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Kristen Wiig & Jane Fonda as Hannibal Lecter will Chill Your Bones | Casting Call

Kesha Loses Big In Court

Kesha faced off against Sony in court on Friday, and lost. TMZ reports that a judge ruled that Kesha will not be let out of her contract with Sony Music. Kesha had been trying to get out of her contract to avoid having to work with producer Dr. Luke, who she has accused of sexual assault, and mental and physical abuse. The judge stated that she can work with a different producer at Sony, and that is not reason enough to be let out of her contract. Kesha's attorneys argued that they are worried that Sony will blackball Kesha for refusing to work with Dr. Luke. Long story short, if you were hoping for new Kesha music to come out of this ruling, don't hold your breath.

Shia LaBeouf Back To Operating At Peak Shia

E! News reports that Shia LaBeouf's latest art installation is happening in an elevator in London. The actor has installed a camera, and has locked himself and a few others in an elevator for 24 hours. Don't worry, they're allowed to take bathroom breaks (although it would be way more artistic if they had to defecate in the elevator. He loses some art points there). Watch the live feed below. Your move, James Franco!

Harper Lee Has Died

Author Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, has passed away at the age of 89 in her sleep. She was living in an assisted living facility in Monroeville, Alabama. Read her full obituary at the New York Times.

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"Ew!" with Jennifer Lopez

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Tail Wagging The Whole Fucking Dog

A recent shake up at a major television network has people within the company buzzing! One of them told us that this is a shocking case of the tail wagging the dog.

"This entire move was to appease [Showrunner], who never stops whining. The whole network has been bending over backwards to keep her happy, so when she said she wanted [Network Executive] replaced, they didn’t just say “Yes.” They said, “Who do you think should replace him?”

We were absolutely shocked that they basically handed the decision over to her. She picked the person she wanted who meets her personal agenda and the network rubber stamped it.  Expect a major exodus soon, because everyone knows that [Showrunner] is the tail wagging this whole fucking dog!



Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 2/19/16

What movie scene choked you up the most?

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Official International Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) - Comedy HD

Popbitch Blind Item - Hands Off

Which Hollywood star caused widespread confusion at the BAFTAs when she announced to her make-up artist that she “didn’t want anyone touching [her] face?”

Source: Popbitch

Olivia Wilde Talks Very Long Engagement

Olivia Wilde recently sat down for an interview with The EDIT, where she talked about her long engagement to fiancé Jason Sudeikis. The publication quotes her as follows:

"We are seriously connected. Before you have a child, marriage is the ultimate commitment and promise to one another, and then once you have a child, it's like, ‘Oh, we're committed and promised already.'"

On sexism in Hollywood:
"It's institutional. It's not conscious. People don't realize what they're saying, because you hear it from both men and women. But there's this sense that a project is incomplete if there's no male participation...People are now saying, ‘Listen, you need to hire women, specifically because they are women,' and although that's uncomfortable, it's how things change. When I was younger, it felt like the main point was that [I was] one of the attractive actresses, and I felt totally minimized by it, as everyone does. But it's worn off, in a good way; I'm happy to have grown out of the place where that is the main point made about me...The media always chooses one element of you to assign as your identity plaque: ‘She's the mom, she's political, she's the one who is really pretty.' But we are all of those things."

Who's the Best Kisser on Dawson's Creek?

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Recasting The Lead

The production has been announced, alongside a famous actress in the titular role and a solid director helming. It’s only a matter of time before the movie is made, right? Guess again. After the actress’ last movie tanked, the studio are considering scrapping the entire movie or recasting the lead. They feel the actress doesn’t with the target audience at all and it’s potential a cataclysmic failure. Their marketing department is encouraging them to recast, but the hierarchy favour scrapping the entire thing.

Who is the actress?

What is the movie?

Kristen Stewart Talks Privacy

Kristen Stewart recently sat down for an interview with AnOther Magazine, where she talked about privacy. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"People who are interested in selling a life as if it's a comic book story? It's just money, money, money, money. It's just bullshit distraction, and a lot of people make a lot of money on that, because we wanna get distracted...I danced the other night, and it felt so fuckin' good. And it's so not like me. I envy people like that so much. I'm pretty physical, but I really need to let myself go. Honestly, I just wish I could fuckin' dance more. That's all. I know when I meet someone, if we're gonna jive and dance. And I do not want to construct anything with anyone. I wanna fuckin' dance."

On what's up next:
"I just worked all year on a bunch of different things. So right now I really don't want to work for quite a long time. I really really tired myself out. I need a break."

Celebrity Real Estate - Johnny Galecki Edition

Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki has listed his Hollywood Hills home for sale for $1.995 million. The 1,707 square foot home features two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a pool. Galecki already upgraded to a new residence last year, to the tune of $9.2 million. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Amanda Peet Talks Jon Snow

Game of Thrones spoilers ahead if you're not caught up; you've been warned. actress Amanda Peet is married to David Benioff, co-creator of Game of Thrones. Here's what she had to say about that in a recently interview with the Today show:

"Yeah, and I hope that I'll stay married to him after this season begins. Because if I don't see Jon Snow living and breathing and talking—" 

Watch the full interview below:

TV Show Roundup 2/19/16

Casting News:

E! News reports that Len Goodman will return to the ballroom as a judge for the upcoming 22nd season of Dancing With the Stars. He will replace Julianne Hough as a judge.

TV Line reports that Costas Mandylor is joining the cast of ABC's Once Upon A Time in the role of Captain Silver.

HBO has renewed Vinyl for a second season, reports TV Line.


Felicity Huffman Talks Work/Life Balance

Felicity Huffman recently sat down for an interview with People, where she talked about maintaining a good work/life balance. Her current show films in New York City, and husband William H Macy and daughters Sofia Grace, 15, and Georgia Grace, 13, live in Los Angeles. The magazine quotes her as follows:

“First, I have to recognize how lucky I am to have to navigate these sorts of issues. I have a job that I love and a fabulous family that I love. But people always ask, ‘How do you balance home life and work?’ And I tell them, ‘I don’t. I just drop the ball all the time. I try to fly back to L.A. every two or three days. But that can take a toll. Sometimes I think, ‘I’m failing as both a mother and an actress.’ But I do what I can to stumble forward joyously. And I’m able to fly home that often, so these are champagne problems, really.”

Erin Andrews Talks Critics

Erin Andrew recently sat down for an interview with HuffPost Live, where she talked about critics. She is quoted as follows, as reprinted by Us Weekly:

"I think it's hilarious when people have a problem with, 'Oh she's wearing this, she's got hair extensions.' It's so funny to me that people are so worried about what I'm doing or care about how I look, and I'm working out. We have the best-looking guys at Fox. Michael Strahan, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw ... They work out all the time. Beautiful men wearing beautiful clothes. And nobody says anything about that. That's the only time I get salty...I think, unfortunately, in our industry, it happens way too much. I don't think it's only our industry. … In offices, what I do for a living, you see other women going after other women, and it's like, 'Wait, can't we just support each other for a minute?'" 

On whether or not she feels pressure:
"Oh God, every single game, every single practice, every single time I go on television working sports, absolutely. I put so much [more] pressure on now than I ever have in my life. … I went to Fox to work the NFL, and I knew I wanted to work with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, and thankfully I got a job. … This is what I'm obsessed with doing. I left a place where I was for eight years and knew all the coaches, knew all the story lines, and I threw myself in the NFL, and I've put more pressure on myself than ever before. [Now I'm] working in the biggest and best sport. Because I love it. I love the pressure. The way I'm able to get better is when I have all that pressure on me."

Shannen Doherty Opens Up About Breast Cancer Battle

Shannen Doherty recently taped a segment for the Dr. Oz show, where she opened up about her battle with breast cancer. She is quoted as follows, as reprinted by People:

"You worry most about the people that you love and making sure that they are going to be okay. For me, that was the hardest part...You have no idea what that extra time might have afforded you. Mine for instance spread to a lymph node or two. It might not have spread ... The most important thing is catching it as early as humanly possible." 

On how cancer has affected her relationship with husband Kurt Iswarienko:
"I'm 44 and my husband and I wanted children (they are now more likely to adopt)...For us, it has brought us closer together. It's one of those times you get to test your mettle as a married couple." said Iswarienko. 

On life now:
"I am continuing to eat right, exercise and stay very positive about my life," she said at the time. "I am thankful to my family, friends and doctors for their support and, of course, my fans who have stood by me." 

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Sia Carpool Karaoke

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Her Song About Him

If you give this popular female singer a hard time, you should expect to be the subject of one of her songs. You won’t be named, but she will make it clear that she is over you. (Hellooo Ex-Boyfriend!)

She is now working on a song that will discuss her conflict with this other famous musician. Someone who she made famous. Someone with whom she will never have sex.

Part of the song will definitely surprise you. Why? Because it’s rap!

It’s still a work in progress – and we’re not sure if it will even make the next album – but perhaps this will give her that edgier sound and audience she’s been looking for?




Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 2/18/16

What is the funniest TV series you have seen?

Alice Through the Looking Glass Official Grammy Trailer (2016) - Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Faded Into Obscurity

This B-list actress was everywhere a couple of years ago, but she’s since faded into obscurity and hasn’t had a major release in almost three year. The reason? She had an insane ego before she had any right to, and when her big budget movie flopped – no one had to work with her for commercial purposes, so they didn’t.

She’s coming back with a better attitude, however.

Who is she?

Stop What You're Doing And Play The Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Game

E! News reports that some demented genius created an online game called Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, and Leo's desperate attempt to snag an Oscar. The website describes the game as follows:

"Get Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar or die trying in Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, an arcade style platform game where you race down the red carpet on a quest for the ultimate award. Collect as many Emmy's and Golden Globes as you can along the way. But beware of pushy photographers and watch out for Lady Gaga... and Icebergs."

Play it here!

Chris Rock Has A New Girlfriend

After splitting from wife of 19 years Malaak, 46, in 2014, Chris Rock, 51, has stepped out with a new girlfriend. Page Six reports that Rock is dating Arrow actress Megalyn Echikunwoke, 32; the two attended Clive Davis' pre-Grammy bash together over the weekend. They were first spotted together back in September.

A photo posted by Tattle Tailzz (@tattletailzz) on

Ennio Morricone Is Getting A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Academy Award winning composer Ennio Morricone is receiving a very well deserved (and well overdue) star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Morricone, 87, will receive the 2,564th star in a ceremony on Frieday, February 26th; two days before the Academy Awards, where he is nominated for best score for The Hateful Eight. The ceremony will be attended by Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Weinstein, and head of the LA Italia Film Fest Pascal Vicedomini.

Norman Reedus Talks Biceps

Norman Reedus recently sat down for an interview with Men's Fitness magazine, where he flexed his biceps. E! News caught up with him to talk about his arms; here's what he had to say:

"I try and stay in somewhat shape for The Walking Dead but I think it would be stupid if I took off my shirt on The Walking Dead and had a six-pack. It just doesn't work. You would look at it and go, 'Ponce! Phony actor working on his abs. You know what I mean?...This is how it works—they give you sandbags and you have to stand in front of thirty people and go like this until you feel like you are going to pee in your pants [mimes bicep curls]. And then they take a picture and you do it some more…That's how they jack you up. It's all done with sandbags."

On his status as a sex symbol: 
"The first time I ever saw my name in print was for 8MM, and it was a quote from [director] Joel Schumacher that said, 'You know, Norman's not good-looking. He's really interesting looking, but he's not good-looking at all.' And I was like, 'Thanks jerk.' So I'm not that guy. I'm not People's sexiest guy. Never ever going to be that guy. I don't try to be like that, and I don't even want to be like that."

Celebrity Real Estate - Keegan-Michael Key Edition

After filing for divorce, Keegan-Michael Key has listed his Los Feliz home for sale for $1.68 million. The 2,600 square foot home features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a bright exterior. See pictures of the home at Variety.

Henry Cavill Talks 19-year-old Girlfriend

Henry Cavill recently sat down for an interview with Elle Magazine, where he talked about girlfriend Tara King, 19. Here's what he had to say:

“When I first met my girlfriend, I was super intimidated. I wanted to impress her...People say, ‘Age is just a number.’ A lot of times it’s not just a number. It’s actually a real and true sign of someone’s maturity. In this case, she’s fantastic.”

On what he learned from dating a 32-year-old woman while he was still in his teens: 

“Things that I can’t mention in an article.”

TV Show Roundup 2/18/16

Casting News:
The Hollywood Reporter announces that Djimon Hounsou is joining the cast of Fox's Wayward Pines for its second season.

True Blood alum Kelly Overton has joined the cast of Syfy Van Helsing in the title role, reports TV Line.

TV Line reports that Lisa Bonet is joining Showtime's Ray Donovan for its fourth season.

Nina Dobrev Is Back On the Market

Watch out, Nikki! E! News reports that actress Nina Dobrev has split from boyfriend of seven months Austin Stowell. A source states of the breakup, "It started to get hard with both of their schedules. They remain on good terms." Dobrev previously dated one half of The World's Most Romantic Couple Ian Somerhalder for three years.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Stalker Free To Stalk Again

TMZ reports that a jury found Gwyneth Paltrow's stalked Dante Soiu not guilty on charges yesterday in Los Angeles. The last time he was in a courtroom, he was sent to a psych hospital. This time, he walks free. I know we all poke fun at Goop, but I can't even imagine the toll that having a long term dedicated stalker like this dude takes on you. Here's hoping she beefs up security enough to deter him, and that Soiu finds a new hobby that does not involve stalking Gwyneth Paltrow so that we can get back to our regularly scheduled snarking.

Mob Wives Star Big Ang Has Passed Away

Mob Wives star Big Ang, real name Angela Raiola, has passed away at the age of 55 after a battle with brain and lung cancer. She is survived by husband Neil Murphy, her children Raquel and Anthony, and six grandchildren. Read her full obituary at the New York Daily News.

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Mean Tweets - Music Edition #3

Reader's Choice 2/17/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Horrific Mix

Not everybody at last night’s Grammy Awards sings for a living. One woman was thrilled when she finally got to meet her favorite movie star (who was on stage at one point)… until she got close to him!

“I went in for a quick hug and —- Holy Fuck! He smells like a homeless person on a hot day. I’m not kidding!!! It was like this horrific mix of piss and b.o. and rotten cheese and alcohol. I was only near him for a few seconds but even that was too long. I had to walk away because I was literally gagging.”


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 2/17/16

What weird or useless talent do you have?

Pee-wee's Big Holiday - Official Trailer - Netflix [HD]

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Keeping To Herself

Friends are worried about this A-list television host. fearing that her drinking is out of control. She’s extremely loved by her friends, co-worker and staff, known for being affable, fun and approachable, but after a fairly recently tragedy she’s been keeping more and more to herself.

Who is she?

Kardashian Korner

Kanye West's freefall into crazytown continues. Page Six reports that Kanye threw a bitch fit right before he was suppose to perform on Saturday Night Live over the weekend: 

“Just moments leading into the live show, and during the live show, Kanye had a meltdown and threatened to walk off. It had something to do with the set. Kim, who was in the audience with Kylie Jenner, had to come down. Lorne had to personally talk to Kanye. There were a few really tense minutes...He freaked out about how the set was arranged. He was saying he’s ‘the greatest artist.’ He’s having regular meltdowns. Everyone’s walking on eggshells around him. He’s under a lot of stress between the new album and the fashion line.”

Calm the fuck down, Kanye. You're not that artsy. You know who is? James Fucking Franco.

James Franco & Seth Rogen - Bound 3 Spoof (HD) by hdimax

Bastille Day Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - Idris Elba, Richard Madden Action Movie HD

Misha Collins Talks Launching SPNFamily Crisis Support Network

Entertainment Weekly reports that Supernatural actors Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki are launching the SPNFamily Crisis Support Network, "a community support system to help fans cope with mental health issues such as depression, self-injury, and addiction." Collins is quoted as follows:

"We have this interesting exposure to our fandom in the form of conventions, where we go and we meet fans face-to-face pretty much every other weekend. And we have occasion to meet thousands and thousands of Supernatural fans and at every event, every one of us encounters as many as a dozen people who share really heart-rending stories about self-harm or addiction or depression or suicide attempts. We see a lot of people with tattoos of semicolons on themselves — the semicolon is where the author could’ve chosen to end a sentence but instead chose to carry it on so it’s a very potent symbol for somebody who’s struggled with near-death situations and forged on.

The nonprofit Random Acts is housing this network in partnership with two other nonprofits, IMAlive and To Write Love of Her Arms, which are helping us. They have experience in this realm so they’re helping us build it in a an efficacious way...For whatever reason, it seems to be something that is prevalent, or at least bubbles to the surface in our fandom. It’s just something that seems to be affecting a lot of people. I think one of the big problems that people face when they’re struggling with these things is not knowing where to turn. But if you are part of a community and you know that that community is offering help in a certain way and it’s something that you know is there, I think it might be really helpful. Anyway, that’s what me and Jared and Jensen thought.

We have psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and so far, about 1,500 people have volunteered to help man the hotlines. I’m really excited to actually see this thing hit the ground."

The New Yorker's Expose on TMZ

The New Yorker just published an exposé about TMZ on Monday, titled "The Digital Dirt." The Hollywood Reporter breaks down six of the takeaways from the article:

TMZ Paid More Than $100K for the Ray Rice Videos
"According to a former TMZ photographer, the site paid $15,000 for the first surveillance video and almost $90,000 for the second, which showed the former Baltimore Ravens player punching Palmer in the head. TMZ received the tip from a surveillance officer working at the site of the incident, the Revel hotel and casino in Atlantic City, N.J., who recorded the footage on a cell phone. 'Everybody rats everybody else out,' a former TMZ employee tells Schmidle. 'That’s the beauty of TMZ.'"

Alec Baldwin Once Fantasized About Watching Levin "Die in My Arms"
"Baldwin is one of many stars who has been featured on TMZ for unflattering reasons (in 2007, TMZ posted a voicemail of the actor calling his daughter Ireland a "thoughtless little pig"), and he has far harsher words for Levin in "The Digital Dirt." 'There was a time when my greatest wish was to stab Harvey Levin with a rusty implement and watch his entrails go running down my forearm, in some Macbethian stance,' Baldwin tells Schmidle. 'I wanted him to die in my arms, while looking into my eyes, and I wanted to say to him, 'Oh, Harvey, you thoughtless little pig.'' He then adds, 'He is a festering boil on the anus of American media.'"

A Play-by-Play of the Justin Bieber Shakedown
"In 2014, The Sun published a video of Justin Bieber making racist jokes and TMZ announced that they had the damning video four years prior, but decided not to publish it 'in large part because he was 15.' However, reports began to circulate that the real reason TMZ sat on the video is because they were using it 'as essentially ransom' to get Bieber and his team to work with them and give them stories."

TMZ Was Almost Called Buzz Feed
"When he pitched bringing the spirit of the show to the Internet with Telepictures and AOL, site names "Feed the Beast," "Frenzie" and "Buzz Feed" were all considered before a Telepictures executive suggested "Thirty Mile Zone." Levin, writes Schmidle, suggested they use the abbreviated version of the old movie-industry phrase about the industry's L.A. boundaries: TMZ. In November of 2005, they were up and running."

One of TMZ's Biggest Freelancers Hustles at Craig's
"Of the staff working at the popular West Hollywood steakhouse, Blatt tells Schmidle, "These are the people who call me with stuff." The self-proclaimed hustler estimates that he has made more than $30,000 per year from TMZ by knowing the ins-and-outs of Hollywood hotspots like Craig's, the Beverly Hilton and the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills."

Levin's Chiropractor Partner Runs Celebrity Bus Tours
"[Levin] operates celebrity-spotting TMZ bus tours in New York and Los Angeles, which are managed by Levin’s chiropractor/partner Andy Mauer. "Some stars calls ahead with their location and then act surprised when the tour bus drives by," writes Schmidle in his report."

Read the full article at The New Yorker.

Celebrity Real Estate - Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall has listed her New York City penthouse for sale for $5.5 million. The 1,800 square foot home features two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and has a monthly maintenance fee of $5,095. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman

TV Show Roundup 2/17/16

TV Line reports that Unforgettable has been cancelled once again, this time by A&E.

Casting News:
Rob Benedict is returning to Supernatural to reprise his role as Chuck in Episode 20 this season, reports TV Line.

Programming Note:
The Mindy Project will have new episodes on Hulu beginning April 12th, reports TV Line.

Big Ang Has Left Her Husband

On a recent appearance on Dr. Oz, TMZ reports that Big Ang has revealed that she has split from husband of six years Neil Murphy. Ang is currently battling stage four brain and lung cancer; doctors have given her a 30% chance of survival.

Gwen Stefani Talks Blake Shelton, New Video

Gwen Stefani recently appeared on Carson Daly's morning show on 97.1 AMP Radio to talk about her new music video, and her relationship with Blake Shelton. E! News quotes her as follows:

On her new music video:
"I think the opportunity to work with Target and do the live video for the Grammys last night was kinda the motivation to get me finished. It was a little depressing for me because that writing process was so intense, so healing, magical, but now I'm feeling that kind of place where I get to share it. It feels victorious, you know what I mean, and it represents so much more than just music. It's my life and such an amazing process."

On Blake Shelton:

"Oh my gosh, [after my divorce] I had no idea what was coming next. I thought I was going to be stuck down there for a while. It feels so good right now. It's true, you just never know what's going to happen. I feel real happy....It was hard, Carson, I have to say! I was so excited to come back [to The Voice], but being that there was three layers of things: Working with any other coach, you're going to be a little nervous and insecure because it's not your team. You don't want to step on anyone's toes. So, there was that. Then on top of that, I'm not country and there was a lot of country artists and [Blake's] super country. He's like the king of country. You know what I mean? I'm out of my world. And then on top of that, the obvious stuff."

Police Academy and Punky Brewster star George Gaynes Has Passed Away

Actor George Gaynes, who may be best remembered for his roles in the Police Academy movies and in the television series Punky Brewster, has passed away at the age of 98 at his daughter's home. Gaynes is survived by wife Allyn Ann McLerie, daughter Iya Gaynes Falcone Brown, one granddaughter, and two great-grandsons. Gayne's son Matthew passed away in a car crash in 1989. Read his full obituary at the New York Times.

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Tweet of the Day 2/16/16

John Oliver on Voting

Reader's Choice 2/16/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Reversal Of Fortune

They know that you are damaged. They know that you are mentally ill. However, when you first came into the family, you were a rich and famous performer, and you were willing to play their game. That gave you an automatic pass on all your flaws.

Now that you are experiencing a reversal of fortune, though, it’s time for you to go.

Because you are still famous and attract a lot of attention, this won’t be fast. As long as they can continue to control the narrative and profit off of you, all the drama is good.

The best drama? Making sure everyone knows that YOU are the bad guy. YOU are the damaged goods that they tried really hard to accept and heal and save with their love and compassion.

As long as your wife comes out of this richer and more famous and able to feign innocence, you have served your purpose.



Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 2/16/16

What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

The Darkness Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Kevin Bacon Horror Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - The Fighter

A decision has been made to slowly phase this A-list fighter out of the company. Their heart is no longer in the game and the hierarchy knows it.

Who is the A-list fighter?

Kardashian Korner

In case you missed it, Kanye West went on a Twitter rant the other day, claiming that he was $53 million in debt. E! news reports that he went on to say, "Yes I am personally rich and I can buy furs and houses for my family, but I need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world…If I spent my money on my ideas I could not afford to take care of my family. I am in a place that so many artist end up. Also for anyone that has money they know the first rule is to use other people's money. I could not have done the MSG without Adidas but world, what I'm telling you is that was just a small sketch for what I will bring you. There are people who support artist and philanthropist…and I think the idea of being a celebrity a lot of times blocks the understanding of what my purpose is. I am of service to the world with my art and I just want to serve more. I am ultra light beaming right now. So many people have called or emailed to help today hedge fund guys billionaires etc… I know I confuse you guys sometimes but please bare with me. This is a God dream…but if the self proclaimed cockiest person in the world can lay his personal business on the line then please people see my heart. No matter what level you're at in life there is still a struggle, and a balance art family perception friends family politics and the fucking manipulators."

E! News also caught up with Melissa Etheridge to ask her what she thought of Kanye West; here's what she had to say: "I think he is crazy but really genius. I say that in the best way. These are the days for an artist—this is an artist's time. If you can really brand your self and get yourself out there and represent and be a cool person in your artistry you can really do something about it! It's a new world for artist out there and Kanye knows this. Rappers are rock stars, and rock and roll is about inciting thoughts and change. Rap is the rock of today."

Prince protege Vanity Has Died

Prince protege Vanity has passed away at the age of 57. She had been battling inflammation of her small intestines. Vanity overdosed on crack cocaine in 1994, and as a result of the overdose, require regular dialysis. Vanity left Hollywood after the overdose, and became a born again Christian. Read her full obituary at the New York Daily News.

Deadpool Broke A Ton Of Records

Deadpool, the move that almost didn't get made until footage got "mysteriously" leaked onto the Internet and fans demanded that it be made, broke all sorts of records over the weekend. The Hollywood Reporter has the breakdown:

At $150 million, Deadpool now holds the record for the biggest opening for an R-Rated film in North America. The previous record holder was The Matrix Reloaded back in May 2003 with $91.8 million. 

The movie marked the Biggest Feature Directorial Debut for Tim Miller; the previous record holder was Elizabeth Banks with Pitch Perfect 2 at $69.2 million.

Other records include: Biggest Fox Opening, Biggest Valentine's Day/Presidents Day opening, Biggest January/February Opening, Biggest Thursday night for an R-rated Film, Biggest Friday for an R-rated film, Biggest Russian Debut - International, and Biggest Imax 2D and R-rated Opening - Global, and Biggest PLF R-rated Opening - North America.

Do you think studios will learn from this and start making original movies that people actually want to see? Naw, you can't bet that there are at least three Deadpool knock offs already in the offing because the suits never learn anything.

How Ian and Nikki Spent Valentine's Day

I know it was worrisome when their Instagrams were radio silent over Valentine's day, but have no fear. People reports that Ian Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed spent Valentine's Day spreading their love with the public, as the Monarchs of the Mystic Krewe of Mardi Paws parade in Mandeville, Louisiana. The parade benefits nonprofit animal welfare organizations. The couple handed out beads to children, petted animals, and still found plenty of time to hold on tight to each other on the big day. In case you were wondering, their one year anniversary is on April 26th. On what marriage is like to Nikki Reed, Somerhalder stated, "Every single day. Look who I get to wake up with. We're under kitties and dogs, and it's just pure bliss." 

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Celebrity Real Estate - Jackie Collins Edition

The Beverly Hills estate of the late Jackie Collins has hit the market for $30 million. The 21,784 square foot home features eight bedrooms, ten full bathrooms plus five additional shitters, an art gallery, screening room, and pool. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Teen Mom's Maci Bookout Pregnant Again

Us Weekly reports that recently engaged Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, 24, is pregnant with her third child, a baby boy. This will be her second child with fiancé Taylor McKinney; their daughter Jayde is nine months old. Bookout also shares son Bentley, 7, with ex Ryan Edwards.

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TV Show Roundup 2/16/16


King and Queen of Canada Have Reunited

Wonderful news from up North: Canada's unofficial King and Queen, Avril Lavigne and murderer of music Chad Kroeger, are giving their love a second chance. TMZ reports that after announcing their split last year, the two never filed divorce docs. The pair hinted at a reconciliation back in December, and they just attended Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party together. True love never dies, and apparently neither does whatever this is.

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Grammy Fashions 2016

Check out last night's Grammy Awards fashions at the Daily Mail. Here is Outtie's pick for best dressed, what is yours?

Grammy Awards 2016

The Grammy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles. And the winners are...

Album of the Year
Alabama Shakes, Sound and Color
Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly
Chris Stapleton, Traveller
Taylor Swift, 1989
The Weeknd, Beauty Behind the Madness

Song of the Year
Kendrick Lamar, “Alright”
Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”
Little Big Town, “Girl Crush”
Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth, “See You Again”
Ed "Sharter" Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”

Record of the Year
D’Angelo and the Vanguard, “Really Love”
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk”
Ed "Sharter" Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”
Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”
The Weeknd, “Can’t Feel My Face”

Best New Artist
Courtney Barnett
James Bay
Sam Hunt
Tori Kelly
Meghan Trainor
Best Pop Solo Performance
Kelly Clarkson, "Heartbeat Song"
Ellie Goulding, "Love Me Like You Do"
Ed "Sharter" Sheeran, "Thinking Out Loud"
Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"
The Weeknd, "Can't Feel My Face"

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
Florence and the Machine, "Ship to Wreck"
Maroon 5, "Sugar"
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk"
Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar, "Bad Blood"
Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth, "See You Again"

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
Tony Bennett and Bill Charlap, The Silver Lining: The Songs of Jerome Kern
Bob Dylan, Shadows in the Night
Josh Groban, Stages
Seth MacFarlane, No One Ever Tells You
Barry Manilow (& Various Artists), My Dream Duets
Best Pop Vocal Album
Kelly Clarkson, Piece by Piece
Florence and the Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Mark Ronson, Uptown Special
Taylor Swift, 1989
James Taylor, Before This World
Best Dance Recording
Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston, "We're All We Need"
The Chemical Brothers, "Go"
Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar, "Never Catch Me"
Galantis, "Runaway (U & I)"
Skrillex and Diplo With Justin Bieber, "Where Are Ü Now"

Best Dance/Electronic Album
Caribou, Our Love
The Chemical Brothers, Born in the Echoes
Disclosure, Caracal
Jamie xx, In Colour
Skrillex and Diplo, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü
Best Rap Performance
J. Cole, "Apparently"
Drake, "Back to Back"
Fetty Wap, "Trap Queen"
Kendrick Lamar, "Alright"
Nicki Minaj feat. Drake and Lil Wayne, "Truffle Butter"
Kanye West feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom, and Paul McCartney, "All Day"
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
Big Sean feat. Kanye West and John Legend, "One Man Change the World"
Common and John Legend, "Glory"
Jidenna feat. Roman GianArthur, "Classic Man"
Kendrick Lamar feat. Bilal, Anna Wise, and Thundercat, "These Walls"
Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown, "Only"

Best Rap Song
Kanye West, "All Day"
Kendrick Lamar, "Alright"
Drake, "Energy"
Common and John Legend, "Glory"
Fetty Wap, "Trap Queen"
Best Rap Album
J. Cole, 2014 Forest Hills Drive
Dr. Dre, Compton
Drake, If You're Reading This It's Too Late
Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly
Nicki Minaj, The Pinkprint
Best Country Solo Performance
Cam, "Burning House"
Chris Stapleton, "Traveller"
Carrie Underwood, "Little Toy Guns"
Keith Urban, "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16"
Lee Ann Womack, "Chances Are"
Best Country Duo/Group Performance
Brothers Osborne, "Stay A Little Longer"
Joey + Rory, "If I Needed You"
Charles Kelley, Dierks Bentley, and Eric Paslay, "The Driver"
Little Big Town, "Girl Crush"
Blake Shelton feat. Ashley Monroe, "Lonely Tonight"
Best Country Song
Lee Ann Womack, "Chances Are"
Tim McGraw, "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools"
Little Big Town, "Girl Crush"
Brandy Clark, "Hold My Hand"
Chris Stapleton, "Traveller"
Best Country Album
Sam Hunt, Montevallo
Little Big Town, Pain Killer
Ashley Monroe, The Blade
Kacey Musgraves, Pageant Material
Chris Stapleton, Traveller
Best Rock Performance
Alabama Shakes, "Don't Wanna Fight"
Florence and the Machine, "What Kind of Man"
Foo Fighters, "Something From Nothing"
Elle King, "Ex's & Oh's"
Wolf Alice, "Mona Lisa Smile"
Best Metal Performance
August Burns Red, "Identity"
Ghost, "Cirice"
Lamb of God, "512"
Sevendust, "Thank You"
Slipknot, "Custer"
Best Rock Song
Alabama Shakes, "Don't Wanna Fight"
Elle King, "Ex's & Oh's"
James Bay, "Hold Back the River"
Highly Suspect, "Lydia"
Florence and the Machine, "What Kind of Man"

Best Rock Album
James Bay, Chaos and the Calm
Death Cab for Cutie, Kintsugi
Highly Suspect, Mister Asylum
Muse, Drones
Slipknot, The Gray Chapter
Best Alternative Music Album
Alabama Shakes, Sound & Color
Björk, Vulnicura
My Morning Jacket, The Waterfall
Tame Impala, Currents
Wilco, Star Wars
Best R&B Performance
Tamar Braxton, "If I Don't Have You"
Andra Day, "Rise Up"
Hiatus Kaiyote, "Breathing Underwater"
Jeremih feat. J. Cole, "Planes"
The Weeknd, "Earned It"
Best Traditional R&B Performance
Faith Evans, "He Is"
Lalah Hathaway, "Little Ghetto Boy"
Jazmine Sullivan, "Let It Burn"
Tyrese, "Shame"
Charlie Wilson, "My Favorite Part of You"

Best R&B Song
Miguel, "Coffee"
The Weeknd, "Earned It"
Jazmine Sullivan, "Let It Burn"
D'Angelo, "Really Love"
Tyrese, "Shame"
Best Urban Contemporary Album
The Internet, Ego Death
Kehlani, You Should Be Here
Lianne La Havas, Blood
Miguel, Wildheart
The Weeknd, Beauty Behind the Madness
Best R&B Album
Leon Bridges, Coming Home
D'Angelo and the Vanguard, Black Messiah
Andra Day, Cheers to the Fall
Jazmine Sullivan, Reality Show
Charlie Wilson, Forever Charlie
Best Spoken Word Album
Patti Smith, Blood on Snow (Jo Nesbø)
Dick Cavett, Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic Moments, and Assorted Hijinks
Jimmy Carter, A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety
Janis Ian & Jean Smart, Patience and Sarah (Isabel Miller)
Amy Poehler, Yes Please
Best Comedy Album
Lisa Lampanelli, Back to the Drawing Board
Wyatt Cenac, Brooklyn
Jay Mohr, Happy. And a Lot.
Craig Ferguson, Just Being Honest
Louis C.K., Live at Madison Square Garden
Best Musical Theater Album
An American In Paris
Fun Home
The King and I
Something Rotten!
Best New Age Album
Paul Avgerinos, Grace
Madi Das, Bhakti Without Borders
Catherine Duc, Voyager
Pater Kater, Love
Ron Korb, Asia Beauty
Best Improvised Jazz Solo
Joey Alexander, “Giant Steps”
Christian McBride, “Cherokee”
Donny McCaslin, “Arbiters of Evolution”
Joshua Redman, “Friend or Foe”
John Scofield, “Past Present”

Best Jazz Vocal Album
Karrin Allyson, Many a New Day: Karrin Allyson Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein
Denise Donatelli, Find a Heart
Lorraine Feather, Flirting With Disaster
Jamison Ross, Jamison
Cécile McLorin Salvant, For One to Love

Best Jazz Instrumental Album
Joey Alexander, My Favorite Things
Terence Blanchard feat. the E-Collective, Breathless
Robert Glasper & the Robert Glasper Trio, Covered: Recorded Live at Capitol Studios
Jimmy Greene, Beautiful Life
John Scofield, Past Present

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
Gil Evans Project, Lines of Color
Marshall Gilkes & WDR Big Band, Köln
Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Cuba: The Conversation Continues
Maria Schneider Orchestra, The Thompson Fields
Patrick Williams, Home Suite Home

Best Latin Jazz Album
Eliane Elias, Made in Brazil
The Rodriguez Brothers, Impromptu
Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Suite Caminos
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet, Intercambio
Miguel Zenón, Identities Are Changeable

Best Gospel Performance/Song
Anthony Brown & Group Therapy, “Worth [Live]”
Kirk Franklin; “Wanna Be Happy?”
Travis Greene, “Intentional”
Israel & NewBreed feat. Yolanda Adams, “How Awesome Is Our God [Live]”
Brian Courtney Wilson, “Worth Fighting For [Live]”
Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song
Francesca Battistelli, “Holy Spirit”
Crowder, “Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)”
Matt Maher, “Because He Lives (Amen)”
Third Day feat. All Sons & Daughters, “Soul on Fire”
Tobymac feat. Mr. Talkbox, “Feel It”

Best Gospel Album
Karen Clark Sheard, Destined to Win [Live]
Dorinda Clark-Cole, Living It
Tasha Cobbs, One Place Live
Israel & NewBreed, Covered: Alive in Asia [Live]
Jonathan McReynolds, Life Music: Stage Two
Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
Jason Crabb, Whatever the Road
Lauren Daigle, How Can It Be
Matt Maher, Saints and Sinners
Tobymac, This Is Not a Test
Chris Tomlin, Love Ran Red

Best Roots Gospel Album
The Fairfield Four, Still Rockin’ My Soul
Karen Peck & New River, Pray Now
Point of Grace, Directions Home (Songs We Love, Songs You Know)
Best Latin Pop Album
Pablo Alborán, Terral
Alex Cuba, Healer
Ricky Martin, A Quien Quiera Escuchar (Deluxe Edition)
Alejandro Sanz, Sirope
Julieta Venegas, Algo Sucede

Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album
Bomba Estereo, Amanecer
La Cuneta Son Machín, Mondongo
Natalia Lafourcade, Hasta La Raíz
Monsieur Periné, Caja De Música
Pitbull, Dale

Best Regional Mexican Music Album (Including Tejano)
Banda El Recodo De Don Cruz Lizarraga, Mi Vicio Mas Grande
La Maquinaria Norteña, Ya Dime Adiós
Los Cojolites, Zapateando
Los Tigres Del Norte, Realidades – Deluxe Edition
Mariachi Los Camperos De Nati Cano, Tradición, Arte Y Pasión

Best Tropical Latin Album
José Alberto “El Canario” & Septeto Santiaguero, Tributo A Los Compadres: No Quiero Llanto
Rubén Blades with Roberto Delgado & Orchestra, Son De Panamá
Guaco, Presente Continuo
Juan Luis Guerra 4.40, Todo Tiene Su Hora
Victor Manuelle, Que Suenen Los Tambores

Best American Roots Performance
Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, “And Am I Born to Die”
Buddy Guy, “Born to Play Guitar”
The Milk Carton Kids, “City of Our Lady”
Punch Brothers, “Julep”
Mavis Staples, “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean”

Best American Roots Song
The Mavericks, “All Night Long”
Don Henley & Merle Haggard, “The Cost of Living”
Punch Brothers, “Julep”
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, “The Traveling Kind”
Jason Isbell, “24 Frames”
Best Americana Album
Brandi Carlile, The Firewatcher’s Daughter
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, The Traveling Kind
Jason Isbell, Something More Than Free
The Mavericks, Mono
Punch Brothers, The Phosphorescent Blues

Best Bluegrass Album
Dale Ann Bradley, Pocket Full of Keys
Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Before the Sun Goes Down
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, In Session
Ralph Stanley & Friends, Man of Constant Sorrow
The Steeldrivers, The Muscle Shoals Recordings

Best Blues Album
Cedric Burnside Project, Descendants of Hill Country
Shemekia Copeland, Outskirts of Love
Buddy Guy, Born to Play Guitar
Bettye LaVette, Worthy
John Primer & Various Artists, Muddy Waters 100
Best Folk Album
Norman Blake, Wood, Wire & Words
Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn
Rhiannon Giddens, Tomorrow Is My Turn
Patty Griffin, Servant of Love
Glen Hansard, Didn’t He Ramble
Best Regional Roots Music Album
Jon Cleary, Go Go Juice
Natalie Ai Kamauu, La La La La
Keali’i Reichel, Kawaiokalena
The Revelers, Get Ready
Windwalker and the MCW, Generations
Best Reggae Album
Rocky Dawuni, Branches of the Same Tree
Jah Cure, The Cure
Barrington Levy, Acousticalevy
Luciano, Zion Awake
Morgan Heritage, Strictly Roots

Best World Music Album
Gilberto Gil, Gilbertos Samba Ao Vivo
Angelique Kidjo, Sings
Ladysmith Black Mambas with Ella Spira & the Inala Ensemble, Music From Inala
Anoushka Shankar, Home
Zumba Prison Project, I Have No Everything Here

Best Children’s Album
José-Luis Orozco, ¡Come Bien! Eat Right!
Gustafer Yellowgold, Dark Pie Concerns
Tim Kubart, Home
Lori Henriques, How Great Can This Day Be
Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly, Trees
Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
Various Artists, Empire: Season 1
Various Artists, Fifty Shades of Grey
Various Artists, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me
Various Artists, Pitch Perfect 2
Various Artists, Selma
Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media
Antonio Sanchez, Birdman
Alexandre Desplat, The Imitation Game
Hans Zimmer, Interstellar
Jóhann Jóhannsson, The Theory of Everything
Justin Hurwitz, Whiplash

Best Song Written for Visual Media
The Weeknd, “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)”
Common & John Legend, “Glory”
Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do”
Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth, “See You Again”
Lady Gaga, “Til It Happens to You”
Best Instrumental Composition
Arturo O’Farrill, composer (Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra feat. Rudresh Mahanthappa), “The Afro Latin Jazz Suite”
Bob Mintzer, composer (Bob Mintzer Big Band), “Civil War”
David Balakrishnan, composer (Turtle Island Quartet), “Confetti Man”
Rich DeRosa, composer (University of North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band), “Neil”
Marshall Gilkes, composer (Marshall Gilkes & WDR Big Band), “Vesper”

Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella
Ben Bram, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Kirstin Maldonado & Kevin Olusola, arrangers (Pentatonix), “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”
Paul Allen, Troy Hayes, Dwight Streets Levens, Evin Martin & J Moss, arrangers (Vocally Challenged), “Bruno Mars”
Armand Hutton, arranger (Committed), “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
Bob James, arranger (Bob James & Nathan East), “Ghost of a Chance”
John Fedchock, arranger (John Fedchock New York Big Band), “You and the Night and the Music”
Best Arrangement, Instruments, and Vocals
Maria Schneider, arranger (David Bowie), “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)”
Shelly Berg, arranger (Lorraine Feather), “Be My Muse”
Patrick Williams, arranger (Patrick Williams feat. Patti Austin), “52nd & Broadway”
Otmaro Ruiz, arranger (Catina DeLuna feat. Otmaro Ruiz), “Garota De Ipanema”
Jimmy Greene, arranger (Jimmy Greene with Javier Colon), “When I Come Home”

Best Recording Package
Sarah Dodds, Shauna Dodds & Dick Reeves, art directors (Asleep At The Wheel), Still the King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Alex Trochut, art director (Alagoas), Alagoas
Anita Marisa Boriboon and Phi Hollinger, art directors (Snoop Dogg), Bush
Brian Roettinger, art director (Florence & the Machine), How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Deluxe Edition)
Nathanio Strimpopulos and Jack White, art directors (Elvis Presley), My Happiness

Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package:
Susan Archie, Dean Blackwood and Jack White, art directors (Various Artists), The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume Two (1928-32)
Leif Podhajsky, art director (Of Monsters And Men), Beneath the Skin (Deluxe Box Set)
Sasha Barr & Josh Tillman, art directors (Father John Misty), I Love You, Honeybear (Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl)
Stephen Kennedy & James Tilley, art directors (The Rolling Stones), Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition)
Doran Tyson & Steve Vance, art directors (Grateful Dead), 30 Trips Around the Sun
Carson Ellis, Jeri Heiden & Glen Nakasako, art directors (The Decemberists), What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World (Deluxe Box Set)

Best Album Notes
Joni Mitchell, Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced (winner)
James P. Leary, Folksongs Of Another America: Field Recordings From The Upper Midwest, 1937-1946
Jeff Place, Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection
Ted Olson, Portrait of an American Singer
Ryan Barna, Songs of the Night: Dance Recordings, 1916-1925

Best Historical Album
Steve Berkowitz, Jan Haust, and Jeff Rosen, compilation producers; Peter J. Moore and Mark Wilder, mastering engineers (Bob Dylan and the Band), The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11
Geri Allen, Jocelyn Arem, and Steve Rosenthal, compilation producers; Jamie Howarth and Jessica Thompson, mastering engineers (Erroll Garner), The Complete Concert By the Sea
Kevin Howes, compilation producer; Greg Mindorff, mastering engineer (Various Artists), Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, And Country 1966–1985
Steven Lance Ledbetter and Nathan Salsburg, compilation producers; Michael Graves, mastering engineer (Various Artists), Parchman Farm: Photographs and Field Recordings, 1947–1959
Mark Puryear, compilation producer; Pete Reiniger, mastering engineer (Fannie Lou Hamer), Songs My Mother Taught Me
Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical)
Dave O’Donnell, engineer; Ted Jensen, mastering engineer (James Taylor), Before This World
Maxime Le Guil, engineer; Bernie Grundman, mastering engineer (Melody Gardot), Currency of Man
Greg Kurstin and Alex Pasco, engineers; Emily Lazar, mastering engineer (The Bird and The Bee), Recreational Love
Shawn Everett, engineer; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Alabama Shakes), Sound & Color
Steve Price, Jochem van der Saag, and Jorge Vivo, engineers; Paul Blakemore, mastering engineer (Diana Krall), Wallflower
Producer of the Year, Non-Classical
Jeff Bhasker
Dave Cobb
Larry Klein
Blake Mills

Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical
CFCF, remixer (Daniel Hope), “Berlin By Overnight (CFCF Remix)”
Bill Hamel and Chad Newbold, remixers (JES, Shant, and Clint Maximus), “Hold On (Fatum Remix)”
Ryan Raddon, remixer (Galantis), “Runaway (U & I) (Kaskade Remix)”
André Allen Anjos, remixer (Odesza Featuring Zyra), “Say My Name (RAC Remix)”
Dave Audé, remixer (Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars), “Uptown Funk (Dave Audé Remix)”

Best Surround Sound Album
Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Ingar Heine Bergby & Norwegian Radio Orchestra), Amdahl: Astrognosia & Aesop
James Guthrie, surround mix engineer; James Guthrie & Joel Plante, surround mastering engineers; James Guthrie, surround producer (Roger Waters), Amused To Death
Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Øyvind Gimse, Anita Brevik, Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondheimsolistene), Magnificat
Erdo Groot, surround mix engineer; Erdo Groot, surround mastering engineer; Philip Traugott, surround producer (Paavo Järvi & Russian National Orchestra), Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7
Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Tove Ramlo-Ystad & Cantus), Spes

Best Engineered Album, Classical
Leslie Ann Jones, John Kilgore, Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum and Justin Merrill, engineers; Patricia Sullivan, mastering engineer (George Manahan & San Francisco Ballet Orchestra), Ask Your Mama
Dmitriy Lipay, engineer; Alexander Lipay, mastering engineer (Ludovic Morlot, Augustin Hadelich & Seattle Symphony), Dutilleux: Métaboles; L’Arbre Des Songes; Symphony No. 2, ‘Le Double’
Robert Friedrich, engineer; Michael Bishop, mastering engineer (Martin Pearlman, Jennifer Rivera, Fernando Guimarães & Boston Baroque), Monteverdi: Il Ritorno D’Ulisse in Patria
Byeong Joon Hwang & John Newton, engineers; Mark Donahue, mastering engineer (Charles Bruffy, Phoenix Chorale & Kansas City Chorale), Rachmaninoff: All-Night Vigil
Keith O. Johnson & Sean Royce Martin, engineers; Keith O. Johnson, mastering engineer (Michael Stern & Kansas City Symphony), Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3, ‘Organ’
Producer of the Year, Classical
Blanton Alspaugh
Manfred Eicher
Marina A. Ledin, Victor Ledin
Dan Merceruio
Judith Sherman

Best Orchestral Performance
Manfred Honeck, conductor (Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra), Bruckner: Symphony No. 4
Ludovic Morlot, conductor (Seattle Symphony), Dutilleux: Métaboles; L’Arbre des Songes; Symphony No. 2, ‘Le Double’
Andris Nelsons, conductor (Boston Symphony Orchestra), Shostakovich: Under Stalin’s Shadow – Symphony No. 10
Carlos Kalmar, conductor (The Oregon Symphony), Spirit of the American Range
Darrell Ang, conductor (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra), Zhou Long & Chen Yi: Symphony ‘Humen 1839

Best Opera Recording
Donald Runnicles, conductor; Will Hartmann, Michaela Kaune and Jennifer Larmore; Magdalena Herbst, producer (Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin; Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin), Janáček: Jenůfa
Martin Pearlman, conductor; Fernando Guimarães and Jennifer Rivera; Thomas C. Moore, producer (Boston Baroque), Monteverdi: Il Ritorno D’Ulisse In Patria
Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor; Diana Damrau, Paul Schweinester and Rolando Villazón; Sid McLauchlan, producer (Chamber Orchestra Of Europe), Mozart: Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail
Seiji Ozawa, conductor; Isabel Leonard; Dominic Fyfe, producer (Saito Kinen Orchestra; SKF Matsumoto Chorus & SKF Matsumoto Children’s Chorus), Ravel: L’Enfant et les Sortilèges; Shéhérazade
Paul O’Dette and Stephen Stubbs, conductors; Karina Gauvin and Philippe Jaroussky; Renate Wolter-Seevers, producer (Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra), Steffani: Niobe, Regina Di Tebe

Best Choral Performance
Bernard Haitink, conductor; Peter Dijkstra, chorus master (Anton Barachovsky, Genia Kühmeier, Elisabeth Kulman, Hanno Müller-Brachmann and Mark Padmore; Symphonieorchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks; Chor Des Bayerischen Rundfunks), Beethoven: Missa Solemnis
Harry Christophers, conductor (Jeremy Budd, Grace Davidson, Ben Davies, Mark Dobell, Eamonn Dougan and Charlotte Mobbs; The Sixteen), Monteverdi: Vespers of 1610
Craig Hella Johnson, conductor (James K. Bass, Laura Mercado-Wright, Eric Neuville and Lauren Snouffer; Faith DeBow and Stephen Redfield; Conspirare), Pablo Neruda – The Poet Sings
Eric Holtan, conductor (Sara Fraker, Matthew Goinz, Thea Lobo, Owen McIntosh, Kathryn Mueller and Christine Vivona; True Concord Orchestra; True Concord Voices), Paulus: Far In The Heavens
Charles Bruffy, conductor (Paul Davidson, Frank Fleschner, Toby Vaughn Kidd, Bryan Pinkall, Julia Scozzafava, Bryan Taylor and Joseph Warner; Kansas City Chorale & Phoenix Chorale), Rachmaninoff: All-Night Vigil

Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance
Tanja Tetzlaff, Christian Tetzlaff & Lars Vogt, Brahms: The Piano Trios
Eighth Blackbird, “Filament”
Nadia Shpachenko & Genevieve Feiwen Lee, “Flaherty: Airdancing For Toy Piano, Piano & Electronics”
Brad Wells & Roomful of Teeth, “Render”
Takács Quartet & Marc-André Hamelin, Shostakovich: Piano Quintet & String Quartet No. 2

Best Classical Instrumental Solo
Augustin Hadelich; Ludovic Morlot, conductor (Seattle Symphony), Dutilleux: Violin Concerto, L’Arbre Des Songes
Joseph Moog; Nicholas Milton, conductor (Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern), Grieg & Moszkowski: Piano Concertos
Kristian Bezuidenhout, Mozart: Keyboard Music, Vol. 7
Daniil Trifonov (The Philadelphia Orchestra), Rachmaninov Variations
Ursula Oppens (Jerome Lowenthal), Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

Best Classical Solo Vocal Album
Mark Padmore; Kristian Bezuidenhout, accompanist, Beethoven: An Die Ferne Geliebte; Haydn: English Songs; Mozart: Masonic Cantata
Joyce DiDonato; Antonio Pappano, accompanist, Joyce & Tony – Live From Wigmore Hall
Jonas Kaufmann; Antonio Pappano, conductor (Kristīne Opolais, Antonio Pirozzi & Massimo Simeoli; Coro Dell’Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia; Orchestra Dell’Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia), Nessun Dorma – The Puccini Album
Talise Trevigne; David Alan Miller, conductor (Orion Weiss; Albany Symphony), Rouse: Seeing; Kabir Padavali
Cecilia Bartoli; Diego Fasolis, conductor (I Barocchisti), St. Petersburg
Best Classical Compendium
New Budapest Orpheum Society; Jim Ginsburg, producer, As Dreams Fall Apart – The Golden Age Of Jewish Stage And Film Music (1925-1955)
George Manahan, conductor; Judith Sherman, producer, Ask Your Mama
Paul McCreesh, conductor; Nicholas Parker, producer, Handel: L’Allegro, Il Penseroso Ed Il Moderato, 1740
Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor; Tim Handley, producer, Paulus: Three Places Of Enlightenment; Veil of Tears & Grand Concerto
Nadia Shpachenko; Marina A. Ledin & Victor Ledin, producers, Woman at the New Piano

Best Contemporary Classical Composition
Gerald Barry, composer (Thomas Adès, Barbara Hannigan, Katalin Károlyi, Hilary Summers, Peter Tantsits & Birmingham Contemporary Music Group), Barry: The Importance Of Being Earnest
Andrew Norman, composer (Gil Rose & Boston Modern Orchestra Project), Norman: Play
Stephen Paulus, composer (Eric Holtan, True Concord Voices & Orchestra), Paulus: Prayers & Remembrances
Joan Tower, composer (Giancarlo Guerrero, Cho-Liang Lin & Nashville Symphony), Tower: Stroke
Julia Wolfe, composer (Julian Wachner, The Choir Of Trinity Wall Street & Bang On A Can All-Stars), Wolfe: Anthracite Fields

Best Music Video
A$AP Rocky, “LSD”
The Dead Weather, “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”
Kendrick Lamar, “Alright”
Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar, “Bad Blood”
Pharrell Williams, “Freedom”

Best Music Film
Alex Gibney, video director; Peter Afterman, Blair Foster, Mick Jagger & Victoria Pearman, video producers, (James Brown), Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown
Dave Grohl, video director; John Cutcliffe, Dave Grohl, John Ramsay, James A. Rota, John Silva, Gaby Skolnek & Kristen Welsh, video producers (Foo Fighters), Sonic Highways
Liz Garbus, video director; Liz Garbus, Amy Hobby, Jayson Jackson & Justin Wilkes, video producers (Nina Simone), What Happened, Miss Simone?
Sean Evans & Roger Waters, video directors; Clare Spencer & Roger Waters, video producers (Roger Waters), The Wall

Asif Kapadia, video director; James Gay-Rees, video producer (Amy Winehouse), Amy