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Cara Delevingne and Khaleesi Have An Eyebrow-Off - The Graham Norton Show

Dale Earnhardt Jr Engaged

People reports that NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr, 40, is engaged to longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann. He recently proposed while the pair was on vacation together in Germany. The couple have been dating since 2009.

Martha Stewart In Talks To Sell Martha Stewart

Page Six reports that Martha Stewart is now in talks with Sequential Brands Group to sell Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Last year, she signed off on a 10-year licensing deal for her magazines Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings, in which she keeps editorial control, but Meredith Corp takes care of distribution and ad sales. Making a crapload of money on the sale of your empire? It's a good thing.

Mariah Carey Is Dating A Billionaire

TMZ reports that Mariah Carey is dating Billionaire James Packer, 47. Forbes clocks his net worth at about $4.6 billion. The two were spotted vacationing together in Capri, Italy. Packer has apparently been pursuing Carey for months, with an assist from Brett Ratner.

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Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Zen Packaging

This actress will preach to you about the benefits of organic foods and how you need to take care of your body… right before she goes around the corner to smoke another cigarette.
She will accuse other people of being mean… while passive-aggressively attacking them in public.
She will preach about how women need to be kind and nonjudgmental… and then nastily denounce a member of her own family as a “cunt.”
She will pretend that she is all lovely and enlightened and calm about her relationships… while continuing to dominate and dictate every meal, every vacation, and every conversation.
Well, her boyfriend finally saw past the fake exterior, and decided that he didn’t like what he saw. “She’s just a control freak in zen packaging.”
He dumped her HARD. We can’t wait to hear her spin on it.
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 6/19/15

Who is your favorite Disney princess?

Boulevard Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Robin Williams Movie HD

Hilary Duff Talks Dating

Hilary Duff recently sat down for an interview on Z100 radio to promote her new album, Breathe In. Breathe Out. Us Weekly quotes her from the interview as follows, when talking about dating:

"I'm not bitter about love or anything like that. I'm so busy right now — honestly I don’t have time to date and to be building some kind of a relationship. I have a 3-year-old, I have a new album, I'm sure you know what it takes to put a record out and make it work, and build a tour and shoot a TV show, all this stuff! If it came my way and it was easy, sure I’d be into it but it’s not something I'm stressed about. [There was a] challenge of doing something that was so normal, that the rest of the world is a part of, that seems like something I could never do, or someone like me could never do. I was like, well, I absolutely can and will and I don’t care what people say! So it wasn't like I got on like, looking for love and looking for a man like, 'I need a man!' It was like, this is funny and entertaining to me and then I actually got really surprised. There's normal, cute guys on here that have great personalities and just want to meet people!"

Kardashian Korner

Recently, Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her future self:

Here's Jimmy Kimmel's take on it:

And James Corden's:

Here's what Kanye West thinks of the parodies:

Celebrity Real Estate - Denise Richards Edition

Denise Richards is fleeing Kardashian Kountry. She has placed her Hidden Hills mansion on the market for $7.75 million. The 8,300 square foot home features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a dog hotel/kennel, and a pizza oven in the kitchen. See pictures of the property at Page Six.

Alan Rickman Takes Jimmy Fallon to Task for His Impersonation

Lena Dunham and Lorde Interviewed Together

Lena Dunham and Lorde both sat down for an interview with Dazed, where they talked about friendships post-stardom. The publication quotes them as follows:


"With any transition you do lose people, which is sad, but some people don’t want to deal with what you’re doing or it freaks them out a bit," she explained. "So there are people I’m not as close to now, but I still roll deep with my original dudes so it’s good... I have a lot of dude friends. I was kind of the camp mother of all the guys.... I feel like teenage boys, all their emotions are really simple and diluted. Teenage girls feel everything so intensely and are so multi-faceted. Boys are just like, they’ll rest a head on your shoulder and you know exactly what that means."

"Speaking of camp mother, I feel that Taylor [Swift] has really taken control and said, 'I'm going to get us all together in the same place, I'm gonna make it very clear that friendship is powerful and women are magic and if anybody thinks this is a witches’ coven they might be right. She’s just made it her job in a very cool way."

Lorde, on Taylor Swift:
"She definitely brought me into this amazing world of supportive female friendship," the "Royals" singer said. "For me, someone starts talking about boys and I'm like, 'I just don’t know what to say.' I'm useless in that capacity and that was why I thought, 'Well, I can't have girl friends [because] I don't know how to talk about boys.' But Taylor just glosses over the fact that I'm terrible at that and she’s just like, 'It's okay, I'll love you for your other qualities.'"

Read the full interview at Dazed.

Celebrity Real Estate - Slash Edition

Since Slash and his wife Perla announced they were splitting, it was only a matter of time before their Beverly Hills home hit the market. Well, that day has arrived. For $10.995 million you can buy a mansion with a ... pirate theme? Yes, when you buy this home, you also get a lady pirate statue and pirate ship-shaped chandeliers in the entry, a stripper pole in the family room, graffiti in the kid's room, and an organic vegetable garden. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Actor Rick Ducommun Has Died

Actor Rick Ducommun has passed away from complications due to diabetes. He was 62. Ducommun, best known for his role as Tom Hanks' neighbor in The 'Burbs, is survived by his wife Leslie. Read his full obituary at The Hollywood Reporter.

Channing Tatum Did A Reddit AMA

Channing Tatum recently sat down for a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Some of his best responses are below:

On what three things he would bring to an island:

"How about a magical seashell that's always filled with bourbon. And I would like a magical palm tree that had a lot of shade with instead of coconuts there's just peanut butter jelly sandwiches with cheetos underneath. And my wife that is always happy and possibly naked."

On his perfect sandwich:

"k get ready: it's very complicated.
bread, white. peanut butter, not crunchy, creamy. grape jelly, double portion, more than you think should actually fit on a piece of white bread. bread. and then some cheetos shoved in there, and then you're good to go."

On whether or not he gets lost in Matt Bomer's eyes:

"absofuckinglutely. no matter if you're a man, woman, cat, hamster, you will get lost in matt bomer's eyes. I don't know what they are made of outside of dreams and rainbows and amazingness but it truly doesn't matter. And when he sings. It's like god gave with both hands and then grew a third hand and graced him with more. he's crazy talented."

On who would win in a naked fight with a John Stamos-sized Danny Devito:

"Can i just fight a Danny devito sized Danny Devito because I think I could take him and I would be on top or I could just use him as a spinner as I'm assuming we're going to have sex after we fight if we're naked."

On what he does with his free time:

"I have a little 2 year old baby girl and free time is sparse and few an far between and any time that i get is spent with her and my wife. In between all the danny Devito sex and fight sessions."

Read the full AMA here.

Maury Wants Rachel Dolezal On Next Paternity Show

TMZ reports that the always-enterprising Maury Povich has reached out to Rachel Dolezal and her parents to book them for DNA tests on his show. As you know, Rachel Dolezal crowned herself African American, and when asked about her caucasian parents, Dolezal told NBC: "I haven't had a DNA test. There's been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents." I can't wait for Maury to reveal those test results!

Brandi Glanville Fired From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The hills of Beverly are alive with the sound of champagne corks popping. E! reports that hot mess Brandi Glanville has been fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Of course she'll try to spin the story in her favor, but bitch got dumped. Somewhere, Joanna Krupa and her hooha are smiling (and not smelling. How is Brandi Glanville going to afford to defend herself in that lawsuit with no job?). Let's all give her one big collective Bye, Felicia!

Brian Williams Demoted, Lester Holt Promoted

Page Six announces that NBC has officially promoted Lester Holt to be the permanent anchor of NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams will stay within the NBC family; he is being shuttled over to the cable version of NBC, MSNBC. He won't have a permanent slot at MSNBC, instead Brian Williams will become the anchor of choice for breaking news stories at MSNBC. NBC's press release reads as follows:

"The extensive review found that Williams made a number of inaccurate statements about his own role and experiences covering events in the field. The statements in question did not for the most part occur on NBC News platforms or in the immediate aftermath of the news events, but rather on late-night programs and during public appearances, usually years after the news events in question.”

Matt Lauer will be interviewing Brian Williams on the Today show this morning.

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The World's Most Romantic Post

Ah, the love story of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed as told through their social media posts. Some of you love them, some of you hate them, but let's face it, most of you love to hate them. So Outtie is giving them a new home. Much like Kardashian Korner, this post will not appear every day, but when it does appear it will always appear at this time and with this post title, so that those of you who legitimately want to avoid seeing their posts may do so. Their posts will no longer appear as Tweets or Instagrams of the day; they will be confined to "The World's Most Romantic Post." And without further ado, I give you today's most romantic post:

Good morning!  I'm running on the treadmill, contemplating what it takes to effect change. After visiting Pompeii I started thinking about the will power, the determination and the resilience it took to build that city. I started thinking about what it takes to do virtually anything we set our minds to-and it led me back to our rhinos, our elephants, our dogs- our world. Maybe it is this simple: follow through, confidence, a plan, and an end goal. What's the difference between this and deciding you WILL run that 6 mile race, you WILL quit smoking, you WILL turn in your homework assignment on time, you WILL eat healthy...saying we WILL do this, or we WILL stop this, and deciding before you even start that quitting the fight is no longer an option. I'll tell you what. Nothing. It's just a mentality. So what if the whole world woke up one day and said "we WILL put an end to killing rhinos for their horns, or we WILL stop China from killing those dogs, we WONT buy ivory or shark fin soup, it simply can't happen anymore, so what do we have to do? Here is the timeline. We have one year. We're doing it". Imagine what we could do with that power. I'll tell you, the world would change.  I'm so excited about all of your ideas. I've been repeating them to the organizations I've been talking to over the last couple of days as we formulate a plan. You guys are such a huge part of this so thank you. I can't wait to google hangout with all of you rad people.
A photo posted by Nikki Reed (@iamnikkireed) on

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Lainey Gossip Blind Item - She Pays For Friends

Since this is coming off a Taylor Swift post, let me clarify off the top now: this is not about Taylor Swift. Or anyone who hangs out with Taylor Swift – at least not yet. You need to go more down market.
At the beginning of her career, this one did have friends. They’d room together, audition together. And then, one by one, all the friends slowly, carefully stepped away from the crazy. And the sabotage. Once, before a meeting, she told a friend of hers that she was happy for her that she was reading for a part, because it meant that the producers were looking for someone “plain” and that she totally deserved that opportunity to shine. You remember the gossip urban legend about Gwyneth Paltrow seeing the script forShakespeare In Love on Winona Ryder’s coffee table? Well, this is real life. This one would obsessively stay on top of all the jobs her friends were up for and ride along too. Then, if the opportunity came up, she’d backstab the friends’ skills, talent, commitment, even on occasions when she wasn’t even right for the role. For her, it was unthinkable that anyone else make it before she did. When she did finally make it, although she wasn’t the first choice for her now-hit show, the paranoia about what she’d done to others took over. She accused them of talking sh-t about her and demanded to see their emails. She’d invite them to parties but then piss on them in the bathroom for using her to get face time with industry executives. She’s spread rumours about the prettiest of her friends – they were on drugs, they were unclean – to make sure that they’d never overshadow her. So it’s no surprise that there are none left. The only constant in her life is her partner who she keeps from everyone else because she doesn’t want them moving in on her territory.
But lately she’s been noticing that the gossip media focuses on friendships – not just Taylor Swift but Gwyneth and Reese and Jennifer Aniston and the family that Kanye West married into …everyone in Hollywood has their own club. She wants to be part of a club. No one wants her to be in their club. She had to buy her club. She’s paid 3 or 4 women, none of them with her level of recognition, to start hanging out with her. So when you see her at dinner, surrounded by women as she’s leaving the restaurant? If they show up on Instagram and Twitter? Those people are literally employees. Until of course they become too popular.
Source: Lainey Gossip

Deep Thoughts 6/18/15

If there was no budget, what would you do on your dream date?

Lady Gaga Covers John Lennon's Imagine, and It Is Amazing

Wine and Sass Blind Item - A Trip To Sadsville

Recent headlines revealed a blind item we wrote last year about this A-List mostly television actor and how he was in a 15-year wallowing tail spin over his split with this B-List celebrity. I'm too lazy to go through the archives and grab the link, but to summarize, he hasn't had a relationship since the ink was dry on their divorce papers and his family was concerned about how stuck he was.

Things came to a head in the last couple of weeks, and now everyone knows how deeply he's holding onto his ex, and it's really quite sad. His family has asked for her help in getting him back on track, and she has refused because she thinks it will only encourage him to keep hanging on to hope even though she's been with her new husband, this B-List mostly movie actor, for almost 15 years.

It's very, very sad because the A-Lister could have any woman he wants, and has a lot of projects lined up, but this could be a huge bottoming out. No one seems to be able to get through to him.

Source: Wine and Sass

Kardashian Korner

I think we can all agree that Armani has won the Internet.

Jimmy Kimmel, Jeremy Lin, Nick “Swaggy P” Young, and Dikembe Mutombo Speak Out Against Wobbly Tables

Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Rager

This film actor has never been a happy person. When he got together with this actress, though, they both thought that being a couple changed that for him.
Not everyone was convinced that being in love was the cure for his unhappiness. Her friends all warned her about his temper. She was dismissive about it, saying that those sorts of episodes were in his past, and that he would never hurt her, etc. However, even if she didn’t acknowledge it, that concern must have been in the back of her mind when she took steps to protect her child/ren from him.
Sure enough, he could not suppress his anger. In the past few months, old flashes of his personality started showing… and she got very nervous. He became more controlling, more jealous, more easily agitated. There were quick bursts of rage when someone annoyed him or betrayed him or when a business deal didn’t work out. If she was in the room, he took it out on her. He always apologized for these outbursts and told her that it would not happen again. She assured him that she forgave him and believed him… but she didn’t mean it anymore. She had finally realized that he was incapable of keeping his promises.
She broke it off with him a few weeks ago. She is both upset and relieved that the relationship is over. Her friends are just relieved that she and the child/ren are safe.
Source: Blind Gossip

You Can Have A Sleepover With Jared Leto

Yes, it's true. Thirty Seconds to Mars will be hosting Camp Mars in the mountains above Malibu this summer. LAist reports that activities will include hiking, yoga, potato-sack races, campfires, arts and crafts, and telling ghost stories. Here's a teaser for what you can expect; tickets go on sale Friday. Buyer beware before you try to sneak into Jared Leto's sleeping bag: rumour is he hurts like satan.

Celebrity Real Estate - Golden Girls Edition

Bea Arthur's former Brentwood home has hit the market for $16 million. Arthur lived there from 1975 until her death in 2009. The estate was built in 1924, and features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a tennis court, waterfalls, and four acres of land. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

BRAPPP Blind Item - The Legit Nice Guy

This actor has just hit A-list out of the stratosphere and he seems like one of the nicest guys around, right!?!
Well, I do struggle to support the ‘nice guys’ in Hollywood because it’s frequently revealed to me that they’re secretly scum that worship devils, eat babies and have affairs with underage strippers – this guy seems to be different, though.
Firstly, he’s not really a Hollywood guy. He works and lives there for his career, but his plans are to leave Hollywood when he’s in the right place career wise. He has a wife and a child / children, so he doesn’t see what Hollywood can offer him beyond a career. It’s the smartest attitude I’ve seen taken to Hollywood and one that is far too rare, but whether he sticks to that.
Secondly, he’s a church-going, American patriot that rarely involves himself in politics but always involves himself in charitable work. He’s working with another A-list church-going, American patriot and they’re said to be getting along greatly.
Thirdly, I’ve not heard a single rumour about an affair or diva behaviour, despite the fact his TV A-list co-star is an envious diva bitch.
Who is the legit nice guy?
Source: BRAPPP

TV Show Roundup

Casting News:
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are reuniting for a new Netflix Series; a comedy called The Ranch, reports Deadline.

Melissa Rivers has finally found a new host for Fashion Police: Melissa Rivers. Variety reports that when Fashion Police returns on August 31st, the show will be hosted by Melissa Rivers, Brad Goreski, and Giuliana Rancic. There will be two rotating celebrity guest spots each show.

Jack and Lisa Osbourne Are Parents Again

Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa have welcomed a baby girl, reports Us Weekly. Andy Rose was born on Saturday, and joins older sister Pearl, 3.

A photo posted by Lisa Osbourne (@mrslisao) on

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Baldwin Had Another Baby

Actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin have welcomed a baby boy together. Rafael Thomas Baldwin joins older sister Carmen Gabriela, 21 months, as well as Alec's daughter from his marriage to Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin, 19, reports People.

A photo posted by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on

Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Split

Us Weekly reports that the romantic lovefest between Sean Penn and Charlize Theron has ended. It was just two months ago that Theron was singing Penn's praises to Esquire magazine. But we all know why this relationship ended. Charlize Theron didn't love Sean Penn enough. Many have tried, all have failed. As Sean Penn told Esquire Magazine back in 2013:

"There is no shame in my saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don't feel I've ever had that. I have been the only one that was unaware of the fraud in a few of these circumstances blindly. When you get divorced, all the truths that come out, you sit there and you go, 'What the fuck was I doing? What was I doing believing that this person was invested in this way?' " 

Poor Sean Penn. Why can't he just find someone who loves him? Let's all hold a prayer circle and hope that one day, finally, Sean Penn will be able to find the love that he so richly deserves.

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Instagram Pic of the Day 6/17/15

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Tweet of the Day 6/17/15

Chris Pratt Dinosaurs Prank (SA Wardega)

Reader's Choice 6/17/15

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Puppy Plan

This young actor has had a crush on this actress he works with for a while. They are about the same age.
He heard her talking one day about how much she was looking forward to eventually settling down. She didn’t talk about it from the perspective of getting married and having kids. She talked about it from the perspective of wanting to be home long enough to get a puppy!
He decided to surprise her. He picked out a puppy at a pet store and brought it to her home. We believe he intended to give her the puppy and then ask her out on a date.
However, instead of being delighted with the gift, she backed away, puzzled. She couldn’t understand why this guy she wasn’t particularly close to was at her home and giving her this gift. “How did you get my address? You bought a puppy at a pet store? Why would you do that? I don’t have time to take care of a puppy!”
His plan did not go well. It was just a little too personal and a little too weird for her. She rejected the gift, he gave the puppy away, and she has been avoiding him ever since.
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 6/17/15

What is your best physical feature?

First Textual Experience with Aziz Ansari

BRAPPP Blind Item - Professional Jealousy

This genre writing legend is in her mid-80s but that certainly hasn’t erased any of her legendary bitterness. She still occasionally attends conventions and if you ever get a chance, ask her thoughts about that other younger genre writing legend. One friends of ours did and received a response from the bitter battleaxe that was described as ‘stunning’ and ‘cruel.’
Older genre writing legend:
Younger genre writing legend:
Source: BRAPPP

Mark Ruffalo Talks Success And Finding Happiness

Mark Ruffalo recently sat down for an interview with Indiewire magazine, that touched on many topics. Here's what he had to say about making more money than ever before in his career, and finding happiness. The magazine quotes him as follows:

"It's hard! I have guilt about it, for one thing. I have some amount of shame about it. I'm giving more and more of it away, which makes me feel good. It's been nice to be able to help my mom and my sister and my dad, and to help my nieces. It's been nice to be able to help people. And it's been nice to be able to take some more time off. And it's been nice to be able to think about buying a place instead of renting a place in New York City. What people have to understand is that I have to make a lot of money, an enormous amount of money, to have a lot of money. At the end of the day I probably walk home with around 20 percent of my paycheck. Each actor has a whole sort of business around them.

I was out at the park with my daughter the other day and this kid came up to me and said, "What are you doing here man? Why aren't you hanging out with the rich people?" And I was like, "Actors are not the rich people. Actors aren't as rich as you think they are." That being said, I never thought in a million years that I'd be where I was supporting a family of three, living in New York City, and being able to put my kids in a good school, those kind of things. Or even that I'd be leading a movie, or sitting here talking to you, or I'd be staying at the hotels I stay in from time to time. None of that I thought was possible 20 years ago, to be honest with you. So I'm really grateful for it. 

That's how I deal with it. To remember where I came from, the fact that it took so long, and to remember that I've been happy through all parts of my life and not just because of money. My happiness has been taken from being out on a beautiful walk sometimes, or seeing my kid smile or come hug me, or making love with my wife, or riding my bike, or making stuff. Doing really simple things is where I get that. Even activism has brought me an enormous amount of happiness. Activists are full of love because there's not any money in it. They care about the things they're fighting for, so they have a lot of love in them. That's where happiness comes from."

Read the full interview at Indiewire.

Jon Snow Spoiler Alert Monologue

Jennifer Morrison Talks Female Competition In Hollywood

Jennifer Morrison recently sat down for an interview with People, where she talked about the competitive nature of women in Hollywood. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"One of the greatest obstacles that women face in all businesses – not just the industry, but it's pretty prevalent in the industry – is that women aren't always very nice to women. Men do this thing where they sort of band together and they support each other and try to lift each other up and try to encourage each other to get these different positions, and women somehow seem to be fighting against each other instead of for each other. I know that we're starting to see change in that. I'm really lucky to have incredible women friends, and I'm surrounded by other very successful, very smart, strong women who I really admire and respect, and we do all support each other, and we do all try to encourage and uplift each other. That, I don't think is the norm." 

Lifetime Is Making Another Unauthorized TV Movie

I have to admit, I didn't bother watching the Saved By The Bell movie. And the cast for the Full House movie looks abysmal. But this one made me perk up a bit. Us Weekly reports that Lifetime has greenlit The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story. This one holds promise, depending on the casting. I mean, they have to let Tori Spelling play herself, right?

Celebrity Real Estate - Phil Collins Edition

Phil Collins just laid out $33 million to pick up a Miami Beach mansion that was previously owned by Jennifer Lopez. The 12,153 square foot home features seven bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, a koi pond, a boat dock, and a 1,000 square foot master bedroom closet. See pictures of the property at Page Six.

Nick Jonas Gets Rid Of His Facial Hair

Us Weekly reports that singer and actor Nick Jonas has broken up with his "girlfriend" Olivia Culpo after two years of faithful service. Sources hint that it was Jonas's busy travel schedule that was to blame for the split. Right, it was his travel schedule that was to blame. Bradley Cooper should take notes; he can use that excuse next time.

A photo posted by William Henry (@williamhenry_studio) on

TV Show Roundup

Casting News:

Martin Henderson will be joining Grey's Anatomy in the Fall, reports Us Weekly. You may remember Henderson from his starring role in The Ring, or from his Britney Spears video:

Actor John Hurt Battling Pancreatic Cancer

Actor John Hurt, who among his many roles played Mr. Ollivander in the Harry Potter films, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Hurt released the following statement to People magazine:

"I have always been open about the way in which I conduct my life and in that spirit I would like to make a statement. I have recently been diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer. I am undergoing treatment and am more than optimistic about a satisfactory outcome, as indeed is the medical team. I am continuing to focus on my professional commitment and will shortly be recording 'Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell' (one of life's small ironies!) for BBC Radio 4."

The Rock Hit A Parked Car

The Rock recently hit a parked car, but because he's so charming, the guy wasn't even mad. I'll let him tell you about it himself. In case his Instagram Pic doesn't load on your computer, here's what he had to say about it: 

"I'm driving to set in my pick up truck - music blasting - I'm singing away like I'm having a one man party in my truck - then I hear a loud BANG. What the hell..? Look in my rear view and see I sideswiped another pick up that was parked in the street and destroyed the side mirror. First thing I thought was, "Aw shit.. someone's not gonna be happy..". I flipped a U-turn and drove back to scene. Just as I got out of my truck a guy was walking across the street to his truck. I said "Sir, is this your truck?". He stopped and stared at me for a good 5 seconds, looked around his neighborhood, looked back at me and "Yes it is. Why?". I said "Well, sorry to tell ya I sideswiped it and knocked the hell outta your mirror and may have done even more damage. You give me your info and I'll leave you mine and I'll take care of everything". He stared at me again, cocked his head sideways and said.."Uhhh.. Are you The Rock?". I said "Yup". He broke out into a huge smile and said "Wow, this is gonna be an awesome story!". I started belly laughing at that, then he started laughing and before you know it we're both standing in the middle of the street pointing to his mirror and laughing like two ol' crazy buddies. I checked back in with him a few days later and he refused to accept any money and said he fixed the damage himself. Want to thank Mr. Audie Bridges of Wakefield, Mass. for being so cool about the whole thing. Life is funny cause you never know who you're gonna run into... and sure as hell never know who's truck you're gonna sideswipe while driving to work."

Here's a fun story to start your week off... I'm driving to set in my pick up truck - music blasting - I'm singing away like I'm having a one man party in my truck - then I hear a loud BANG. What the hell..? Look in my rear view and see I sideswiped another pick up that was parked in the street and destroyed the side mirror. First thing I thought was, "Aw shit.. someone's not gonna be happy..". I flipped a U-turn and drove back to scene. Just as I got out of my truck a guy was walking across the street to his truck. I said "Sir, is this your truck?". He stopped and stared at me for a good 5 seconds, looked around his neighborhood, looked back at me and "Yes it is. Why?". I said "Well, sorry to tell ya I sideswiped it and knocked the hell outta your mirror and may have done even more damage. You give me your info and I'll leave you mine and I'll take care of everything". He stared at me again, cocked his head sideways and said.."Uhhh.. Are you The Rock?". I said "Yup". He broke out into a huge smile and said "Wow, this is gonna be an awesome story!". I started belly laughing at that, then he started laughing and before you know it we're both standing in the middle of the street pointing to his mirror and laughing like two ol' crazy buddies. I checked back in with him a few days later and he refused to accept any money and said he fixed the damage himself. Want to thank Mr. Audie Bridges of Wakefield, Mass. for being so cool about the whole thing. Life is funny cause you never know who you're gonna run into... and sure as hell never know who's truck you're gonna sideswipe while driving to work.
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Lark Voorhies' Mother Obtains Restraining Order Against Lark Voorhies' New Husband

Well that will make for an awkward holiday season! On Monday, you learned that Lark Voorhies had eloped with a fugitive, Jimmy Green. Now, Voorhies' mother Tricia has obtained a temporary restraining order Jimmy Green. Page Six reports that Voorhies learned of her husband's brush with the law after the marriage. Her rep released the following statement:

"We're still looking into everything. Lark and her mother are spending more time together."

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Free Skate 6/16/15

A post to discuss your nightly TV shows.

Instagram Pic of the Day 6/16/15

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Tweet of the Day 6/16/15

John Oliver On Torture

Reader's Choice 6/16/15

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Goodbye Screamer

This young couple announced the end of their relationship, insisting that the parting was amicable and that there was no drama.
Ha! It was ALL drama ALL the time with her! While we don’t know if she is actually mentally unstable, she certainly acted that way during much of their relationship. The girl couldn’t go a week without throwing a screaming, crying, ranting fit about something!
Here is another bit of info that you will not read elsewhere: They actually broke up several months ago but didn’t announce it until now because she wasn’t ready. He accommodated her wishes rather than risk another meltdown.
He is very happy to be out of that mess. He is also grateful to producers for accommodating him in splitting them up between two television shows so they don’t have to work together anymore. Good thing they had that option available!
TV Show/s:
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 6/16/15

What is your favorite cookie?

A Deadly Adoption: Official Trailer

Sofia Vergara Talks Wedding Planning

Sofia Vergara recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she talked about planning her wedding with fiancรฉ Joe Manganiello. The program quotes her as follows:

"I want all the people from Colombia and South America and from Europe to be able to make it to the wedding and Los Angeles is very far away from everything. We're trying right now to figure it out. We're kind of busy, so we're trying to do it maybe [this] fall. This summer is too busy. It's going to be big. We started off with 20 [on the guest list], and now there's like pages and pages."

I'm guessing the destination will be "Never Never Land."

Rachel Dolezal On The Today Show

For anyone who hasn't heard about Rachel Dolezal, she is the former white NAACP official who has been passing herself off as an African American woman for years. She told Matt Lauer: "I identify as black." Here is the rest of her interview:

Magic Mike XXL Cast Shares Their Porn Names

Olsen Twins Held Birthday Olympics For Their 29th

The Olsen Twins just turned 29. In order to celebrate, The Hollywood Reporter states that the pair decided to hold a Birthday Olympics. Guests were outfitted with shirts denoting whether they were on Team Mary Kate or Team Ashely, and competed in relay races, obstacle courses, and dunk tanks. At the end of the day, there could only be one winner, and that winner was Ashely, naturally. Everyone knows she's the top Olsen twin.

A photo posted by Elizabeth Olsen (@lizzieolsenn) on

Rapper MC Supreme Has Died

Rapper MC Supreme was killed in a car crash in Malibu over the weekend; his car was hit by a drunk driver. He was 47 years old. Variety reports that the accident took place in the same spot that Caitlyn Jenner got into a fatal car accident a few months ago.

Selena Gomez Has A New Job

Selena Gomez is the new face of Pantene, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Here's a video of her learning how to whip her hair back and forth. Don't hate her because she's beautiful...

Chris Rock's Divorce Could Be Very Expensive

Page Six reports that although Chris Rock, 50, and Malaak Compton-Rock, 46, had a prenup, it has since expired under a sunset clause. Rock's net worth is reportedly around $70 million, and Malaak is gunning for a significant portion of it, so that she can continue the ever popular "lifestyle to which she has become accustomed." At least the two aren't fighting over custody; they've already agreed to share 50-50 custody of daughters Lola Simone, 13, and Zahra Savannah, 11.

TV Show Roundup

Casting News:
Winona Ryder will be starring in a new series for Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The eight-episode series doesn't have a name yet, but it's being helmed by the Duffer brothers, who are also behind Wayward Pines.


A&E has picked up Bates Motel for two more seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bethany Hamilton Is A Mom

"Soul Surfer" Bethany Hamilton has welcomed her first child with husband Adam Dirks. Their son Tobias was born on June 1st, reports Us Weekly. The couple got married in August 2013, and competed together on The Amazing Race in 2014.

When Supermodels Feud

Tyra Banks is filming a new TV show called "The FAB Life." Producers encouraged Banks, 41, to hire Chrissy Teigen, 29, as a social media expert, reports Page Six. After filming the pilot together, the pair are barely speaking. A source is quoted as saying, "They are so different. Tyra thinks about everything. She thinks about what to say, down to when to move her arm. Chrissy is from the new school, where she says whatever she wants." The pair deny that there is a rift, and Tyra even tweeted out the following photo as a joke - or is it? Stay tuned...

Terrence Howard Is A Dad Again

Baby wipes for everyone! Terrence Howard and his latest wife Mira have welcomed a baby boy together. Us Weekly reports that Qirin Love was born four weeks ago. Howard is quoted as stating the following:

"He's beautiful and strong and a whirlwind and my wife is so happy. She has to be up with him al throughout the day. I wasn't born with boobs, I've started growing some recently. I pull night duty, so that she can sleep. I keep him with me and will take some of the pre-pumped, you know, breast cheese, whatever you want to call it."

This is Howard's fourth child, and third marriage.

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Free Skate 6/15/15

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Lip Sync Battle with Lena Dunham

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Truth About This Upcoming Fake

These two actors used to work together on a TV series that ended in the aughts. They are still good friends. However, fans have always desperately wanted them to couple up in a real life romantic relationship.
Well, we have good news for those fans: Now that they are filming together again, their publicists will be taking total advantage of you and your fantasy by creating a PR romance!
Expect many leaked reports of them dating, spending family time together, holding hands, romantic dinners and weekend trips, paparazzi shots of the two of them caught in secret intimate encounters, sneaking out of each other’s trailers and hotel rooms, verbal “slips” about the nature of their relationship, etc. We don’t think they will go as far as jewelry teases, but you never know. Of course, their fans will go crazy over everything and swear that they are really a couple.
If you believed that Robsten was real (which it was not), you will have no trouble believing that this PR romance is real. The “couple” has cleared their plates of public significant others, so the romantic scenario will seem very plausible. Plus, they are good actors and good friends, so faking a romance will not be a totally alien concept to them.
This will start now, continue during filming, slow down a little during post-production, and then ratchet up again before the release in 2016 and before the DVD is released. Yes, you have a full year of teasing and fake romance ahead. It will look believable… but you’ll know the truth!
Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 6/15/15

If you could be any superhero, who would it be?

Zootopia US Teaser Trailer

Popbitch Blind Item - Dr. Who?

Minglings between cast and crew on the set of the latest series of Doctor Who are sparking some juicy rumours. But which one of the show’s younger female stars (still in her teens) was recently taken by a senior exec to Europe for an unsupervised “production reccie”?

Source: Popbitch

Kardashian Korner

TMZ reports that Jamie Sangouthai, best friend of Lamar Odom, has passed away from a heroin overdose. He was 37 years old. Sangouthai appeared on the reality show Khloe and Lamar; the show touched on Sangouthai's drug use.