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Kelly Clarkson Performs "Piece by Piece" - AMERICAN IDOL

Actor Tony Burton Has Died

Actor Tony Burton, who played Sylvester Stallone's boxing trainer in six Rocky movies, has passed away at the age of 78 from pneumonia. Burton is survived by his wife of 36 years Aurelian Burton, four brothers, four sisters, a daughter, a stepdaughter, and a son. Burton's son Martin passed away in 2014. Read his full obituary at the New York Times.

Louis Tomlinson Having Child Custody Issues

I am shocked that the One Direction baby that resulted from a hookup with a groupie resulted in child custody issues, said no one ever. TMZ reports that Louis Tomlinson's baby mama was trying to shake him down for more money by denying him access to one-month-old son Freddie. Up until this point, Tomlinson had been paying her expenses on an as-needed basis, When he decided it was time to set up a fixed monthly amount, baby mama Briana balked at the offer, and started playing hardball. The pair were able to come to a temporary agreement just in time to avoid court, and their lawyers are working on a permanent agreement.

Someone Drove A Car Into Kim Cattrall's House

Page Six reports that a drunk 16-year-old girl drove her SUV into the front of Kim Cattrall's Vancouver Island home at 1am on Tuesday morning. Luckily, no one was hurt, but Cattrall's front door and entryway were demolished.

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There will be live blogs up on Sunday for the Academy Awards - the Red Carpet post will go up at 2:30 pm PST, and the Awards Show post will go up at 5:30 pm PST.

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The World's Most Romantic Post

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Raising Entitled Brats

You hear all the time about celebrity parents who do everything to ensure that their child becomes part of Hollywood. Whether it’s calling in favors or casting the child in their own projects, they go to great lengths to make their child a star, regardless of whether the child is talented or motivated.

This parent is the opposite. He is an award-winning, over-40 actor who has given many great performances over the years.

One of his children wants to be a professional actor. However, rather than easing their path, our actor is actually making it tough on them. He lets the kid go on auditions… but calls producers and casting agents and asks them to reject the child. His rationale behind this?

"I’m not raising entitled brats here. I don’t want them growing up to be a Gwyneth Paltrow or one of those Smith kids. You know… one of those people who was born on third base but acts like they hit a home run? All entitlement and no talent.

This is a brutal business. I’m not going to make it easy for them. Let ’em learn how to deal with rejection. Let ’em learn how to come back stronger. If they still want to do this by the time they are an adult, at least they will have earned it."



Deep Thoughts 2/26/16

What is the best way to meet new friends?

Maggie's Plan Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore Comedy HD

Popbitch Blind Item - Making Sweet Music

A British solo star and a sought-after producer were making sweet music together until signs of a massive falling out erupted on social media. What happened? The producer misread the signs and tried it on with the singer, who flipped his lid and stormed out.

Source: Popbitch

Cheryl Tiegs Does Not Like Big Butts, and She Cannot Lie

E! News recently caught up with Cheryl Tiegs to ask her what she thought of Sports Illustrated putting their first "plus size" model, Ashley Graham, on the cover of their 2016 Swimsuit Issue. Here's what Tiegs had to say:

"Actually I don't like it that we're talking about full-figured women because it's glamorizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]. That's what Dr. Oz said, and I'm sticking to it...No, I don't think it's healthy. Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don't think it's healthy in the long run."

For the record, Graham's waist measures in at 30 inches.

A photo posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) on

Mean Tweets - Movie Edition

The Gossip Life Blind Item - No Longer On Top Of the World

This A-list television host was on the top of the world a couple of years ago, but his failing talk show is in danger of cancellation.

Who is he?

Elton John Throws Major Shade at Janet Jackson

Elton John recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone, where he had this to say about other singers:

On Madonna:
"I say what I feel. I probably went too far with Madonna, and I got very personal and I wrote her – she was very gracious."

On Janet Jackson:
"You know, fucking music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, 'This is the greatest show – four and a half stars.' It's fucking lip-synced! Hello! That's not a show! I'd rather go and see a drag queen. Fuck off."

On Billy Joel:
"He's one of the great American songwriters. But I know when people used to say to me, 'You're wasting your life,' I'd go, 'Fuck off!' and I wouldn't speak to them for two years. Billy was pissed, and I understand. But does it mean I don't love him? No, of course not."

And on American Tabloids:
"In a way, I'm grateful to them. Americans sort of think of their stars as royalty and give them an easy ride. Elvis Presley would never have happened in England because he wouldn't have been able to hide away. Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith – the British are so 'Oh, get a fucking grip.' They're so hard on you. If Brian Wilson had lived in England, he wouldn't have had a [disgraced guru] Dr. Eugene Landy to deal with.

Celebrity Real Estate - Kevin James Edition

Actor Kevin James has listed his Florida estate for sale for $28.85 million. Wow, apparently shitty movies pay really well! The Delray Beach home is approximately 26,000 square feet, and features eight bedrooms, nine full bathrooms plus three additional shitters, and a poolside pavilion. See pictures of the home at Variety.

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Deadbeat All Star

Today’s baller of a blind item got so hooked on Miss. Mary Jane that he didn’t just bounce on his ex-wife … he took the kids AND left her homeless!!!

Fast-forward to this past NBA All-Star weekend. That’s when our blind item’s home wrecker wife ordered dude to check his kids into a lower grade hotel … and he actually followed her suit! Don’t believe me… Just ask their caucasian male nanny! That’s while they stayed posted up in a posh, luxury hotel.

Dig the Drop:

“He checked his kids and family into the Windsor Arms Hotel & they were a mess-his mother told the hotels restaurant ‘If you fuck up my sliders I’ll kick your ass.”

Despite her photo-ops with him and his kids, we’re told his actress wife doesn’t like to be around his “ghetto family and kids.”

Can you guess the deadbeat All Star I’m talking about?

TV Show Roundup 2/26/16

E! News reports that Bones will end after a final 12th season (season 11 is currently airing). The final season will be 12 episodes long.

Casting News:
Cicely Tyson will be returning to How To Get Away With Murder's second season, reports Entertainment Weekly. She will reprise her role as Annalise's mother on the ABC show.

People reports that Sarah Michelle Gellar has joined NBC's reboot of Cruel Intentions. The series will focus on Bash Casey, the son of Sebastian and Annette (Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon in the film).

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser has booked a recurring role in season 2 of Hulu's comedy Casual.


Wendy Williams Is a Luddite

Wendy Williams recently sat down for an interview with DuJour, where she talked about technology, including the fact that her social media accounts are all managed by a staffer. Here's what she had to say:

On e-mail:
“Never sent or received one. I tell [my son] Kevin’s teachers, ‘Here’s my telephone number. If he acts up, call me. I don’t care if it’s midnight. Because I don’t do e-mail.’ ” 

And on hanging out with other celebrities:
“I feel like there’s a lot of pressure that celebrities put on themselves to fraternize with one another. It’s like, you wouldn’t have been friends with fat Wendy in 10th grade, so why am I going to be hanging out with you now?”

Justin Bieber's Dad Is Getting Married

Justin Bieber's proud father Jeremy, 41, is getting remarried. TMZ reports that Jeremy popped the question to his girlfriend Chelsea, 28, in St. Barts recently. In case you're counting, Justin Bieber turns 22 in a few days.

"Dr. Nick", former doctor to Elvis Presley, Has Died

Before there was Dr. Conrad Murray, there was Dr. Nick, real name George Nichopoulos. TMZ reports that Dr. Nick has passed away in Memphis at the age of 88. Dr. Nick was acquitted of criminal charges for negligence in over-prescribing drugs to Elvis in 1981, but eventually lost his license for over-prescribing drugs to patients, including Jerry Lee Lewis.

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Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I love research. Convinced that there's got to be natural, healthy ways (ie not only the rich and connected can do it) to keep your skin from aging, I do lots of research. Who says guys are the only ones who can get better with age? We're gonna turn that myth around if we share what we learn with each other. So here are 4 skin tips I've learned just over this past year that really helped the texture and shape of my face. Left Pic: 1 year ago. Right Pic: Last month. 1. I lost 12 pounds this past year while training for Xmen. I kept it off by coming up w/an hour workout I do a few times a week. The weight loss leaned out my cheeks and jawline. Working out is also great for your skin because it increases blood flow to your face which helps rejuvenate. 2. Reshaped my brows. I do my own brows and always thought they were supposed to have a high arch. Then a facialist pointed out to me that I was shaping my brows into a frown. So I let the top of my brows grow in (which is never fun because it looks spotty for a few weeks) and then I plucked the bottom. That gave my brows a more horizontal angle and instantly brightened my eyes. 3. Got rid of sunspots. I love my freckles. But over the past couple of years I've seen more come up and merge with other freckles to make large dark spots. Dark spots prevent your skin from reflecting light and gives you a dull complexion. So for the past year I've been diligently using @Proactiv Mark Fading Pads. I wipe my face with one every night and now my face has a more even tone and the large spots aren't as noticeable. 4. I've talked about this before and I still stand by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in Hyaluronic Acid help keep wrinkles away. Look up this video: "Connie Chung Yuzihara" to learn all about it. There are Hyaluronic Acid pills and vitamins but I think that the best way to get it in your system is by eating them in foods that naturally have them. I'm still looking into what gets rid of the lines that develop around your neck. I think it has to do with tension and acupuncture might be the answer. When I find out more, I'll let you know. 👯👍
A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

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Bobby Cannavale Talks Hanging Out with Andrew Dice Clay on the Set of Vinyl

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Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Newsy Guy Doesn't Want This News To Get Out

This handsome guy is best described as an anchor or host. He has always come across as someone who is loyal to his family.

Not any more!

Newsy Guy’s marriage is OVER. You may occasionally see him with his attractive wife and kid/s, but it’s all just to keep the kids happy and to keep up appearances. They haven’t announced anything yet, but they will file for divorce this year.

We’re not easily shocked, but the reason for this divorce definitely shocked us! For now… well… let’s just say that it involves another newsy person.

Newsy Guy:

Source: Blind Gossip - It's An Exclusive!

Deep Thoughts 2/25/16

If you could call up anyone in the world and have a one hour conversation, who would you call?

The Light Between Oceans Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - Michael Fassbender Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Furious About Recent Success

This B-list television actor is furious about this A-list actor’s recent success. He feels they were afforded “a hundred more” opportunities because of their ethnicity and gender. A lot of people feel the same way and I would expect someone of stature to come out and say something.

Who is he?

Who is the actor afforded more?

Sacha Baron Cohen Was on the FBI's Radar

Sacha Baron Cohen recently appeared on Marc Maron's Podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, where he talked about filming Borat. Here's what he had to say, as reprinted by Entertainment Weekly:

"[The FBI] got so many complaints there was a terrorist traveling in an ice cream van. So the FBI got so many complaints that they started compiling a little file on us and eventually they came to visit us at the hotel. I obviously went missing when I heard because they were like ‘FBI’s downstairs. Sacha, disappear.’...We hire a guy and his job is, he’s a bit like [The Brothers Grimsby’s] Nobby, actually… his job is to prevent me from being arrested."

Demi Lovato - Stone Cold (Official Video)

TV Line Blind Item - Scandal Mystery: Who Is This Masked Man? (And Does This Hint At A Death?)

One of the Scandal actors got plastered — but why? (And should we be worried?)

Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz on the ABC drama, shared on Instagram this photo of a (what appears to be male) cast member’s head getting fitted for a plaster cast. The reasons for such a procedure are few, a frequent one being that the special effects team needs to make a “dummy” head for a stunt scene (e.g. a gruesome gunshot to the noggin; see The Walking Dead‘s Carl).

Then again, the purpose could be as benign as creating a bust of exiting President Grant, for display in a museum or some such. Zzzzzz.

Or… if we want to go all Mission Impossible on this thing… the special effects folks could be creating a latex mask of the actor, for the purpose of, say, Cyrus “peeling off” his face in the season finale to reveal he is really Billy Chambers!

Source: TV Line

A photo posted by Tony Goldwyn (@tonygoldwyn) on

Kesha Speaks Out After Court Loss

After a judge denied her release from her Sony contract, Kesha has released the following statement on her Facebook Page:

"I'm so, so beyond humbled and thankful for all of the support I've
received from everyone. Words cannot really express the emotions I've gone through reading and seeing how amazing everyone has been to me. I can’t believe that so many people all over the world took the time to show me support and love. Other entertainers who knowingly put their own careers at stake by supporting me, I will be forever grateful.

All I ever wanted was to be able to make music without being afraid, scared, or abused. This case has never been about a renegotiation of my record contract – it was never about getting a bigger, or a better deal. This is about being free from my abuser. I would be willing to work with Sony if they do the right thing and break all ties that bind me to my abuser.

But at this point, this issue is bigger than just about me.

I think about young girls today – I don’t want my future daughter – or your daughter – or any person to be afraid that they will be punished if they speak out about being abused, especially if their abuser is in a position of power.

Unfortunately I don’t think that my case is giving people who have
been abused confidence that they can speak out, and that’s a problem.

But I just want to say that if you have been abused, please don’t be afraid to speak out. There are places that will make you feel safe. There are people who will help you. I for one, will stand beside you and behind you. I know now how this all feels and will forever fight for you the way perfect strangers have been fighting for me.

Yes, I am very much a feminist, but more than that, I am a humanist. I believe in supporting my fellow human beings in being SAFE.

We're all in this together. You are not alone.

I love you and thank you."

Celebrity Real Estate - Vince Vaughn Rental Edition

Have you always wanted Vince Vaughn to be your landlord? Now's your chance! His Hollywood Hills home is on the rental market for $12,500/mo. The 2,890 square foot home features three bedrooms, two full bathrooms plus one additional shitter, and was previously owned by Kate Bosworth, from who Vaughn purchased the property back in 2014 for $2.375 million. See pictures of the home at Variety.

Netflix Comings and Goings for March 2016

Here are some of the movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in March:

Groundhog Day
House of Cards: Season 4
Marvel's Daredevil: Season 2
Pee-Wee's Big Holiday
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

For a full list of what's coming to Netflix in March, click here. For a list of what's leaving, click here.

TV Show Roundup 2/25/16

Casting News:
Charo will guest star on an upcoming episode of Jane the Virgin, reports TV Line.

TV Line reports that The Glades' Michelle Hurd has joined the cast of Starz's Ash vs. Evil Dead for its second season.

Mandy Moore's Stalker Back At It

What is it with Los Angeles not talking stalkers seriously lately? First, they let Gwyneth Paltrow's long-term stalker go. Now the DA's office can't even be bothered to prosecute Mandy Moore's stalker. TMZ reports that he has shown up outside her house for the third time in less than two weeks where he yells outside her house, and leaves her notes that he is God, Satan, and the Devil. The DA's office rejected the case after the second offense, citing "lack of evidence." How much more evidence do these people need?! It seems as though third time's the charm, because the LA City Attorney finally filed three misdemeanor charges against the stalker. He will be given a mental evaluation, and could face up to two and a half years behind bars if convicted.

Christian Slater Sued By Father

TMZ reports that Christian Slater is being sued by his father for $20 million. Thomas Knight Slater claims that Christian gave an interview last year where he referred to his father as suffering from "manic-depressive schizophrenia." The senior Slater vehemently denies this charge, and states that Christian is not a doctor, so cannot assert such claims. Thomas Knight also says that his lack of acting work is a direct result of Christian's claims about his mental health, not about his lack of talent (just guessing). Now I don't have a medical degree either, and mental illness should be taken very seriously, but suing your son for $20 million sounds a bit delusional.

Bobby Brown Going to Be a Dad Again

People reports that Bobby Brown, 47, and wife Alicia Etheredge are expecting their third child together. The couple are already parents to son Cassius, 6, and daughter Bodhi Jameson Rein, 7 months. This will be the seventh child overall for Brown; he is also father to Landon, La'Princia, and Bobby Jr from previous relationships, and the late Bobbi Kristina.

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Kasich the Moderate | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Reader's Choice 2/24/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Frenemies In Glass Houses

It’s hard to say which of these of these frenemies is most deserving of an eye roll.

All three of these young female singers have done the fake relationship thing for publicity. All three have had lesbian encounters.  All three have used other people to become more famous. All three are perpetual attention-seekers for both their personal and professional lives. All three have messed with drugs. All three think that they are role models for young girls.

That’s why it’s really dumb for one to criticize the behavior of the others. Glass houses, yo! This is going to come back to hurt her.

Singer, Singer, Singer:

Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 2/24/16

What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

I Am Wrath Official Trailer #1 (2016) - John Travolta, Amanda Schull Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Practicing Christian

This A-list actor / director is a practicing Christian and always has been, but you’ll never hear him say it.Why? He doesn’t feel it fits in with his ‘cool, intellectual image.’ This is just one of the many parts of his real persona that he hides to befit his ‘cool, intellectual image.’ Truly a great pretender.

Who is he?

Chrissy Teigen Talks Cookbook

Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook Cravings comes out on Tuesday. She recently sat down for an interview with People to talk about it; here's what she had to say:

"I spent the past three years trying to prove to people that I love food, I love cooking. And that I have a passion for it that’s beyond just wanting to be a model in the food world. It was always important to me that the people that I love and respected knew that I wasn’t trying to step on their toes. Because there is nothing that I would hate more than a real, proper chef—who was trained and owns a restaurant and is working their ass off—to ever have any kind of comparison to somebody [like me].

I don’t think you understand how many simple things I learn all the time that I’m almost embarrassed to share that I didn’t know. Then I realize that if I didn’t know that, then there’s probably 1.7 million people on the internet who probably didn’t know that either...I can’t believe I’ve just been putting bacon into a pan and it’s been curling up like a pig’s tail. It’s the tiniest little things that I feel so dumb not knowing. Then I share it, and I’m in this whole world of people who are like, ‘That’s awesome!'”

Casey Affleck & Stephen May Fight During This Interview

USC Gave Hollywood A Failing Grade In Diversity

USC recently released The Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity, which Hollywood failed spectacularly. Here are some of the abysmal stats, as reprinted from Entertainment Weekly:

"Just 28.3 percent of all speaking characters across 414 films, television, and digital episodes in 2014-2015 were from 'underrepresented racial/ethnic groups,' the study reported — almost 10 percentage points less than the makeup of the U.S. population — and 33.5 percent of speaking characters were female. Two percent of all speaking characters identified as LGBT, and only seven transgender characters appeared in the films and shows evaluated for the study."

"Behind the camera, women made up just 15.2 percent of all directors and 28.9 percent of writers. The study also found that less than one-quarter (22.6 percent) of series creators across broadcast, cable, and streaming content were women."

"The CARD study also an 'inclusion index' that graded 10 media companies based on their representation of women and people of color both in front of and behind the camera. None of the six film distributors studied received a passing grade on the index. Television and digital content outlets scored higher, with the Walt Disney Company and the CW Network recognized as the strongest performers in television, while Hulu and Amazon tied for streaming content."

Stacy Smith, the author of the study, is quoted as follows: “This is no mere diversity problem. This is an inclusion crisis. Over half of the content we examined features no Asian or Asian-American characters, and over 20 percent featured no African-American characters. It is clear that the ecosystem of entertainment is exclusionary.”

Kate Hudson Talks Meditation

Kate Hudson recently talked to E! about one positive change she's made in her life, while she was out promoting her new book. Here's what she had to say:

"You know this is the first time I'd say a year in a half of my life that I actually meditated everyday. I made it a real clear decision to do that and to see the benefits. The results are amazing. And anybody who's ever really started a mindfulness practice recognizes when it starts to become a part of your routine and practice that it's really amazing...If I'm super depressed because I've just had a breakup, I probably don't want to workout, you know? I also really don't want to probably mediate because my brain's like nuts. So then I'll probably call a friend and they'll be like, ‘Let's go to Soul Cycle' and I'll be like [relief]...I'm going to go to workout and I'm going to enjoy it and I'm going to eat really healthy, But I'm going to go to Vegas and I'm going to stop at In-N-Out Burger and then I'll be back on track. So I wanted you to know that."

Celebrity Real Estate - Ashley Benson Edition

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has listed her Hollywood Hills home for sale for $2.995 million. The 3,085 square foot home features three bedrooms, three full bathrooms plus one additional shitter, and previous owners include Kylie Minogue and Eurythmics frontman Dave Stewart. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Rachel Zoe Talks Coachella Fashion

Rachel Zoe recently sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where she gave her do's and don'ts for Coachella fashion. Here's what she had to say:

Flower crowns or anything feathered in the hair:
"Yes! I love it. I love it, but I’m a hippie at the core. I mean last year I wore a huge flower crown the whole day. We had an amazing brand [Flower Gypsies] that hand-made them for everybody there."

"Yes, fringe all day long. But I’ve worn fringe since I was eleven — maybe even before that."

"Denim cutoffs, denim minis, denim jackets — I mean, denim everywhere. You definitely want to wear lighter denim, that’s for sure, because it gets so brutally hot."

Fanny packs:
"Can I say no comment on the fanny pack? Yeah, not so much on the fanny pack. But with that said, Vuitton makes a great fanny pack — there’s some amazing designers that do really chic fanny packs. It’s more about the right fanny pack."

Bathing Suits as clothes:
"I think a bathing suit under clothes. You know I think a bathing suit is really chic under a kaftan or a minidress so you’re not seeing things you shouldn’t see. But I think it’s cute to see a bathing suit under something transparent — I mean, at a festival I think it’s totally appropriate."

"Yes! Yes, sandals. It’s like a hundred degrees, you have to wear as little as possible but still look cool. We sell a Birkenstock-type sandal too, which is great for that."

Overall Advice:
"Wear as little clothes as you can, but still keep it classy."

TV Show Roundup 2/14/16

Casting News:
The Hollywood Reporter announces that ABC has cast the role of Johnny in their Dirty Dancing remake Colt Prattes will step into the role made famous by Patrick Swayze. Prattes' previous credits include a music video for Pink. As previously announced, Abigail Breslin is playing the role of Baby.

NBC has renewed Superstore for a second season, announces The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Divorce Court has been renewed through 2019.

ABC has redefined "beating a dead horse" by renewing The View for a 20th season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

FX has renewed Zach Galifianakis's comedy Baskets for a second season, announces The Hollywood Reporter.

E! News reports that America's Next Top Model is being brought back to life by VH1. Tyra Banks will no longer host, but will still be involved as executive producer. The new host and premiere date will be announced in a few months.

Phil Collins Back Together With Ex-Wife

Phil Collins, 65, is back together with his ex-wife Orianne, 43, reports People. The couple were previously married from 1999 to 2008, and share two sons together, Matthew, 14, and Nicholas, 11. Their divorce cost Collins $46.68 million. Orianne recently told a reporter: 

"I call Phil now again as my husband. We are so close that it actually makes no difference whether we are married. But we are determined to get married one day a second time. The important difference is that now our children can be there. I imagine the next celebration will be more familiar and smaller. On our first wedding in 1999 in Lausanne, we had to invite many more people to not disappoint anyone. We were always very close, because of the children. But just last year, I realized that he is indeed the man of my life. Love was never completely gone. [It] was just on another level. We've known each other for 22 years, 15 as a couple. Now we feel both the same thing: We should never have diverged. The separation was the wrong decision. We are meant for each other." 

And what does Collins think about these upcoming nuptials? His rep said the following: "While Mr. Collins is happy that he and Orianne are reconciled, remarriage has not yet been discussed." 

Yeah, this is going to turn out great.

Brian Grazer Is Married Again

People reports that producer Brian Grazer, 64, married Veronica Smiley, 42, over the weekend in Santa Monica. The pair had been engaged for two years. This is the fourth marriage for Grazer; he was previously married to Theresa McKay-Roberts from 1972 to 1979, Corki Corman from 1982 to 1992 (they share a son and a daughter), and Gigi Levangie Grazer from 1997-2007 (they share two sons). 

A photo posted by Veronica Grazer (@smiley1128) on

JoAnna Garcia Swisher Is Pregnant Again

Actress Joanna Garcia Swisher, 36, is expecting her second child with husband, Atlanta Braves' Nick Swisher, 35, reports People. The couple have been married since 2010, and are already parents to daughter Emme, 2 1/2.

A photo posted by Nick Swisher (@yourboyswish) on

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Instagram Pic of the Day 2/23/16

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Tweet of the Day 2/23/16

John Oliver on Abortion

Reader's Choice 2/23/16

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Sex Contract Broken

A recent tribute to television producer James Burrows brought back together the casts of several classic shows, including Friends, Cheers, and Taxi.

The cast of Friends (minus Matthew Perry, who is currently working in a play in London) participated in a panel discussion led by Andy Cohen.

Andy brought up the story of an “sex clause” in the actors’ contracts, which allegedly prevented them from engaging in sexual relationships while they were working together.

From The Sun:


Five members of the cast arrived for reunion show… but which of them hooked up?

Friends star David Schwimmer has hinted that the cast of the hit nineties show broke a “no sex” clause in their recording contracts.

Five of the original line-up – David, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow – were star guests at television show celebrating the cult sitcom’s director, James Burrows.

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, was missing due to being in a play in London’s West End.

Host Andy Cohen delved into rumoured contracts which meant they weren’t allowed to sleep with each other.

Lisa, who played ditzy Pheobe during the run of 236 episodes, denied they existed.

Though David, famed for his portrayal of loveable yet unlucky-in-love Ross said: ‘Well, that was broken.”

So the contract clause may have been a rumor… but it sounds like two or more of the members of the cast did hook up in real life! Among the Friends cast, who do you think had sex in real life?

Actors Who Hooked Up:

Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 2/23/16

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Pete's Dragon Official US Teaser Trailer

The Gossip Life Blind Item - No Reviews

It’s a big-budget comedy with an A-list star that’s to be released very soon… yet no reviews. Why? It’s terrible, my sources tell me, and they’re expecting it to be panned dreadfully. I could be the A-list star’s first real critical flop and many are predicting it’ll end Hollywood’s love affair with him.

What is the film?

Who is the star?

Diane Lane Talks Turning 50

Diane Lane recently sat down for an interview with MORE magazine, where she talked about turning 50. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"I rehearsed 50. I kind of stared at it a long time. I wasn't going to let it terrify me...My relationship with aging is cozy. I'm not trying to play 29 and holding on with white knuckles, you know? I'm done saying, 'I'm sorry I wasn't who you needed or wanted me to be' to everybody in my life." 

On insecurity:
"Imagine if somebody said your nose is too big or your ears stick out. For me, it was [being told] my neck was too short [when I was 12]. It stuck with me all my life...Remember those ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ ads? We grew up with that shit. It was the start of that psychoanalytical thing in our culture where we market to women by making women compete with each other. I found it very discordant. So you’re not allowed to say ‘I’m pretty,’ because you might get eaten alive by the rest of the tribe, you know? And the fact is that most—I mean, I don’t even know if we could run down the list of all the industries that exist because of the propagation of female insecurity.”

Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Cash Money Roots

Today’s blind item doesn’t seem to be repp’in his Cash Money roots. Know why? Word from the streets reveal this lil emcee has money concerns on his mind, facing hard financial times. We’re told that’s why dude is scrambling to secure his spot in reality TV. Don’t believe me? Just ask Christina Milian.

“He’s trying to do what Puffy did with Bad Boy, pitchin’ his version of Making The Band.” — Industry Insider

According to our source … because our blind item believed the television networks would be bidding high for his reality show — when they really passed on his pitch — rather than being one of them Hot Boyz, this blind item is a Disappointed Boy.

Dig the drop:

“He’s now depressed because he thought he was going to get a healthy budget for his reality show.”

Now, can you guess the rapper I’m talking about?