Friday, October 28, 2016

Kardashian Korner

Some dude named Pilot Jones, who suspiciously has a new track about to drop, has made allegations that Rob Kardashian threatened him over Blac Chyna. TMZ reports that two-year-old pictures of Pilot and Blac Chyna making out recently surfaced, and it apparently enraged the #SockMogul, who allegedly threatened to throw his weight around, which is quite the hefty threat. LAPD's threat management unit is investigated some text messages where Rob threateningly says, "Leave my wife alone. I'm not playing with you." Really? That's what the big deal is?

There are allegedly other texts where Rob threatens bodily harm. I'm guessing they are things like, "I will fill up a pair of Arthur George socks with nickels and beat you silly like Homey D. Clown #SockMogul," or "I will spray Viviscal in your eyes so you can't see who's kicking your ass #HairGrowth #Sponsored." Because what's better than mixing threats with a business plug?

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