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Tom Hanks Re-Enacts Iconic Forrest Gump Scene - The Graham Norton Show

Celebrity Relatives Arrested for Pot

Who knew these two had so much in common? The non-famous Jo Bro and Madonna's son, both 16, were also both arrested for possession of marijuana this week.

TMZ reports that the Bonus Jonas, Frankie, was cited for possession of marijuana in Nashville. In September, Nashville reduced penalties for possession of just a little pot, lucky for Frankie. The youngest Jonas has already graduated high school, and is already taking college courses.

Now on to Madonna's son Rocco. It is just coming to light that Rocco was arrested back on September 28th for holding a small amount of cannabis. According to People, “The arrest follows a stop and search by officers from Camden borough on Wednesday, 28 September. [Rocco] was dealt with by way of Triage, which uses multiple strands to engage and educate young people in order to prevent re-offending.” 

Madonna released the following statement on Wednesday: “I love my son very much. I will do whatever I can to give him the support that he needs, and I ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

Andy Cohen Reveals Skin Cancer Scare

Bravo's Andy Cohen recently appeared on Live with Kelly, where he revealed that Kelly Ripa may have saved his life. Here's what he had to say, as reprinted by Page Six:

“I had a black dot on my bottom lip and you and I were at a party for Anderson’s [Cooper] mom in April, and you said, ‘You have a black dot on your lip, I don’t think that’s something good.' It was melanoma and they removed it, and I just want to thank you because you were so dogmatic…The lip heals very well and I really had a chunk removed out of it...I am tanorexic, I love the sun.  And I of course never thought that kind of thing would happen to me, and it will change my relationship to the sun.”

Always a good reminder to get things checked out early, and don't forget your sunblock!

Meghan King Edmonds Is a Mom

E! News reports that Real Housewife of Orange Country Meghan King Edmonds, 32, has welcomed her first child with husband, former St. Louis Cardinal Jim Edmonds, 46. Their daughter Aspen King Edmonds was born on Thanksgiving Day. This is the first child for Meghan; Jim has four children from previous relationships.

Our perfect Aspen King Edmonds made her grand entrance on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, 6lbs 11oz. From the hours leading up to the birth I had the most incredible husband, he didn't leave my side. I could not have labored naturally without him and my doula. Jimmy was a constant source of support through every contraction, each blood-curdling scream and each time I told him I thought I was dying and couldn't do it anymore. He ran baths, helped me walk, helped me breathe, held my hands, essentially endured the burden of my pain for all 22 hours. I am so proud and impressed of the team we made to welcome Aspen, our bond is more unshakable than I ever imagined. We have a healthy, strong happy baby who loves breastfeeding and already holding her head up! I feel like I worked out for a week straight and my throat hurts from yelling but I survived unscathed without so much as a tiny tear and now I feel like the strongest warrior on the planet (and Jimmy thinks so too) her birthdate 11/24/16 added up equals her daddy's baseball number 15 :) 1+1+2+4+1+6=15 #secondsold #needlefree #naturalbirth #22hoursoflabor #aspenkingedmonds #thanksgivingbaby #inlove #cantstopstaring #birthplanwentasplanned #fullheadofblackhair #warriorbaby -------------------- We are deliriously in love with our perfect Aspen πŸ’•πŸ’—
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Fidel Castro Has Passed Away

Cuban state media announced that Former President Fidel Castro has passed away at the age of 90. Read his full obituary at the Hollywood Reporter.

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OK Go – The One Moment – Official Video

Corey Feldman Is Married

Shortly after announcing he engagement, Corey Feldman has already gotten married. People reports that Feldman, 45, married Courtney Anne, 27, in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Corey indicated that the couple will have a larger more public ceremony at a later date. This is the second marriage for Corey; he was previously married to Susie Sprague from 2002 to 2014; the couple share son Zen, 12.

Leah Remini Demands Scientology Money

Page Six reports that Leah Remini has fired off a legal letter to Scientology demanding $1.5 million from them. Remini alleges that the "church" wrote to A&E in an effort to get her new series, Scientology and the Aftermath, pulled from the air ahead of its debut. In the letter, Remini's attorney asks for “compensation for the past, present and ongoing reputational, emotional and economic injuries and damages [Remini has] suffered.” Get that money, girl!

Florence Henderson Has Passed Away

Florence Henderson has passed away on Thursday from heart failure at the age of 82. Her publicist stated, “She was quite active until she started not feeling well several days ago. It was felt that she would just bounce back from it.” Henderson is best known as playing Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974. Henderson is survived by daughters Barbara and Elizabeth, sons Joseph and Robert, and five grandchildren. When asked how she would like to be remembered back in 1999, she responded, “Probably as someone who survived for a long time in a very tough business and, hopefully, managed to retain a sense of humanity.” Read her full obituary at the New York Times.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Anarchists!

Whether you are celebrating with friends, family, or think it's a yam sham, wishing all of you a wonderful day.

There will be the shorter "weekend schedule" on Friday (as well as Saturday and Sunday), and back to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday.


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'The Game of THINGS' with Miley Cyrus, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Shallow Renaissance Woman

Despite the fact that this famous actress from a show biz family hasn’t acted in a single film or television project in the last year or two, she manages to stay in the headlines. Someone who worked with her in the last year filled us in on how she does it.

The game goes like this. She makes an announcement: “I’ve decided to take some time off from acting to focus on whatever!” She gets a headline for that and gets to promote her new product or project.

She does that for a little while and then makes the same announcement about another product or project. And so on. She sometimes contradicts herself from one week to the next, but it doesn’t matter, as long as the press covers her and helps her sell whatever she’s pitching.

The truth is that her life is just a lot of busy work covered up by a thick layer of pretentiousness and self-promotion and self-congratulations. She sees herself as this Renaissance woman who everyone else wants to be like, but the truth is that she doesn’t have any depth or expertise in anything. If she does five minutes of work, she thinks everyone should pat her on the back for her extraordinary work ethic and put her picture on the front page with headlines congratulating her for her amazing achievement!


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 11/23/16

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert - pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or something else?

The Comedian Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Robert De Niro Movie

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Failed Screen Couple

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling infamously hated each other on the set of The Notebook, but despite their tension off set, they still successfully portrayed a great romance on the screen.

If only I could say the same for these two actors.

They were tasked with that difficult task of creating a great on-screen romance, but completely failed with snore fest performances and zero chemistry. Why? Because the actors disliked each other and unlike Gosling and McAdams, it came out on the screen.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who are the actors?

What is the movie?

Source: The Gossip Life

The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Taraji P. Henson, Amy Adams, Annette Benning, Naomie Harris, and Isabelle Huppert for an actress roundtable interview. Here are some of the highlights:

If you could put one great movie performance in a time capsule, what would you choose?
TARAJI P. HENSON Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. It speaks to what's happening today in the world, including health care. And yeah, [AIDS is] still an epidemic. We don't have a handle on that yet.

NAOMIE HARRIS I am obsessed with The Sound of Music. That is my favorite movie.


AMY ADAMS Can I use that answer? You and I will go do a sing-along afterward.

BENING I went to the sing-along at the Hollywood Bowl with my children.

ADAMS It handles a really important time in history about what was happening on the precipice of that war.

BENING The first [performance] that popped into my head was Liv Ullmann in Persona. But I think that was because it was one of the first serious movies I saw in the little art house in San Diego where I grew up. I hadn't seen films like that before.

NATALIE PORTMAN One of the performances I think of the most is Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves. That relationship with God and with herself and with her sexuality and all of that is so human and strange and beautiful.

ISABELLE HUPPERT Usually I have difficulty answering such a question, and strangely enough, right away I thought of Shirley MacLaine in Some Came Running, the Vincente Minnelli film. For me, she is really just the actress.

EMMA STONE John Candy in Planes, Trains & Automobiles. I'm serious. Comedy means everything to me. He just breaks your heart and makes you laugh, and he does it all so beautifully.

Who prefers theater to film?
HUPPERT Making movies is a nice ride as opposed to theater; that is climbing a very high mountain. But the view is spectacular once you are on top of the mountain, of course. I [recently did] a very contemporary version of Phaedra directed by a great Polish director called Krzysztof Warlikowski, which combines several texts, including Phaedra's Love by Sarah Kane, who was a great English playwright.

BENING Isn't it three and a half hours long?

HUPPERT Yes, it is. It's very long. It might be a big mountain for the audience as well.

BENING That's incredible.

HUPPERT Sometimes people walk away, so apparently they don't climb up the mountain. (Laughter.) They have to stop halfway through. But never mind. We are still there.

Do any of you get stage fright?
BENING Yes. But not paralyzing. I have fear all the time with the work that I do. I don't know if everyone has that. I think most people do.

ADAMS Oh my gosh, yes. Paralyzing.

BENING More than with the camera?

ADAMS I used to have it with the camera. I figured that out, thankfully. But with the stage, I didn't realize how bad it was until I was doing Into the Woods in Central Park, and there would be times where I literally thought I wouldn't be able to walk onstage.

HUPPERT I saw you.

ADAMS The worst stage fright I ever had was singing alone at the Oscars [a song from Enchanted in 2008].

HENSON Very scary.

ADAMS Emma? Maybe this year?

STONE Oh no. I forgot about that.

ADAMS You should do it.

HENSON At least you didn't have to sing about pimps and whores [a song from Hustle & Flow with Three 6 Mafia at the 2006 Oscars].

ADAMS You actually did it. That was the first year I was nominated, and I was like, "She is up there, singing at the Oscars."

HENSON It was pretty scary. I had to look over everyone's heads because it's not like what I'm singing about is the most … you know.

Read the full interview at The Hollywood Reporter.

Shia LaBeouf Explains His Performance Art Events

Naughty Gossip Blind Item - Cock-Eyed Queen

This movie star beauty doesn’t have the BEST VISION and never leaves her house without her CONTACT LENSES to correct her vision. But without them she is not only blind, she is cross eyed!

Sometimes she is spotted out wearing glasses but she is never seen with just her natural eyes! She literally couldn’t walk across a room without bumping into the furniture!


Source: Naughty Gossip

Netflix Comings and Goings for December

Here are some of the movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in December:

Barry - Netflix Original
Beverly Hills Cop
D2: The Mighty Ducks
Fuller House: Season 2 - Netflix Original
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: Season 2
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
National Lampoon's Animal House
Picture Perfect

See the full list of what's coming to Netflix in December, as well as what's leaving in December, at E! News.

Celebrity Real Estate - Candace Bushnell Edition

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell is selling her Connecticut Victorian farmhouse for $1.365 million. The 1,469 square foot home, build in the 1830s, features three bedrooms, one full bathroom plus one additional shitter, a saltwater pool, an apple orchard, a cutting garden with roses, irises and lilies, and three acres of land. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Nicole Kidman Talks Supporting Sobriety

Nicole Kidman recently sat down for an interview with Jess Cagle, where she talked about supporting husband Keith Urban's sobriety. Here's what she had to say about how she would advise loved ones of an addict, as reprinted by People:

“Get help. Put your hand up, to reach out. There is absolutely help out there. You can’t save somebody, they’ve got to save themselves. [That lesson] is a very big thing for people like me who go, ‘I can take care of you. I can do it.’ At some point, you just have to say, ‘I love you and I’m here when you decide to do the work. If you don’t, then that’s it.’ It’s not easy, but there’s an extraordinary life if you do get there through help.”

TV Show Roundup 11/23/16

Casting News:
Us Weekly reports that Tinsley Mortimer may be the newest Real Housewife of New York City. She is currently living with Sonja Morgan and filming scenes with the other wives, but is so far only considered a "friend of housewife."

James Corden will host the 2017 Grammy Awards, airing on CBS in Sunday, February 12th, reports Variety.

Sister Wives' Maddie Brown is Pregnant

People reports that Maddie Brown Brush, 20, and husband Caleb Brush, 29, are expecting their first child together. The couple tied the knot in June in an outdoor ceremony in Montana. This will be the first grandchild for the Brown family. As for what to call the grandparents, here's what Maddie had to say: “We think it would be super cute to have different names for all the grandmas, like oma, grams or babicka. Grandma said differently or in different languages. Ultimately they get to choose what they are called but my dad [Kody] will probably be grandpa.”

Jersey Shore's Deena is Engaged

Us Weekly reports that Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese, 29, is engaged to boyfriend of five years Christopher Buckner. Buckner recently popped the question on the couple's recent anniversary trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

This Season's Dancing With the Stars Winner Is...

Laurie Hernandez and Valentin Chmerkovskiy have won the 23rd season of Dancing With the Stars. James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess came in second, and Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lindsay Arnold came in third. This is the second mirrorball for Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

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Dave Matthews & Michael J. Fox - All Along the Watchtower

Reader's Choice 11/22/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Last Few Marbles

We’ve told you for years that this marriage is a business AND that the husband is cracking up.

Things are accelerating rapidly now. His “friends” are gone. His “family” knows that his last few marbles are rolling away and that it isn’t safe to leave the children alone with him.

We’re getting closer to the end now. He isn’t even showing up for work. Once the career goes, so does the income. And once the income goes, so does the need to stay attached to him.

Oh, they’ll put on a good show about how deeply they care about him and about how valiantly tried to save him. That’s just what they do.


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 11/22/16

Do you think that your birth order has affected you? If so, how?

Before I Fall Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Zoey Deutch Movie

The Gossip Life Blind Item - DM Slider

Let me just give a warning to every straight male celebrity in the world: porn stars may have sex on camera for a living, but that doesn't mean they'll just drop their panties just because you had a modicum of fame.

It's a lesson this B-list musician desperately needs to learn. He's constantly following porn stars on his private account and sliding into their DMs trying to make some magic happen. It rarely happens.

'He's got a reputation as a creeper,' says my porn star source. 'From Leah Gotti to Asa Akira.'

Ouch. When porn stars consider you a 'creeper,' you should really start evaluating your life. 

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our B-list DM slider?

PS: What would hurt more; being consider a creeper by porn stars or being called irascible by Sean Penn?

Source: The Gossip Life

Kardashian Korner

Kanye has officially gone kray kray, and it's nothing to laugh at. TMZ reports that after days of bizarre behavior and an abrupt cancellation of the remainder of his tour, Kanye West is being held at UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation. Kanye did not go of his own volition, and was in fact restrained when he was transported to the psych ward.

Kanye started to unravel a few days ago in Sacramento, when he cut his concert short to go on a rant about Trump, Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jay Z and BeyoncΓ©, saying this about Jay Z, as reprinted by Page Six: “Jay Z, call me, bro. You still ain’t call me. Jay Z, call me. Hey, bro, Jay Z, I know you’ve got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.”

In even more Kanye news, he recently sat down for an interview with Surface Magazine; here are some of the, um, highlights?:

What’s your version of utopia?
"I don’t think people are going to talk in the future. They’re going to communicate through eye contact, body language, emojis, signs. Imagine that. If everyone was forced to learn sign language.

When I was a kid, I’d see people who only spoke sign language and think, Wow, that’s gotta be difficult. I was really happy I could speak. Now, I would prefer to [West pantomimes someone signing], do that without having to use words. It’s funny because I’ve made a living off of words, but words get in the way of what you really want to say."

Wordless communication would be your preferred method?
"Yeah, sign language, eye contact. Or thank God for emojis. So often one emoji goes a long way and lets me get on with my whole day.

I don’t want to be a jerk, but there are certain people who are geniuses. Their emotional and social IQ is super high and they can get stuff done. Often, people who get really amazing stuff done have to cut off their emotional IQ. I can’t stand this whole “How was your day?” thing that agents always say. I’m like, “You don’t care about my day. Why’d you ask me about my day? Did we get done what we were supposed to get done?” But I do want to know how my daughter’s day was. I do want to get an explanation of what she learned in school. I sincerely care about that.

I think business has to be stupider. I want to do really straightforward, stupid business—just talk to me like a 4-year-old. And I refuse to negotiate. I do not negotiate. I can collaborate. But I’m an artist, so as soon as you negotiate, you’re being compromised."

You mentioned that you view yourself as an artist—
"I didn’t mention that I view myself that way. I just am. I never worded it like that. That’s really offensive. Why did you say I view myself like that? Do you not view me as an artist?"

I totally view you as an artist.
"Okay, cool."

So what is your personal definition of art?
"I would have a George Costanza moment if I were to answer this right now. I would come back in three days and be like, “I got this!” And sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable by saying what you said was offensive. But it was."

When you made an impromptu appearance at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2013, you said, “The world can be changed through the power of design.” Why do you think design is powerful enough to change the world?
"Did I already answer this before and you’re not letting me know the answer?"

Read the full interview at Surface Magazine.

Jennifer Lawrence on Chris Pratt, the Zika Virus and R-rated Movies | Vanity Fair

Radar Online Blind Item - Shot Down By Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen isn’t afraid to kiss and tell! In Superficial, his new book of private diary entries, the Watch What Happens Live host reveals his nicest and nastiest guests of all time.

Andy Cohen says he once turned down a “massive movie star” [to be a guest on WWHL because he] refused to stand up on air or discuss his most famous film role. “I said let’s cancel him, it’s not worth it and it’s not a fit,” he reveals.

Source: Radar Online

J Law Talks Friends and Dogs

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of December's Vanity Fair magazine; here are some of the highlights from the accompanying interview:

On ordering tea during the interview:
“I am playing a ballerina in my next movie, so my first step is not drinking alcohol for every meal of the day. Obviously I’m still drinking every day.”

On having a strong work ethic:
“I don’t like waking up with nothing to do or going to sleep without accomplishing anything. That really depresses me.”

On Paris Fashion Week:
“[It's] the most intimidating time to be alive. You get ready in your hotel and you’re like, ‘I look awesome.’ Then you walk outside, see the outfits and people who are like seven feet tall, and are like, I am a piece of garbage. I’m not going out anymore.’ ” 

On her friendship with Emma Stone:
 “She texted me that she got my number from Woody. I replied, 'Fuck off!’ And we’ve been really good friends ever since...I love my job. I don’t know what I would be without acting. So if there is someone who loves the same thing, it should bring us closer. But it depends on how that person is, and Emma is so normal and lovely.” 

On going to a screening of Emma's upcoming La La Land:
“If I wasn’t her biggest fan, I would’ve Tonya Harding’d her in the kneecaps.”

On being 26:
“All of my friends are getting married and having babies. Weddings rock, but I will never be a bridesmaid again. There needs to be a bridesmaids’ union. It’s horrendous. If anyone asks me again, I’m going to say, ‘No. That part of my life is over. I appreciate the ask.’ If I do ever get married, I don’t think I will have bridesmaids. How can I rank my friends?”

On her love for chihuahua Pippi:
“Fuck it. I am the person who has an acrylic painting of her dog. I am a psychotic dog mom in a way that I am genuinely embarrassed about. If I could put her inside me and give birth to her I would. [Having kids] would be dangerous. My kids would be incredibly jealous because I would still be way more attentive to Pippi than I would to them.”

Celebrity Real Estate - Boy Meets World Edition

The Studio City, California home used as Corey Matthews family home on Boy Meets World, has hit the market for $1.595 million. The 2,500 square foot home features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a veranda. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Carrie Fisher on the Public Reaction to the Harrison Ford Affair

Carrie Fisher recently appeared on the Today show, where she addressed the backlash about revealing her affair with Harrison Ford during the filming of Star Wars in her new book The Princess Diarist. Here's what she had to say:

"I am surprised at the reaction. I don't think [the affair is] that surprising. A lot of the fans did think about it for awhile. They made up Carrison as a word...I was not sort of a cavalier person. It was sad because I was so insecure…it's very raw. Obviously, I didn't expect anyone, including myself, I suppose later on, to read [the diary]. I wasn't raised that way. But, when you're on location, this is something I discovered—everything is permitted. I didn't know that. I haven't been on a location since." 

On Harrison's reaction to the news that Carrie was revealing the affair:
"I feel really bad about doing that to him. I told him I found the journals and that I was going to publish them. He sort of went, "Lawyer!" 

Watch the full interview below, complete with appearance from Gary Fisher!

TV Show Roundup 11/22/16

Bad news if you're a fan of CBS's new show Pure Genius - TV Line reports that CBS has not ordered any additional episodes for the freshman drama, which is one step before outright cancellation.

Casting News:
Mr. Robot's Michael Drayer will guest star on an upcoming episode of NBC's Timeless as Harry Houdini, reports TV Line.

Programming Note:
TV Line reports that Dave Chappelle will have three new comedy specials on Netflix; all three will be released simultaneously in 2017; the release date is yet to be announced.


The Hollywood Reporter announces that VH1 has renewed Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party for a second season.

BBC America has renewed the Elijah Wood series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

George Harrison's Son Getting Divorced

TMZ reports that the son of The Beatles' George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, has filed for divorce from wife of four years Solveig Karadottir. The couple are citing the ever popular "irreconcilable differences." The couple do not have any children, there is a prenup in place, and Harrison has hired Laura Wasser, so looks like this one will wrap up quickly.

Supernatural's Mark Sheppard Got Married

E! News reports that Supernatural actor Mark Sheppard, 52, who plays Crowley on Supernatural, married Sarah Louis Fudge, 32, a year ago! If you're wondering why this is only now newsworthy, it's because the couple had a wedding ceremony at the Bel Air Bay Club over the weekend. Sheppard released the following statement: "We have in fact been married since November 9th last year. On March 1st 2016 we welcomed a daughter, Isabella Rose, into our family. We celebrated our union with a private ceremony on November 19th at the Bel Air Bay Club with our family and friends." 

The ceremony was attended by Supernatural co-stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Alaina Huffman, Rob Benedict, Sebastian RochΓ© and more.

Naya Rivera Getting Divorced

TMZ reports that former Glee star Naya Rivera, 29, is divorcing husband of two years Ryan Dorsey, 33. Naya is asking for primary physical custody of their son Josey, 1, with Ryan getting visitation rights. Naya and Ryan got married in 2014 very shortly after Naya broke off her engagement from Big Sean.

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Metallica: Here Comes Revenge (Official Music Video)

Reader's Choice 11/21/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Awkward Couple

Two industry folks are letting us know that what you are seeing during the promotions of this film is very unusual… and might actually hurt the film’s success at the box office!

From a cast/crew member:

I’ve been on a lot of movie sets during a lot of potentially uncomfortable sex scenes.  These two are both pros and knew the drill. The scenes were choreographed, rehearsed several times, and went off without a hitch. For her to now act all coy and say it was awkward like she wants to distance herself from him doesn’t match what I saw.

From a publicist:

During promotions they should be emphasizing the closeness and the real emotional connection between the two leads. That’s what people want to see and that’s what sells a film. In this case, they are very distant and dismissive of their personal relationship. It’s an odd choice and does not serve the film well.

Maybe this has something to do with his divorce?




Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 11/21/16

Did the tooth fairy visit you as a child? If so, what did you usually get? And if you have children, what do you/did you leave them?

THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters March 2017

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Ensemble in Name Only

This deluded C-list actress signed up for an ensemble movie thinking that all the stars will share similar screen time and similar salaries.

Think again, bitch.

It's an ensemble in name only and she's stuck in a supporting role.

Maybe you should've waited for an actual script before signing on for a premise.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our dopey actress?

What is the movie?

Source: The Gossip Life

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Childbirth and New York City

Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down for an interview with Net-a-Porter's The Edit. Here are some of the highlights:

On childbirth:
"If I could revisit one moment in my life, it would be the birth of my children, definitely. I only got to give birth once [Parker’s twin girls, Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, now seven, were born via a surrogate]. James is like, why do you always want to talk about that?! I’m like, because it’s the greatest! There is this suspended animation around [birth]: everything goes away; the entire world is sucked up; time suspends. It’s just you and, in my case, my husband, and this child, and it’s absolute euphoria.”

On her childhood:
“When I arrived in New York City in 1976, the first thing I did was audition for a play. Literally straight out of the van. My [step] father slid the Volkswagen bus door open and said, ‘See you later.’ We lived in Ohio and, because we couldn’t afford to fly to New York, we would drive. The route my parents took crossed over the George Washington Bridge, heading east into Manhattan, and about midway across, you could look south and see this view down the Hudson River with all of Manhattan laid before you, like someone had rolled it out. And we would always sing – I don’t know why because it makes no sense – ‘My Bonnie lies over the ocean / My Bonnie lies over the sea...’ I can’t really convey how sweeping and cinematic that moment was.”

On how New York City has changed over the years:
“MY FAMILY AND I HAD BEEN TO NEW YORK A FEW TIMES because my [biological] father lived there, and it was always memorable. But I remember one summer, we came back home to Cincinnati and we were at my grandparents’ swim club, where my brother Toby and I were both on the diving team. I was jumping on the board and I turned to Toby and said, ‘I can’t believe we were in New York City just yesterday!’ I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I still think about the city that way. I suppose it’s a little bit like when you can’t believe that you don’t have to go to school anymore. It’s not like the city is without its flaws and faults; I mean, there are big problems. And it’s not the city that promises everything anymore, it can’t be. People don’t come to New York and live as a ballet dancer or an artist or a writer, or an engineer or an architect or a teacher – they can’t. I mean, they can’t [afford to] live in Brooklyn, you know? There is no place to pioneer anymore, and that’s a real problem. So in terms of that promise, coming here to live your dream, I would say that’s extinct in some ways. But the relationship that you can have with the city, its uniqueness, hasn’t changed. I don’t think New York is always pretty. It’s not as old as London – it doesn’t have as many important buildings, we didn’t keep things, we didn’t cherish or protect landmarks – so we don’t have all that beauty, nor do we have the history. But there is something. It has a sparkle.”

On regrets:
"I wish I had known to take more pictures. I should have photographed every fitting of Sex and the City; every shoe I ever tried on anywhere in the world, ever! I should have shot those experiences, but I didn’t want to intrude on it or ask, ‘Do you mind if I take your picture?’ Or, ‘Do you mind if I document this?’ Oh, I should have taken more pictures.”

Norm Macdonald: Chris Farley Revealed SNL's Most Shocking Secret To Me - CONAN on TBS

Lainey Gossip Blind Item - Something to Remember

He’s single now so he’s free for single nights. And it seems he has a signature one night special, something he sends afterwards so that he can be remembered. But before we get to that, let’s get into the action first. The action he often enjoys on these nights is to do it his way all over the breasts. I quite like this move myself, with the right person. Now that you know this about him though? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? And picturing his kink and his past? Who he was with in the past?

As for that memento, the something to remember, even though he’s famous he has no worries Snapping to his one nights a picture of his dick. One of the reasons he’s probably not that concerned about his dick getting out, though I don’t think it has (yet), is because of how it’s been described by those who’ve seen it (and there are multiples). Here are some of the adjectives: “big”, “veiny”, “massive”. It’s almost as though he wants us to see, wants his dick pics to be shared. He does it with such frequency, it’s almost as though he’s daring it to happen. Sure, if that happens, he’ll front outrage, but it’s not like he’s particularly discerning about the recipients. It’s just that, so far, the recipients haven’t bothered. Which makes it even better, or maybe worse. That, perhaps, even though it’s “big, veiny, massive”, the recipients – so far, at least – haven’t felt the need to boast about it, about him, in particular.

Source: Lainey Gossip

Nick Jonas Talks Abs

Nick Jonas is showing off his abs again, this time for the December cover of Men's Fitness Magazine. Here's what he had to say in the accompanying interview:

On his workout philisophy:
“It’s important to stay in your lane. One philosophy [trainer Gregg Miele] teaches that I really appreciate is that everybody’s got a different approach to fitness. No one way is wrong. Being competitive is good, but it can also leave you sore and struggling to recover. Your body feeds off that recovery time, so don’t push yourself so hard just to do better than the guy next to you in the gym.”

On preparing for his role in Kingdom:
I put on about 20 pounds of muscle in a month and a half. It was wild. But it was also hard to sleep. I was carrying more weight than I was used to, so I was sleeping very hard.”

On the Jonas Brothers breakup in 2013:
“I wouldn’t call it rock bottom, but there was some version of, ‘Am I going to be washed up at 21?’ I was living in delusion a little bit, too. Having a great amount of success at an early age—and then having a couple of years where things didn’t go quite right— you get to the point where you can either say, ‘It’s everyone else’s fault. They don’t get it,’ or you can go, ‘I need to make an adjustment. I need to evolve.’ Because it really is evolve or die. If you don’t continue to push yourself, it’s not going to work.”

On how living with Type-1 Diabetes impacts his life:
“When I’m on the road, I always make healthy choices. I don’t have a meal plan delivered to me, but I know what not to eat. I’m always cautious about the food I put in my body.”

On his love life:
“Well, I think love and romance happen for some people, and it’s an amazing thing. But right now I’m really serious about my work. I’ve got too much on the agenda to really think about losing myself to love.”

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Non-Celebrity Real Estate - Palm Springs Edition

If you thought Gwen Stefani's house was gaudy, you ain't seen nothing yet! Check out his mid-century modern Palm Springs abode, which can be yours for the bargain price of $1.9 million. The 3,000 square foot home, built in 1961, features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and every color in the rainbow. See pictures of the property at LAist.

Mandy Patinkin Talks Tolerance

National Treasure Mandy Patinkin recently spoke to Cindy Adams at Page Six about his new movie Ali and Nino. Here's what he had to say:

“People ask who am I, what do I do, because I’m also a singer. But I’m an actor first. Words, acting, reverberates through my life. I’m really a lyric driver like Oscar Hammerstein, Paul Simon. Singing for me means talking words on a musical note. I’m a storyteller. It’s why I love Yiddish theater.

Stories in those shtetls tell of birth, death, celebration, everything. And I like to work live. In plays. Thank God I’m 64 this month and always have a platform to speak. I’m dedicated to be the voice for those who cannot speak. I will always strive to see they’re never forgotten. I’m just back from 10 days in Cambodia with Ruth Messinger [Democrat who ran for NYC mayor in ’97]. We saw people who’d suffered under the Khmer Rouge. Look, we all have different experiences. Some, none of us share. But I listen to them. I hear their pain. Their journeys. Women who’ve struggled in Cambodia’s factories making shirts we Americans wear. Despite thirst, they can’t drink water during working hours because the bathroom means moments away from their work. Women fighting for working rights. Rights to survive. You walk away proud to have met them. I am involved in the refugee problem. I align.

They’re close to my own ancestors, my grandparents who survived Russia’s pogroms. Both sides need to be heard. In this country, we’re a family called America. We must pay attention to what our people are saying. Our nation must be inclusive. Arthur Miller, in his play ‘Death of a Salesman,’ wrote, ‘Attention must be paid.’ Tonight, after this, are several events dedicated to helping unfortunates. I will go to those.

That’s why this movie ‘Ali and Nino’ is important. A Romeo-and-Juliet story, Muslim-Christian style, it was a book published in the ’30s, long before our own current political struggle. I play the nobleman father of the girl. We need more stories like this. People are afraid of one another. They need to learn to live with one another despite our turmoil. We must sit next to one another, listen to one another, learn to be uncomfortable or we won’t anymore have a world to live in. So to talk about this more, call me. Don’t e-mail. Call. I don’t like to write ideas. I’m more of a verbal person.”