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Mean Tweets Live

Casper Van Dien Getting Divorced

Look who's back on the market! Actor Casper Van Dien, 46, is getting a divorce from wife of 16 years Catherine Oxenberg, 54. TMZ reports that Van Dien was the one to file, citing the old standby irreconcilable differences. The couple have two daughters together Amanda, 14, and Celeste, 11. Van Dien is asking for joint physical and legal custody, and is not asking for spousal support (nor does he want to pay any). This is the second divorce for each of them.

Anthony Anderson Getting Divorced

It looks like we can officially call today Split-up Saturday. TMZ reports that Black-ish star Anthony Anderson and wife Alvina are getting divorce. The high school sweethearts have been married for 20 years, and have two children, ages 19 and 15. Alvina was the one to file; she is asking for joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their 15-year-old, as well as spousal support.

Kaley Cuoco Getting A Divorce

Actress Kaley Cuoco, 29, and husband Ryan Sweeting, 28, are getting a divorce after 21 months of marriage. The couple released the following statement to People: "Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have mutually decided to end their marriage. They ask for privacy at this time. No further statement will be issued regarding this matter." Not going to lie, this one makes me a little sad. The Pollyanna in me thought their whirlwind romance was kind of sweet, and they always looked really happy together. Pouring one out for the homies.

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"Jimpire" ("Empire" Parody)

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Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Brownie Versus Blondie

Don’t let this famous pop star’s sweet appearance fool you. She is about to get revenge on a rival pop star in a VERY public way!

Since Blondie’s recent song and video were clearly about Brownie and their ongoing feud, Brownie is firing back! She has written a new song that mocks Blondie and rips her innocent, good girl facade to shreds.

Of course, it’s all very Blind Gossipy, as no names are mentioned in the song. But – just in case Blondie tries to pretend that Brownie’s new song is not about her – wait until the video comes out!

Brownie’s idea for the video to accompany the song will leave no doubt that it’s about Blondie. It will be a humorous, Weird Al Yankovic-style parody… of Blondie’s recent hit video!

At this point, the song is a definite and the video is still in the planning stages. Whether she does one or both, Brownie is going to send a clear message: If you attack me, I’m going to attack back!



Blondie’s video that will be parodied by Brownie:

Source: Blind Gossip (It's An Exclusive!)

Deep Thoughts 9/25/15

What is one important characteristic you look for in someone you consider a friend?

Glenn Close Is Divorcing

TMZ reports that actress Glenn Close is getting divorced from husband David Shaw after nine years of marriage. This was Close's third marriage; she was previously married to Cabot Wade from 1969-1971, and to James Marlas from 1984-1987.

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Long Time Partner

The former long-time partner of this A-list actor is in and out of rehab for emotional stress. She’s in a deep depression over the break-up. She was always holding out for marriage and even when her friends called her mad, she still thought it was still going to happen.

Who is our A-list actor?

Who is his partner?

Bill Cosby Loses Honorary Degree

Fordham University awarded Bill Cosby an honorary doctorate back in 2001. TMZ reports that for the first time in history, an institution has revoked an honorary degree. Fordham's Board of Trustees voted unanimously to cut Cosby's honorary doctorate. The school released the following statement: "The University has taken this extraordinary step in light of Mr. Cosby's now-public court depositions that confirm many of the allegations made against him."

Usher Is Married

Us Weekly reports that Usher secretly married Grace Miguel over Labor Day Weekend. The two then jetted off to Cuba for their honeymoon. This is Usher's second marriage; he was previously married to Tameka Foster, which whom he shares sons Naviyd Ely, 6, and Usher Raymond V, 7.

Popbitch Blind Item - Turned Down For What?

Which high-profile record label boss once turned down sex with Belinda Carlisle because he had arranged a game of tennis with a sponsor?

Source: Popbitch

Andrew Keegan Suing Over False Arrest Report

Actor/Churchleader Andrew Keegan is suing website over false reports of his arrest for $33 million. Earlier this year, Keegan's church was raided by California Beverage Control because they make their own Kombucha, which has enough alcohol in it to require a liquor license to sell. Have you ever drank Kombucha? No way anyone is going to drink enough of that to get drunk. Anyway, Examiner falsely reports that Keegan was arrested. TMZ reports that Keegan wasn't even on the premises when the CBC was there, and he was certainly not arrested. is owned by AEG, hence the $33 million lawsuit. That buys a lot of Kombucha!

Celebrity Real Estate - Jessica Chastain Edition

Actress Jessica Chastain is leasing out her Greenwich Village apartment for $11,500. The fully-furnished apartment features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and high ceilings. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Kim Zolciak Suffers Stroke

Former Real Housewife of Atlanta and current Dancing With the Stars contestant Kim Zolciak suffered a TIA aka mini-stroke after she appeared on Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night, reports TMZ. Zolciak was rendered temporarily paralyzed on her left side and unable to speak. Luckily she was rushed to the hospital, and has since completely recovered. Zolciak received a Botox injection on Monday; it is unclear whether or not that is the cause of the stroke. The fact that people voluntarily inject themselves with botulism still boggles my mind.

TV Show Roundup 9/25/15

The Hollywood Reporter announces that 20th Century Fox has decided in their infinite wisdom that what the world needs is a reboot of the A-Team. The project is still in the developmental phase.

Devious Maids has been renewed for a fourth season by Lifetime, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ivanka Trump Is Pregnant

Page Six reports that Ivanka Trump, 33, and husband Jared Kushner are expecting their third child together. The couple are already parents to daughter Arabella, 4, and son Joseph, 2. Trump released the following statement: "I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news with you that I am expecting. Arabella and Joseph are both incredibly excited to have a new sibling on a way (of course, Arabella desperately wants a baby girl, and Joseph hopes it’s a boy!), and I wanted them to join me in making the announcement. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a career that I am deeply passionate about, but, at the end of the day, it’s my family that is at the center of my life — and to be adding another baby to our family is a tremendous blessing,” she said. “Jared and I are so thankful, and so excited!"

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Are Parents

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have welcomed their first child together. TMZ reports that daughter Arlo Day was born in early August outside of Los Angeles. This is the first child for the couple; they have been married since February 2014.

Baby On The Way For Gotham Co-Stars

Well, that's one way to squash those gay rumours! They only they announced that they were a couple a few days ago, and TMZ now reports that actress Morena Baccarin is expecting a baby with costar and new boyfriend Ben McKenzie. Did I mention that she's still married? Yeah, that might account for the divorce. Baccarin is at the end of her first trimester, which is way to early to announce normally, but she had to disclose the pregnancy in her divorce filing because she is asking for sole custody of her daughter on the grounds that she will not be able to fly back and forth from NYC (where she lives) and LA (where her soon-to-be-ex lies) due to the pregnancy. Baby on board indeed!

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Chris Cornell "Nothing Compares 2 U" Prince Cover Live @ SiriusXM

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Cheaper Beard

This TV actress has starred in at least one hit TV show. She recently excised her boyfriend from her life. No big deal. She is getting smarter, though. Last time she broke up with a beard, it cost her a bundle. This time, no charge.


Deep Thoughts 9/24/15

Do you make your bed every morning, or do you leave it unmade?

Hack Into Broad City - Yom Kippur

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Futile So Far

This A-list actress is miserable at the moment. She’s breaking her back trying to get pregnant with her husband and it’s just not happening. She’s rejecting movies as they come in to focus on her efforts, but it’s all futile so far. Maybe one day.

Who is our A-list actress?

World's Highest Paid Rapper Is...

Diddy is on top once again, according to Forbes' annual list of highest paid rap acts. Sean Combs pulled in $60 million last year, putting him in first place. Following at a close second is Jay Z at $56 million; Drake came in third at $39.5 million. Dre, who took the top spot last year with his sale of Beats to Apple, came in fourth at $33 million. If you're wondering about Kanye, he came in at 7th with $22 million.

New "Serial" Case Announced

Fans of the Serial podcast will be excited to hear the focus of the new season. The Hollywood Reporter announces that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be the focus of the new season of Serial. Bergdahl disappeared from an Afghanistan army base in 2009, and was imprisoned by the Taliban for five years. Bergdahl was freed in May 2014, and is now potentially facing court-martial. Serial released the following statement:

"We'd very much appreciate if fellow journalists would give us some room and not feel the need to attempt to dig into and try to figure out what you think we might be doing, especially since we're actively reporting stories, and having a bunch of wild speculation out there makes our job reporting harder. Doesn't feel very menschy. In any case, here's what I can tell you: The Serial staff is currently working on several things simultaneously: Season 2, Season 3, and some other podcast projects. For now we're not talking publicly about anything that we're working on."

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Pair of Actors

This pair of actors may soon prove themselves to be a double menace to Tom Cruise’s Hollywood society. Just ask Katie Holmes, who is reported to be “a month late for her period.” That’s according to a very reliable Hollywood insider that exclusively tells HSK, “if Katie is pregnant, she’s about to have a Black baby.” So, Who would the potential Daddy be? According to our source — it’s a toss BETWEEN BOTH OF OUR MYSTERY MEN!

“They were both smashing Katie Holmes at the same damn time, and word is they both bussed off in Tom Cruise’s ex!”

He’s a Texan dude from town just east of Dallas; he’s straight outta South Central, 51st and Hoover to be exact. Both of ’em have long stood by the motto, ‘Sharing Is Caring.’ Just ask Devonte Swing!

Dig the Drop:

“If Tom finds out about this, dude’s career is definitely going to stay in a slump.”

___________ says he’s the only member of Mr. Bishop’s crew to tell ___________ to dance for Quentin Tarantino.

Now, can you guess the which dynamic duo I’m talking about?

Liv Tyler Talks Getting Older In Hollywood

Liv Tyler recently sat down for an interview with More Magazine, where she talked about getting older in Hollywood. The magazine quotes her as follows:

“38 is a crazy number. It’s not fun when you see things start to change. When you’re in your teens or twenties, there is an abundance of ingénue parts which are exciting to play. But at [my age], you’re usually the wife or the girlfriend, a sort of second-class citizen. There are more interesting roles for women when they get a bit older. With a film, you have the script, and you know the beginning, middle and end. With TV, they write as they go. I have no idea what my character is going to be doing … which is frustrating. Part of me loves it, and part of me hates it, having no control. Being comfortable in the unknown is hard for humans; even if we don’t really know what’s going to happen, we kind of trick ourselves into thinking we have a plan. This latest career move has been an exercise in letting go.”

On her personal life:
“I had this philosophy that you should only get married once. But then, of course, that changes. I definitely believe we have lessons we learn through our relationships. You’re meant to work through and mirror each other. It’s the thing in someone that drives you the most crazy that is maybe a part of yourself somewhere. We’re always doing, doing, doing. Sometimes you should just stop and look around you and take in what’s happening."

A photo posted by Liv Tyler (@misslivalittle) on

Celebrity Real Estate - Michael Douglas Edition

The former New York State home of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones has hit the market for $7.9 million. The 6,266 square foot home was built in 1938, sits on 5.7 acres, and features five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and one additional shitter (aka half bathroom). See pictures of the property at the LA Times.

Lainey Gossip Blind Item - Douchebag Hates Media

Who’s the douchebag who justifies his hate for media but can’t justify what a dick he is to the people who work to support him? For someone who fronts like he’s so tough, all he ever does is whinge about how nobody takes care of him, how nobody knows what he wants for lunch, and when he’s done moaning about that, his mean streak kicks in and he doesn’t stop until he’s made people cry. There’s no defence for being a coddled movie star and berating someone until they run out of the room, sobbing. This is why he’s off the list.

Source: Lainey Gossip

TV Show Roundup 9/24/15

Casting News:
The Hollywood Reporter announces that Andy Karl will be joining the cast as the new boss, Sgt. Mike Dodds. Karl's character is the son of Peter Gallagher's character Deputy Chief William Dodds.

TV Line reports that actor Rob Morrow is headed to Showtime's new show Billions, which stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis.

When Lawyers Sue - Scott Weiland Edition

Ex Stone Temple Pilots frontman is being sued by his former lawyers for $50K. TMZ reports that G&M law represented Weiland when Stone Temple Pilots sued him for sabotaging their tour by being chronically late and missing promotions. Weiland switched law firms a year later, but allegedly neglected to pay the former firm.

Kate Walsh Is Back On The Market

Us Weekly reports that actress Kate Walsh, 47, has split from boyfriend Chris Case, 47. The couple were together for four years. Their last public appearance together was on April 26th.

Emmy Winning Producer Stabs Roommate

And you thought the fights with your roommate were bad! Emmy-winning producer Andre Salaman Bautista, 36, recently got into a fight with roommate Clayton Haymes, 23 that ended with Bautista stabbing Haynes with a kitchen knife. What were they fighting about? Us Weekly reports that Bautista announced that he would win five oscars over the course of his career. Haymes laughed, because that statement is kind of hilarous (I mean, Lindsay Lohan has probably proclaimed that too), and Bautista was so enraged by the mockery that he stabbed his roommate. Bautista now faces up to 13 years in prison for attempted murder, which will put a serious crimp in his plans to win those five oscars.

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Foo Fighters, Stevie Nicks & HAIM- "Draggin My Heart Around" live at the Forum in LA 9/21/15

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What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Friendship Love Money

This pair of entertaining celebrities certainly make for a very interesting and colorful new couple! However, friends of the brunette are warning her that the blonde’s motives may be quite selfish.

One of them overheard a conversation the blonde had with an outside party. It was about money. It turns out that her financial situation is not at all stable. That’s not shocking, given that her entire life has been rather unstable. However, given that the net worth of the brunette is ten times that of the blonde, her friends are worried that the blonde’s motives may not be purely friendship or romance related.

Their warnings may be falling on deaf ears, as the brunette is said to be “completely smitten.” The blonde is taking full advantage of that, entwining herself in the personal and professional life of the brunette. “Let’s do a project together!” You get one guess as to who will be financing the project.



Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 9/23/15

What was the worst smell you have ever smelled?

Watch Ryan Reynolds Try to Build an IKEA Crib

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Fade Into Obscurity

This B-list singer who’s a member of a group that is splitting up is already working on material for his first solo album. He wants to come out of this, fighting. He doesn’t want to fade into obscurity. One way or another, he’s going to succeed.

Who is our B-list singer?

Rose McGowan Talks Departure From Acting

Rose McGowan recently sat down for an interview with Nowness, where she talked about her departure from acting. The site quotes her as follows:

"I woke up one day and realized I hated acting, and that I’d always hated it. Imagine, it's predominantly men whose scripts get done, so it was mostly a male voice coming out of my mouth for 15 years...The body shaming that goes on in America is absurd. Recently at a museum there was this woman behind me looking at a nude sketch of a man, and she said she’d never let her child around that, and I turned to her and said, 'Oh really? Would you like your child to first see a penis when it’s erect and coming at her?' I don’t want to do this kind of thing, but I feel like I have to, to stimulate change."

Watch McGowan's new very NSFW music video below:

Jon Cryer Talks Ashton and Mila

Us Weekly recently caught up with Jon Cryer at the Malibu Triathlon, and asked him about former costar Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The magazine quotes him as follows:

"They really complete each other. It's the old Jerry Maguire thing. It's a total cliche, but in their case it just happens to be true. She really grounds him. He's always got something cooking, but he loves coming back to her, coming home to her."

On Ashton as a father:
"As far as I can tell, he spends most of his time thinking about it. He's clearly made for it."

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Area Codes

It seems that this advocate of area codes might’ve just reached his breaking point! Know why? Not only has our mystery man come to terms with a dying music career, the longtime closeted emcee has reportedly put down the mic and picked up the video game controller — to act out his “race car driver fantasies.”

“He sits around all fucking day playing driving games & it’s driving his new wife crazy.”

Associates close to our blind item are now left to file complaints over his obsessive, deranged beliefs of being a race car driver. Just ask Lorenz Tate! We’re told you can’t blame his Paul Walker-worshiping for the reported rip-offs he pulled on acts previously signed to his label.

“He portrays himself as a very quiet person — but he’s got bruhs in different area codes … Ask Chingy!”

The drop:

“He got married to squash the gay rumors about him … and he’s now acting like he’s Mario Andretti. This guy sits around all day playing with a Thrustmaster steering wheel. If he ain’t talking about cars? He’s constantly shittin’ on today’s rappers because his latest record flopped.”

Dude entered the game rockin’ with a gay porn star — whose real name is “Gordon”; The pinnacle of his career featured our blind item callin’ women bitches, and ordering them to begone; He’s now closin’ with a Beard and a Baby …

Now, can you guess which Atlanta rapper I’m talking about?

Sandra Lee Is Cancer Free

Sandra Lee recently stopped by Good Morning America to talk to Robin Roberts, and update everyone on her health. Page Six quotes Lee as follows:

"The last time I came and I shared with you some very bad news. But this time I’m coming to share with you that my doctors have said I am cancer-free."

On her Emmy dress:
"I couldn’t wear it because I was a little bit too big on top, then I turned my mess, as you say, into my message and I got to wear that plunging dress. I just want to say it doesn’t matter if you’re a DD, which I was, or an A, which I am. Women are not just about their boobs, which is a statement I was making when I wore that dress.”

On waiting to decide about reconstructive surgery until February:
“I don’t want anything to mess up my Super Bowl.”

On why she has been so public about her cancer fight:
“[The New York Times had] a front-page article about how to deal with DCIS and/or early stages of cancer and how you should have a wait-and-see approach, which is absolutely ridiculous. Why we would consider negotiating with cancer is beyond me. It’s like a terrorist that lives inside your body and we’re going to wait and see what it does? We know what it’s going to do...It’s only respectful to ourselves and to their work and what they gave up for us to get our tushies in there and get it diagnosed and then cut it out and take care of it."

Celebrity Real Estate - John Barrymore Edition

John Barrymore's former residence, where the actor lived from 1927 until his death in 1942, has hit the market for $42.5 million. The Beverly Hills estate features seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two guest cottages, and sits on six lots. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Bill Murray Had An Excellent Reason For Missing The Emmys

Bill Murray won an Emmy on Sunday night, but wasn't there to collect it. Where was he instead? His son's wedding! Page Six reports that Murray's son Luke got married in Philadelphia on Sunday night. Actress Kelly Lynch, who appeared in Charlie's Angels with Murray, shared a photo from the event, as did the wedding's band:

Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll Split

Us Weekly reports that Amy Poehler, 44, and Nick Kroll, 37, have split after two years of dating. A source is quoted as follows: "Unfortunately, they just couldn’t make the relationship work with their schedules. They really tried, but it just wasn’t realistic anymore. They were spending more time apart than together.” Poehler was previously married to actor Will Arnett, 45; they share two sons together Archie, 6, and Abel, 5.

Jane the Virgin Star Back On The Market

Actress and star of CW's Jane the Virgin Gina Rodriguez, 31, has split from her much less famous actor boyfriend Henri Esteve, reports Us Weekly. The pair dated for just over a year. Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for her role as Jane in January.

Sean Penn Suing Lee Daniels For Calling Him A Beater

Page Six reports that Sean Penn is suing Lee Daniels for $10 million after Daniels called Penn a wife beater. Here is the quote that got Daniels in trouble (he was defending Terrence Howard when he said it): "Ain't done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he's some fuckin' demon. That's a sign of the time, of race, of where we are in America right now." Hmmm, the only thing I see wrong with that quote is that he left Charlie Sheen off the list. Penn's attorney had this to say in the filing: 

"First in his purported defense of Howard, Daniels not only appears to acknowledge Howard’s guilt, he also seems to condone Howard’s misconduct." The attorney goes on to state that Penn has never been arrested for domestic violence: “His ex-wives (including Madonna ) would confirm and attest. As asserted in the lawsuit, there is also a potentially even larger issue at stake, which is the malicious and reckless repetition of rumors and innuendo at the expense of others. Sean has been subjected to false, baseless, and reckless attacks for years, and this is only the most recent example."

It will be interesting to see whether or not Madonna would indeed confirm and attest to that, considering what he "allegedly" did to her.

January Jones Back On The Market

It's a morning of splits on Anarchy. First up, we have January Jones, 37, and Will Forte, 45. Us Weekly reports that the two called it quits last month after five months of dating. The pair got together in April. A source blames Jones for the split, saying she's not looking for commitment. Jones is mother to Xander, 4, and has never publicly named his father.

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What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Digits and Drinks

This actor had a good night last night. However, while he may have appeared humbled by his victory, that humility did not exactly carry over to the after party scene.

As an actor, I would have used [the win] as an opportunity to hit up every industry person in the room to line up new projects, but [he] was using his time to hit up every woman in the room for their digits! I was only watching him for a few minutes, and he must have collected a dozen phone numbers in that time, including from a woman I know who is “taken”. She was hesitant, but he was really persistent and got it from her.

Although he wasn’t slowing his roll as far as the womanizing was concerned, the good news is that at least his drinking seemed to be under control.

At one point he didn’t have a drink and someone handed him their glass. He asked, “What is this?” and then only took a sip after he confirmed that it was non-alcoholic.


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 9/22/15

When you were in elementary school, what was your favorite activity at recess?

Point Break Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Teresa Palmer, Luke Bracey Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Wrote A Famous Flop

This nonfamous screenwriter wrote the script to a very famous flop. It was a catastrophe critically and commercially. Instead of having some class and grace, he actually tried to edit his wikipedia page and erase all the objective negativity on his page (the sourced bad reviews, the criticisms). The mods of wiki caught him out. ‘It was super obvious it was him,’ says my source. ‘All his previous edits (dating back to obscurity) related to him. He tried to remove everything bad. We thought, ‘Are you kid, man? You didn’t think anyone would notice?’ What a dope.”

Who is our writer?

Ryan Adams Talks Making Taylor Swift Cover Album

Ryan Adams has just released his full-length cover of Taylor Swift's 1989. The musician recently sat down for an interview on Beats 1 Radio, where he talked about making the album. People quotes him as follows:

"I've always been interested in Taylor's music. A lot of those songs are pretty flawless, they're so well written, they're so clean. I don't know why I had this idea. I was going through a sort of difficult time in my life. I got back to L.A., it was around Christmas time. I was totally bummed out and I bought a four-track cassette recorder. And I was like, 'I'm going to make 1989 like Nebraska style. Bruce Springsteen Nebraska. Just acoustic guitar, bunch of spring reverb, just me. I spent maybe a week and a half learning the songs on the periphery. I started to get the general idea and that's when I started looking at the lyrics and was like, this is gonna be insane."

100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars)-WTM

Mid Day Blind Item - Mile High PDA

After their ‘affair’ became public last year, this couple has tried hard to maintain a low profile. We have now found out that the married actor and his non-industry ladylove took a secret trip to London to spend quality time with each other. Being far away from prying eyes, they couldn’t contain their excitement and indulged in some serious intimacy throughout the duration of their journey.

A passenger, who was witness to the PDA, says, “The couple threw caution to wind and was seen passionately smooching each other. They even asked the cabin crew not to disturb them.”

The source adds that the couple’s relationship did much damage to their respective marriages after which they tried to stay away from each other and reveals: “But they have been meeting off and on. They have had several clandestine getaways to foreign shores earlier too so that they can enjoy some privacy.”

Source: Mid Day

Lord of the Dance Is Retiring

Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley, 57, is retiring from the stage after his upcoming limited engagement in New York City. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games will have a limited run at the Lyric Theatre fro November 7th to January 3rd, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Tyra Banks Talks IVF

Tyra Banks recently sat down for an interview with People, where she talked about wanting to have kids. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"When I turned 40, the one thing I was not happy about is that I did not have kids. I'm like, 'Damn, the clock is ticking!' Since I was 24, I used to say every year, 'I will have kids in three years.' I kept saying it over and over again. Because my business is very entrepreneurial. I'm not for hire, so I have to do everything. I kept trying to find that time for that to happen. When you're like, 'OK, I'm just going to do it,' then it's not so easy as you get older."

On undergoing IVF:
"I've had some not happy moments with that, very traumatic moments. It's difficult as you get older. It's not something that can just happen. I hope [for kids]. I don't just want one child. I want a litter! And I want to be the kind of mom where my child can come to me for anything." 

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - In Love With A Coco

Once upon a time, this blind item was in Love with a Coco — a fact the rapper isn’t likely to admit to anytime soon. Just ask Mialy, the African model previously recruited for his pub-play aimed at burying any and all traces of his Caucasian love connection. But like it or not, it’s a fact that the rapper’s European ex is reportedly refusing to let be forgotten — as she currently continues to drop word that he is the father of her newborn child! Don’t believe me.. Ask Young Dro!

“He used to dated Cansu first … word on the streets is she don’t know who the daddy is.”

Check the Word:

“There could be more to why he pays for a sister to front as his girl. I mean, haven’t you ever wondered why Ne-Yo was spying on dude?”

TV Show Roundup 9/22/15

Casting News:
TV Line reports that Vanessa Williams is headed to The Good Wife as a possible love interest for Alan Cumming's character Eli Gold.

Twin Peaks is adding to its cast with the inclusion of Balthazar Getty, reports TV Line.

E! has renewed I Am Cait for a second season, reports TV Line. The reality show is slated to return in March 2016.

Lionel Richie Headed To Las Vegas For Residency

Page Six reports that Lionel Richie has announced a residency at the AXIS at Planet Hollywood. Richie will perform 20 dates in April, May, September, and October. The first performance will be April 27th. The show will features his songs "All Night Long (All Night)," "Hello," "Stuck on You," "Say You, Say Me," and "Dancing on the Ceiling."

Gotham Costars Dating

People reports that actor Ben McKenzie, 37, is dating his Gotham costar Morena Baccarin, 36. Baccarin is currently going through a messy divorce with husband of three-and-a-half years Austin Chick, who filed earlier this summer. The couple were making the rounds together at the Emmy parties over the weekend.

Ryan Reynolds Talks Losing A Friend Over Privacy Concerns

Ryan Reynolds recently sat down for an interview with GQ, where he talked about losing a friend after the birth of his daughter James. The magazine quotes him as follows:

“A guy that I’d known for my whole life, one of my closest friends growing up, he had been shopping pictures of my baby around. I kind of got in front of it, which is good. But it was a slightly dark period. A bad couple of weeks...It was like death. It was like one of those devastating things to find out. I mean, I don’t think he thought he would ever be caught. But it’s a pretty narrow group of people that I would send photos like that to. They’re just, like, my closest family and my closest friends: ‘Here’s us in the delivery room!’

Well, I think he’d ask for a check enough times where I was like, ‘There’s no more checks to be had.’ There isn’t really a conversation to have. It’s just, ‘Oh, well, now I’m never going to see you or talk to you again, unfortunately.’ That’s kind of how it works out.”

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Monday, September 21, 2015

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Buttugliest Zombies

This celebrity was not impressed with one particular designer’s collection during New York Fashion Week!

Yeah, [Celebrity] went to that show. Said, “It was the buttugliest collection I’ve ever seen!”

[Celebrity] said that “The models all looked like zombies with patches of flesh hanging off their bones. The only way I’d ever buy that sh*t is if I had to choose my own wardrobe for an episode of The Walking Dead!”

That doesn’t exactly sound like a rave review.

And, no, this celebrity has never been on The Walking Dead.



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In the Heart of the Sea - Chris Hemsworth Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Over The Hill

This former B-list reality star may be over the hill reality tv-wise, but she is still wanted by certain gentleman. She has been high price escorting to supplement her income. She’s earning over six figures a month.

Who is our reality star?

Julie Roberts Talks Danny Moder and Famous Friends

Julia Roberts recently sat down for an interview with Allure, where she talked about husband Danny Moder and some of her famous friends. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"I don't know if I would have succeeded in some of the efforts that I made if he hadn't been in such close physical proximity to me. There's something about having the safest place in the world for you in the same room...I am a genuinely and deeply happy person, which, as life goes on, you realize what great fortune that is. To feel like you just have the natural chemistry of joy."

On Ocean's 11 costars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon:
"We were all pals. At George's house, I remember walking down this path pregnant with Finn and Hazel and turning the corner, and all the boys were sitting at the table having lunch. They were like, 'Oh, come sit down.' I wasn't allowed to walk the stairs. It was such a sweet shift in our relationships because originally, it was all pranks and teasing each other. And here I am pregnant, so it's like pulling out my chair and just making sure I have enough water and, 'Are you feeling okay? You look a little peaked.' 'I'm fine.'"

Julie Bowen Talks Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

Us Weekly recently caught up with Julie Bowen, and she talked to them about the relationship between her co-star Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. The magazine quotes her as follows:

“He’s like a caveman with her. It’s sexy! I love it. She’s so strong, and so [used to] calling the shots all the time, and then you see them together and there’s a part of her that kind of melts. It just warms your heart when you see that, because it’s not all the time that you can tell that there’s an aspect to this relationship that’s very — how shall we say? — primal."

On trying to throw a wedding shower for Vergara:
“You’re like, ‘Oh, Sofia, what do you want for your wedding shower?’ And she’s going to be like, ‘Ay, I want a toaster and some plates.' She has a beautiful new house. And her to-be husband is a minor deity — or a major deity.”

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