ashely Scott Is A Mom Again

UnREAL actress Ashley Scott has welcomed her second child with husband Steve Hart, reports Us Weekly. Their daughter Iyla Vue Hart was born on Monday, August 3rd, and weighed in a 7 lbs, 5 oz. Iyla joins older sister Ada, 5.

Reese Witherspoon Talks Parenting

Reese Witherspoon recently sat down for an interview with Southern Living magazine, where she talked about parenting. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"No one's really doing it perfectly. I think you love your kids with your whole heart, and you do the best you possibly can. But, you know, right now I’m feeling sad missing my little 2-year-old [Tennessee], and my daughter [Ava]’s about to finish her freshman year of high school, and my son [Deacon] has a golf tournament this weekend that I hope I don’t miss. There are some sacrifices you make, and it hurts your heart sometimes. But my kids tell me they’re proud of what I’ve accomplished, and that just means everything. I grew up with a working mom, and I have so much respect for the things she did as a nurse and a teacher. I would never begrudge her that."

On her new lifestyle brand, Draper James, which she named after her grandparents:
"It was a huge deal for me. I was actually asked by several companies to just put my name on something, and I didn’t feel like that was appropriate. I hope my grandparents know how much I looked up to them. I truly believe that they look down on me and guide me in this life."

On what she learned from her parents:
"They were strict but incredibly loving. We had family dinner every night. That’s a big thing I learned from my grandmother—to spend time with your kids and listen to their dreams. I make them write letters. Every gift gets a note or a drawing. It means so much when kids are appreciative. My kids know when I’m serious. I get really Southern. 'Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, get over here.' They know. I don’t know a weak Southern woman. My mom says if you want something done, then ask a Southern woman. There are a lot of old ideas about the South, but it’s a different time. I’m excited about the new South.... I don’t think I ever realized I’d be this busy. I just try to, as my dad says, 'Make hay while the sun shines.' There is so much growth in the South. Every time I come back to Nashville, there is a new restaurant or another amazing museum or another music club, and I thought, 'Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone could tap into those traditions that we grew up with?'"

Celebrity Real Estate - Melanie Griffith Rental Edition

After selling her home with Antonio Banderas earlier this year, Melanie Griffith has decided to test out the rental market before buying. She is currently renting in Hollywood to the tune of $30,000/mo. The 1928 Mediterranean home, which sold earlier this year for $4.5 million dollars, is 4,725 square feet, and features four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and historic details. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Howard Stern Talks Aniston Wedding

Howard Stern talked about Jennifer Aniston's wedding to Justin Theroux on his radio show on Monday. Us Weekly quotes Stern as follows:

"I was so nervous [to talk about it]. They're so secretive, those two. [I was asked to speak at the wedding]. Evidently I'm in demand. I'm very friendly with Justin. I like him very much. I like him, I really admire him. I even said in my speech to them that if one of my daughters brought home a guy like Justin, I'd be very pleased. Except for the shitty tattoos. Cause he's got some fucking weird ones. And except for the fact that I gave him a journal to draw in and he draws pictures of dead zombie babies with blood dripping out their head on every almost page. I said, those two things might disturb me. But aside from that... 

They had these little tiny chairs. There was a table, and then you sit down and the chairs were like poufs, like little pillow poufs. I'm 6-foot-fucking-5! I'm a grown man! ...Why can't I have my cell phone? I don't want to take a picture of you two! I really don't. I want my cell phone so after I make this speech I can call my car and get the f--k outta here! People were laughing at my misery.

The irony is, I've been on vacation with those two, and they take pictures every fucking minute! They're constantly shooting pictures. But if I take a picture, I'm committing a sin! This whole...It was always called a birthday party. Whenever you got an email, it was a birthday party. They're so secretive that they even had the wedding on a Wednesday because nobody gets married on a Wednesday...Everything is always top secret. You go with these two, there's photographers every minute. I'm sitting by a pool in Mexico and around where I sit is a sheet so photographers can't get a picture. So I've never actually seen Mexico. The view I have is a sheet every year...When you go on vacation with people and aren't allowed to leave the house, you really get to know people."

On his speech:
"I talked about some personal stuff, too. I complimented Justin's mother on raising such a wonderful son. I love him. I told Jennifer that she deserved a guy like this, because after all, she's been very sweet and generous with us. But Justin and his body. His abs, his ass. Look at him. I'm giddy over him! Although Orlando Bloom blows him away."

"So this really handsome guy is sitting next to me at the table. This fucking guy. He's like better-looking than Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise all rolled into one. So I'm sitting and talking to this guy — interesting dude. We're hitting it off and talking for a long time. I said, 'What is your name?' He says, 'Orlando.' He's a nice guy. He's so handsome. I said to him at one point, 'This must be tough for you to be at this wedding. You haven't gotten laid or gotten a blow job in a half an hour. You must be used to getting fucked every 15 minutes.' He said, 'You know, you're right.' So I said to Whitney Cummings, 'Would you take Orlando somewhere and blow him?' And she said 'Okay!' And she lifted up her dress. It was very funny."

"Jimmy [Kimmel] was the preacher. He did a beautiful job. I didn't think he'd get through it. Jimmy's still depressed about that lion getting killed over in Africa...Ellen was mad that I made fun of Jimmy for crying."

On the couple's first dance:
"It was very romantic. So I run to Orlando and say, 'Orlando, first dance!' So Orlando grabbed me so tight, I thought my bones were going to break...We had a fun time. Great time. Spoke with all these nice people."