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Jason Derulo Carpool Karaoke

Burt Reynolds Reveals Love Of His Life

Burt Reynolds, 79, recently sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair, where he revealed that Sally Field, 69, is the love of his life (the pair dated for 5 years, then broke up bitterly in the 80s). The magazine quotes him as follows:

“I miss her terribly. Even now, it’s hard on me. I don’t know why I was so stupid. Men are like that, you know. You find the perfect person, and then you do everything you can to screw it up.”

People caught up with Sally Field on a red carpet on Friday, and revealed what Reynolds had said about her. She responded as follows:
"I didn't hear that yet. I have no response, really, and any response I would have would belong to him." 

Serial's Adnan Syed Getting New Hearing

Spoiler alert for those of you who haven't heard the Serial podcast - Adnan Syed is getting a new hearing for the 2000 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee based on the podcast. Us Weekly reports that the new hearing will allow the testimony of Syed's alibi witness Asia McClain, who was never called upon to testify in the original hearing. 

Gavin Rossdale Calls Bullshit on "Just a Few Days"

Remember when Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton took their relationship public earlier this week, and stated they had been dating "just a few days"? No one bought that response, and by no one, I mean Gavin Rossdale. TMZ reports that Rossdale suspected some funny business between Gwen and Blake while he was still married to Gwen, pre-divorce filing. Gavin suspects there is a reason that Blake and Gwen filed for divorce two weeks apart, and he's especially pissed that Gwen is trying to paint the split as being Gavin's fault, when it's looking increasingly likely that Gwen and Blake have been bumping uglies for the better part of a year.

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I mean if I'm not your #ManCrushMonday then who da fuck is ??? Ok so this is my 1st time bringing the hashtags to Monday but you know what... I love you & you deserve to #GetWetOnYoWayHomeFromWork #ifYouOnYourWayToTheGymTurnAroundAndGoBackHome #YouBoutToWorkUpASweatPunchinThatMonkey #AndPutThemToysAway #WeGoinOldSchool #JustYouAndThemFingers #NowPutOnUsherConfessionsAlbumAndLetItPlayThrough #GetCompletelyNaked #PropThemPillowsSoYoureComfortable #IfYoHairFreshlyDid #LayYourScarfFlatOnThePillowAndLayGentlyOnIt #NowSpreadThemThighsForMe #LickYourIndexAndMiddleFingers #NowTouchThatPearlTongueAndGoCounterClockwise #Slowly #iSaidSlowly #DontMakeMeSlapYourHandAndMakeYouStartOver #KeepYourEyesClose #NowReverseTheMotionAndImagineMeLickingYourLegsStartingFromYourAnkle #ImBoutToCatchAUberDowntownToThatPussy #YouBoutToGetItAteLikeGroceries #ButOrganicGroceriesCauseImOnAStrictDiet #NowWhatImBoutToDoNextMightTickle #YouReady #YeaYouReady #NowBust #AndSayMyName #MEATPRINTPAPI #DropsMic ✌🏾️
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Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton - Drink You Away - CMA's 2015

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Faking a Pregnancy

We have had several blind items in the past about celebrities who hired surrogates and faked their pregnancies. A prominent California fertility doctor is now verifying that he has been personally involved in these fake pregnancies!

In the upcoming TLC special, Jodie Marsh Is Making Babies, Marsh has an interesting conversation with Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director of the Pacific Fertility Center, based in California.

This doctor has inside information about “social surrogacy” – celebrities getting other women to carry their babies for them as they don’t want to be pregnant – and may have even performed [the IVF procedures] himself.

Sahakian tells Marsh that he has helped several rich and famous celebrities have their babies via surrogate in order to preserve their own figures.

Typically these are women who prefer not to get pregnant and not to go though the process of pregnancy for many different reasons. For instance, if you are a model or an actress and your income is based on performing and how you look, and pregnancy will ruin that for year or more.

Dr. Sahakian said he has had a number of “well-known” clients over the years who have opted for a social surrogacy. He refused to give any names but said some have even faked their own pregnancies while secretly using a surrogate!

Marsh asks him:

So some have used a surrogate, then stuffed a pillow up their [sweater]?

Sahakian responds:

We are talking about well-known women. It would be taboo for them to admit they used a social surrogate. I have had a couple of patients who pretended they were pregnant, yes. [They are] very famous clients but I am not giving any names.

Celebrity Pregnancy Fakers:

Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 11/6/15

What type of music relaxes you the most?

First Look! Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass!

Popbitch Blind Item - Soap Star

Which soap star should maybe consider using an itsy bitsy more soap himself? One lucky lady who had an entanglement with the actor in question complained to friends after that his dick had tasted “completely like piss.”

Source: Popbitch

Oprah's Favorite Things For 2015

Oprah has released her annual list of Favorite Things. This year's list contains 87 gift ideas, making it the longest list yet. Some of the highlights include porcelain plates featuring birds wearing hats for $45, animal shot glasses for $80, and chocolate turtle basket for $500. See the full list here.

Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Check Is In The Mail

This A-list actress sent her estranged daughter a check for fifty thousand pounds over an event recently. There was no phone call of thanks or even a note. It’s as if it never happened. Well, apart from the fifty thousand pounds deficit in the actress’ bank account.

Who is the actress?

Katy Perry Is Highest Paid Woman In Music

The rivalry is still on, and Katy Perry is still on top! Forbes released their list of highest paid female musicians, and Katy Perry took the number one spot with earnings of $135 million. Swift came in at second place with a paltry $80 million. The rest of the top five include the ladies of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie at $59.5 million, Lady Gaga at $59 million, and Beyonce at $54.5 million. 

Celebrity Real Estate - Cameron Diaz Edition

When Cameron Diaz isn't acting, she has quite the diversified portfolio of investments (she was one of the original investors in The Standard Hotel). Diaz also dabbles in real estate, and is flipping her West Village, New York apartment for $4.25 million. The 1,400 square foot apartment features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a green kitchen. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Us Weekly Blind Item - Secret Celebrity Scientologists

Leah Remini's still talking about Scientology! The actress sat down with former church member Paul Haggis on Wednesday, Nov. 4, in New York City to discuss her new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

The pair spoke about their time in the religion, their decision to leave, and the backlash they've suffered since, with Haggis revealing Remini was the only person he knew who did not disconnect with him when he left Scientology.

"You did not have to do that. We were not close friends," the director, 62, told Remini, 45, expressing his gratitude at her kindness.

Haggis also revealed that there have been many celebrities who have left the church who have kept the fact that they were members entirely secret. While refusing to give names, the director explained the stars were advised against talking about their religions by the Hollywood machines.

"'Walk away. Don't say anything. It will hurt your career,'" he said of the advice given by most Hollywood agents.

Who are some of these Secret Scientologists?

Source: Us Weekly

TV Show Roundup 11/6/15

Casting News: 
Tawny Cypress is headed to CBS' Supergirl in the role of Senator Miranda Crane, reports TV Line.

Entertainment Weekly reports that actress Annie Ilonzeh is headed to Fox's Empire in a recurring role.

Peter Gallagher is headed to Fox's New Girl to play Schmindt's father, reports TV Line.

Rashida Jones' series Angie Tribeca doesn't debut until January, but TBS has already renewed it for a second season, reports TV Line.

Jennifer Lopez Talks Relationships

Jennifer Lopez recently sat down for an interview with Marie Claire UK, where she talked about relationships. The magazine quotes her as follows:

On her girlfriends:
"I think I realized they were as important — if not more important — when I divorced Marc. I just realized that I had been through that a couple of times and there they still were. Like they say, 'Men come and go, but my girlfriends are always there for me.'"

On the early days of her career:
"I learned a lot from that time in my life. I did overstretch myself. I can handle it better because I go, 'No, I'm not going to work on that day,' or 'No, I am going to take those three days off,' or, 'No, you cannot schedule [that] there.' And you realize the sky is not going to fall, even though everybody makes you feel like it's going to."

On her Booty music video: 
"I wanted it to be beautiful and sexy, not sexy and raunchy. Sometimes when you're younger, you go for raunch, or shock value, but I don't need to do that. I did sexy things but I was always more the good girl who was falling in love as opposed to the naughty girl who was running around."

Read the full interview at Marie Claire UK.

Monica Bellucci Talks Being A Bond Girl

Actress Monica Bellucci, 51, stars along Daniel Craig in the new James Bond film Spectre. She recently opened up to People about playing a Bond girl; the magazine quotes her as follows:

"I had to play a Bond lady not a Bond girl because Lucia is a mature woman. [Even] though she doesn't have the beauty of her youth any more, she still has her femininity and that actually is her savior. It is very important that I am playing an adult woman for this role and, actually, Lucia [because] she is a widow with a secret. We need to see her sadness, her desperation and also her age." 

On working with Daniel Craig:

"Daniel is such a gentleman on screen and off screen. Sometimes it is difficult to get intimate with somebody you don't know, but with him it was so easy. We have this scene where we were kissing and then fighting – it was like a tango."

Natalie Zea Is A Mom

People reports that actress Natalie Zea, 40, of Under the Dome and The Following, has welcomed her first child with husband Travis Schuldt, 41. Their daughter Reygan Zea Schuldt was born on Sunday, October 25th in Los Angeles. 

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How Deadpool Spent Halloween

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - From Sizzle To Fizzle

This network TV show was so sizzling hot last season that everyone and their mother was begging for a guest-starring role.

Despite the intense demand, one prominent performer – who was very excited about a guest stint on the show – has suddenly backed out, claiming scheduling conflicts.

That’s not exactly true. Although they are always busy (like most popular performers), the guest role for a single show could have been shot in one or two days, and the producers were very willing to accommodate them.

No, this was actually about the performer’s enthusiasm for the gig fizzling out. According to them, “The show has become really dumb.”


TV Show:


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 11/5/15

What is the oldest piece of clothing that you own and still wear?

Chi-Raq Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Wesley Snipes, Teyonah Parris Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - The Remake

This A-list actress so badly wanted the lead role in this mid-2000 remake that she offered to drastically lower her price and regularly called the producers to plead. Another A-list actress was cast in her place and the movie eventually tanked. The actresses are friends now and they laugh about it.

Who are they?

Leah Remini Still Does Not Know The Whereabouts Of Shelly

Leah Remini sat down for a cover story with People, in which she talks about her friend Shelly Miscavige. The magazine quotes her as follows:

At the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes wedding:
"I kept asking throughout the night, 'Does anybody know where Shelly is?' [A top church official replied] 'I don't think you have the fucking rank, quite honestly, to ask where Shelly is.' It was a little bit shocking to hear that answer. That sort of sparked something in me." 

On filing the missing person's report on Shelly Miscavige in 2013:

"When I asked the officers, 'Did you see her with your own eyes? Is she alive and safe?' their response was, 'We cannot give you that information, ma'am.' I still don't have an answer." 

Let's all say it together - WHERE'S SHELLY?!

Joey Fatone Explain The Star In *NSYNC

Joey Fatone recently opened up about why there is a star in *NSYNC's name, and the reason is Isreali illusionist Uri Geller. The Huffington Post quotes him as follows:

"We saw him in the UK, and this is when we were obviously establishing *N Sync, and he goes, 'I see something. It has to do with suns or stars or something with astronomy in your career.' And it's funny, a year later when we did the first album, for America, they had a star in it."

The Huffington Post reached out to Uri Gellar to find out if the story is true:
"Of course I bent spoons for them and they were very impressed. We sat down and I wrote, on a napkin, *N Sync, and I drew a star in the cafe [in Covent Garden]. And I told them, if they place that star on their first CD, they're going to shoot up to No. 1. I think drawing and writing down their name and creating that star gave them that subliminal push to go for it."

Giada De Laurentiis Talks Divorce

Giada De Laurentiis recently appeared on the Wendy Williams show, where she opened up about her divorce. People quotes her as follows, when asked by Wendy if she had begun dating since her divorce:

"I love how she just dropped that in the middle of it, that’s what makes you good at what you do Wendy! I’m going to say kind of, and I will tell you, this is the first time I’ve actually said that!...I’ve always loved cooking, and I always say that I sort of gained my confidence as a young girl in the kitchen, that’s where I felt the most creative and empowered. What happened over the years working, you get caught up in your world, and all of a sudden my world came sort of crashing and I got divorced. I have a child, so I became a single mother, so I took a year of sort of reflection. Cooking got me through it. It made me happy.”

Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas Broke Up

People reports that Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas have called it quits after five months of dating. A source states, "Joe and Gigi’s relationship recently ended," a source says. "Nothing serious happened ... it wasn’t a dramatic break up. It was just hard to make it work with their schedules. They will definitely remain friends." Gigi is walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show this weekend; it seems she dumped Joe just in time to pick up an upgrade!

Celebrity Real Estate - Diane Keaton Edition

Diane Keaton is selling her Pacific Palisades home for $6.995 million. Keaton picked up the house in 2012 for $5.6 million. The 7,800 square foot home features six bedrooms, six full bathrooms plus three additional shitters, a movie theater, and a wine room. See pictures of the property at Curbed.

Devon Sawa Going To Be A Dad Again

Actor Devon Sawa, 37, and wife Dawni are expecting their second child together, reports People. They are expecting a little girl, which Sawa announced on Twitter as follows: "“We are going to have some pretty kickass Barbie sessions around here!! Im’a fishtail that pink Corvette too. And Tea Parties for days, yo.” The couple have been together for 12 years, married for 2, and are parents to son Hudson, 21 months.

Update in Sean Penn's Defamation Case Against Lee Daniels

Remember when Lee Daniels pointed out that Sean Penn pointed out that Sean Penn beats women, and Penn got all offended and sued Lee Daniels for defamation? Daniels tried to get the suit moved to federal court, but that move was denied and sent back to the state of New York. Daniels' attorney released the following statement, as reprinted by Deadline: “Having considered the arguments and authorities raised in Penn’s October 22, 2015 pre-motion letter requesting a remand and having diligently met and conferred, Daniels has agreed to withdraw his Notice of Removal, and to have this matter remanded to the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Further, the parties’ resolution includes Daniels’ payment of a confidential monetary amount to Penn consistent with the guiding principles [of the U.S. Code]." That payment is for Penn's legal fees, as requested by Penn's lawyers. The next court date is still TBD.

Melissa Mathison Has Died

Melissa Mathison has passed away at the age of 65 after a long illness. The Oscar-nominated screenwriter wrote The Black Stallion, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, among other works. She was also married to Harrison Ford from 1983 to 2004. Mathison is survived by her two children with Ford, Malcolm Carswell Ford and Georgia Ford. Steven Spielberg released the following statement when learning of Mathison's passing: "Melissa had a heart that shined with generosity and love and burned as bright as the heart she gave E.T." Read her full obituary at Deadline.

Eddie Murphy Can Now Start His Own Baseball Team

Us Weekly reports that actor and singer Eddie Murphy, 54, and girlfriend Paige Butcher, 36, are expecting their first child together. This may be Murphy's first child with Butcher, but this brings his grand total of children to 9, the same number needed to form a baseball team. His other children are Eric, 26, Christian, 25, Bria, 25, Myles, 22, Shayne, 21, Zola, 15, Bella, 13, and Angel, 8 split between four mothers. Jude Law now has something to aspire to.

Gwen Stefani Rebounding With Blake Shelton

When rumours were floating around a few days ago about Blake Shelton, 39, and Gwen Stefani, 46, dating, I thought it was a joke. But it looks like it's for real. Us Weekly reports that Gwen Stefani's spokesperson released the following statement to them: "Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating." Apparently the two were all over each other at various Halloween parties over the weekend. TMZ has slightly different details; it was Gwen's idea to announce that they were dating the same day of the Country Music Awards, where Blake Shelton was in attendance, as well as his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. As for why Gwen didn't attend the awards show with Blake, "She doesn't care if Miranda's there or not. She just didn't have the right clothes for the award ceremony because it was so last minute." Considering Gwen's a designer, I hardly think that was the reason. Oh, and how long have they been dating? "Just days." There aren't enough palm trees in all of California to throw an adequate amount of shade at this relationship. Hey, at least she already wrote the song for when they break up.

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The World's Most Romantic Post

Reader's Choice 11/4/15

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Attack The Friend

This top film actor is really mad at a mostly-television actress who has been talking about him lately. Some of his gang have launched attacks on her credibility, but she isn’t afraid of them.

Since he isn’t having any success hurting her, he’s got a new strategy: In addition to discrediting and attacking the TV actress… he’s going to attack a close friend of hers!

The friend is a multi-hyphenate performer woman who is a bigger star than our TV actress. The actor thinks that by going after the multi-hyphenate he will get the TV actress to shut up.

We don’t know what dirt he has on the multi-hyphenate, but if you hear negative things about her in the near future, you’ll know who is responsible!

Film Actor:

TV Actress:


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 11/4/15

What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on a date?

Christmas Eve Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Patrick Stewart, Jon Heder Movie HD

The Gossip Life Blind Item - Wants Off The Show

This B-list actress badly wants off of a show that she’s on. It’s in its second season and it’s disappointing in the ratings, but she’s not happy with the calibre of the writing, nor the type of ‘mad comedy’ show that she’s on.

Who is she?

What is the show?

Kardashian Korner

Prison Guard Jeffrey Felix befriended inmate OJ Simpson, and is now writing a book about him, reports Page Six. Among the revelations in the book: OJ Simpson wouldn't fuck Kris Jenner with Kato Kaelin's dick. When asked about rumours that Simpson could be Khloe's father, Simpson's reply was, "I would never do that to my friend Bob [Kardashian, who was Simpson’s lawyer]. I would never tap Kris.” And as for whether or not OJ Simpson is guilty, Felix says, “He’s such a nice guy, but, come on, we know he did it.”

"Suspended Suspense" with Bryan Cranston

Josh Hutcherson Talks Long Distance Relationships

Josh Hutcherson is in a long-distance relationship with a woman, Spanish actress Claudia Traisac. He recently opened up to People about being in a long-distance relationship; here's what he had to say: 

"There's a lot of traveling, a lot of Skype. I feel like I'm with you because I'm seeing you and we're talking, but also you're a fucking screen. It's very frustrating. It's kind of cool. We're doing this international thing. We're young, we make it work. I was shooting in Cincinnati and I woke up one morning to go to work. I walked to my car. And literally sitting on the ground sleeping front of my car – huddled up in hoodies and blankets – were two 12- or 13-year-old girls and their mom. They popped up like a fucking Jack-in-the-Box. They said they'd been waiting there for hours and hours for me to come out. I was like, this is not right." 

People's Choice Awards Nominees

The People's Choice Awards will air on January 6th. And the nominees are...

Favorite Movie
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Furious 7
Inside Out
Jurassic World
Pitch Perfect 2

Favorite Movie Actor
Channing Tatum
Chris Pratt
Johnny Depp
Robert Downey Jr.
Will Smith

Favorite Movie Actress
Anne Hathaway
Melissa McCarthy
Meryl Streep
Sandra Bullock
Scarlett Johansson

Favorite Action Movie
Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Divergent Series: Insurgent
Furious 7
Jurassic World
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Favorite Action Movie Actor
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Pratt
Dwayne Johnson
Robert Downey Jr.
Vin Diesel

Favorite Action Movie Actress
Charlize Theron
Emily Blunt
Michelle Rodriguez
Scarlett Johansson
Shailene Woodley

Favorite Animated Movie Voice
Adam Sandler
Amy Poehler
Sandra Bullock
Selena Gomez

Favorite Comedic Movie
Pitch Perfect 2
Ted 2

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor
Jack Black
Kevin Hart
Mark Wahlberg
Robert De Niro
Will Ferrell

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress
Amy Schumer
Anna Kendrick
Melissa McCarthy
Rebel Wilson
Sofia Vergara

Favorite Dramatic Movie
The Age of Adaline
Fifty Shades of Grey
The Longest Ride
The Martian
Straight Outta Compton

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor
Channing Tatum
George Clooney
Johnny Depp
Matt Damon
Will Smith

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress
Blake Lively
Dakota Johnson
Jennifer Lopez
Kate Winslet
Rachel McAdams

Favorite Family Movie
Hotel Transylvania 2
Inside Out

Favorite Thriller Movie
The Boy Next Door
Insidious: Chapter 3
Taken 3

Favorite TV Show
The Big Bang Theory
Game of Thrones
Grey's Anatomy
The Voice
The Walking Dead

Favorite Network TV Comedy
2 Broke Girls
The Big Bang Theory
Mike & Molly
Modern Family
New Girl

Favorite Comedic TV Actor
Andy Samberg
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jim Parsons
Johnny Galecki
Matthew Perry

Favorite Comedic TV Actress
Anna Faris
Kaley Cuoco
Melissa McCarthy
Sofía Vergara
Zooey Deschanel

Favorite Network TV Drama
Grey's Anatomy
How to Get Away With Murder

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor
Jesse Williams
Justin Chambers
Scott Foley
Taylor Kinney
Terrence Howard

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
Ellen Pompeo
Kerry Washington
Sara Ramirez
Taraji P. Henson
Viola Davis

Favorite Cable TV Actor
Adam Devine
Christian Slater
Eric Dane
Kevin Hart
Taye Diggs

Favorite Cable TV Actress
Ashley Benson
Hilary Duff
Lucy Hale
Sasha Alexander
Shay Mitchell

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show
Masters of Sex

Favorite Premium Cable TV Actor
Dwayne Johnson
Joshua Jackson
Justin Theroux
Matt LeBlanc
Nick Jonas  

Favorite Premium Cable TV Actress
Claire Danes
Emmy Rossum
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kristen Bell
Lisa Kudrow 

Favorite TV Crime Drama
Criminal Minds
Person of Interest

Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor
Jim Caviezel
LL Cool J
Mark Harmon
Nathan Fillion
Shemar Moore

Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress
Emily Deschanel
Lucy Liu
Mariska Hargitay
Pauley Perrette
Stana Katic

Favorite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
Beauty and the Beast
Once Upon a Time
The Vampire Diaries

Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
American Horror Story
Game of Thrones
Teen Wolf
The Walking Dead

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor
David Tennant
Ian Somerhalder
Jensen Ackles
Misha Collins
Sam Heughan

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress
Caitriona Balfe
Emilia Clarke
Ginnifer Goodwin
Jennifer Morrison
Lady Gaga

Favorite Competition TV Show
America's Got Talent
American Ninja Warrior
Dancing With the Stars
The Voice

Favorite Daytime TV Host
Dr. Oz
Ellen DeGeneres
Rachael Ray
Steve Harvey
Wendy Williams

Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team
Good Morning America
Live with Kelly and Michael
The Talk
The View

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
Conan O'Brien
James Corden
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Kimmel
Stephen Colbert

Favorite Streaming Series
House of Cards
The Mindy Project
Orange Is the New Black
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Favorite Actor In A New TV Series
Chace Crawford
John Stamos
Josh Peck
Rob Lowe
Zachary Levi

Favorite Actress In A New TV Series
Emma Roberts
Jamie Lee Curtis
Lea Michele
Marcia Gay Harden
Priyanka Chopra

Favorite Animated TV Show
American Dad!
Bob's Burger
Family Guy
The Simpsons
South Park

Favorite New TV Comedy
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Dr. Ken
The Grinder
Life in Pieces
The Muppets
Scream Queens
Truth Be Told

Favorite New TV Drama
Blood & Oil
Code Black
Heroes Reborn
Minority Report
The Player
Wicked City

Favorite Male Artist
Ed Sheeran
Justin Bieber
Luke Bryan
Nick Jonas
The Weeknd

Favorite Female Artist
Demi Lovato
Lana Del Rey
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

Favorite Group
Fall Out Boy
Fifth Harmony
Imagine Dragons
Maroon 5
One Direction

Favorite Breakout Artist
Fetty Wap
Shawn Mendes
Tori Kelly
The Weeknd

Favorite Male Country Artist
Blake Shelton
Brad Paisley
Dierks Bentley
Keith Urban
Luke Bryan

Favorite Female Country Artist
Carrie Underwood
Cassadee Pope
Kacey Musgraves
Miranda Lambert
Reba McEntire

Favorite Country Group
The Band Perry
Florida Georgia Line
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Zac Brown Band

Favorite Pop Artist
Demi Lovato
Ed Sheeran
Kelly Clarkson
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

Favorite Hip-Hop Artist
Big Sean
Kendrick Lamar
Nicki Minaj
Wiz Khalifa

Favorite R&B Artist
Chris Brown
Janet Jackson
The Weeknd

Favorite Album
American Beauty / American Psycho by Fall Out Boy
Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd
If You're Reading This It's Too Late by Drake
Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons
Title by Meghan Trainor

Favorite Song
“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar
“Can't Feel My Face” by The Weeknd
“Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding
“See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth
“What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber

Favorite Music Icon
Paul McCartney
Steven Tyler
Stevie Wonder

Favorite Social Media Celebrity
Anna Kendrick
Britney Spears
Dwayne Johnson
Taylor Swift

Favorite Social Media Star
Cameron Dallas
Frankie Grande
Lele Pons
Matt Bellassai
Nash Grier

Favorite Mobile Game
Candy Crush Saga
Despicable Me: Minion Rush
Fruit Ninja
Plants vs. Zombies
Temple Run

Favorite Video Game
Batman: Arkham Knight
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Grand Theft Auto V
Super Smash Bros.

Favorite YouTube Star
Connor Franta
Grace Helbig
Jenna Marbles
Miranda Sings
Tyler Oakley