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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Second Time Victim

This pop star is totally going to play the victim in her upcoming divorce.

She knew exactly what she was doing in her first fake marriage… and exactly what she was doing in her second fake marriage.

We’d say all this out loud, but we wouldn’t know what name to call her. Maybe we should ask her girlfriend?


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 12/31/15

What makes this an amazing time to be alive?

Lazer Team Official Trailer (2016) - Irina Voronina, Alan Ritchson Movie HD

Lauren Cohan Talks Getting Fit

Actress Lauren Cohan recently sat down for an interview with Shape magazine, where she talked about getting fit. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"I was very skinny as a kid, but when I was swimming...and just having fun, I never worried about how I looked. In my teens, though, I started to be more aware of my body, and I didn't like being skinny. People made fun of me for it. So when I got to college, I hate a lot of junk and I gained weight. I loved it because I didn't stand out as a bony girl anymore! Eating became a way of not getting attention for looking too skinny, but it was also about self-sabotage."

"When I don't exercise in the morning, it's a completely different day than when I do. Working out gives me endorphins and makes me happy. I need it! I am the queen of exercise variety...Working out is harder when we're on set. We film in Georgia, and I can't go to classes. So I do exercise DVDs that have a lot of leg lifts, kicks, arm lifts—things that don't need equipment. And I move all the time. I take the stairs, I do press-ups between scenes, and I do sit-ups before I eat lunch."

Kardashian Korner

In Touch reports that GQ has named Kanye West "Most Stylish Man of 2015." I mean, obviously.

Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio Passed on Star Wars

In the most recent stop on his "I'm a serious actor, give me an Oscar already!" tour, Leonardo DiCaprio talked to ShortList about all of the roles that he's turned down (because he's a serious actor). The publication quotes him as follows:

Did that include playing Robin in Batman Forever? There’s a rumour you screen-tested for it...
"I never screen-tested. I had a meeting with Joel Schumacher. It was just one meeting and, no, I didn’t end up doing it."

Did you actually want the role?
"Er, I don’t think I did, no (laughs). As I recall I took the meeting, but didn’t want to play the role. Joel Schumacher is a very talented director but I don’t think I was ready for anything like that."

Do you feel like you dodged a bullet?

Were you in talks to play Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels?
"I did have a meeting with George Lucas about that as well, yes."

What happened?
"Same scenario (laughs)."

He wanted you, but you didn’t fancy it?
"Um, right. Exactly."

"Again, just didn’t feel ready to take that dive. At that point."

How close did you come to playing Spider-Man before your friend Tobey Maguire took the part?
"Er, that was another one of those situations, similar to Robin, where I didn’t feel ready to put on that suit yet. They got in touch with me."

Hilary Duff Talks Motherhood

Hilary Duff recently sat down for an interview with Redbook Magazine, where she talked about motherhood. The magazine quotes her as follows:

On the way the press treated her post-baby body
"After I had Luca, I went out to, like, the breast-pump store—I was still huge—and I just had a comfortable outfit on. And the next day [in the tabloids] it was like, "Hilary debuts post-baby bod!" And I was like, "That's not a debut! That's an errand!" It was such a happy time that honestly I didn't care; it wasn't until later that I realized how mean and invasive it was."

On mom guilt
"It's hard to say that you really can have it all. I think you can to a certain degree, but fully loaded, pedal-all-the-way-down is tough. You're missing out on something, either on the career or on the family. When I'm really busy with work, I feel extremely guilty."

If she'll ever get married again
"I don't want to say I wouldn't get married again, but it's not important to me. I don't feel I would need to be married to have another child. If I felt strongly enough toward someone or if someone felt strongly about it, I might say okay. But it's not essential."

Celebrity Real Estate - Sylvester Stallone Edition

Sylvester Stallone has listed his La Quinta (aka Palm Springs) home for sale for $4.199 million. The 5,173 square foot home features four bedrooms, four full bathrooms plus one additional shitter, and is located in a gated golf community. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Billy on the Street: Kris Jenner or Geppetto?

TV Show Roundup 12/31/15

Casting News:
TV Line reports that Kristen Bell will guest star on an upcoming episode of iZombie.

How To Prevent Hangovers (With Science)

Cheaters Still Want To Cheat

E! News reports that this year's hack and subsequent reveal that almost all of the women on Ashley Madison are fake didn't do much to dissuade hopeful cheaters! Since August, four million new members have signed up to cheat on their wives. In related news, CNBC reports that gonorrhea is at risk of becoming untreatable.

Bill Cosby Finally Charged

TMZ reports that Bill Cosby has been officially charged with felony sexual assault in the 2004 assault of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is 12 years; Prosecutors had a deadline of January to file. If convicted, Cosby will face up to 10 years in prison.

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Cut For Time: Bieber Concert - SNL

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Awkward Pregnancy

Normally, the announcement of a pregnancy is joyous news. In this case, though, the timing might just be awkward. How do you announce that you are pregnant – and divorcing – at the same time?

Do you make the announcements concurrently or sequentially? Either approach would result in speculation about timing and infidelity and paternity, which, of course, would just add to the scandal!

If the pregnancy continues, our best guess is that they will stall on the divorce announcement until after the baby is born. Like we said… awkward.


Source: Blind Gossip

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What do you love the sound of?

Trust Fund Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Jessica Rothe, Kevin Kilner Movie HD

Naughty Gossip Blind Item - Late Night Host Caught Buying Penis Pump

Thanks to a NAUGHTY GOSSIP loyal reader, we spotted a late night host buying a penis pump in NYC!

Sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP that the poor guy is always saying he would like to have a bigger penis, and has made it no secret that he is not hung like JUSTIN BIEBER. The host is loved, but recently has been getting a little bit of negative press.

We have the PUMP worked and brought a little happiness to you over the holidays WINK!

Kardashian Korner

TMZ reports that Sock Mogul Rob Kardashian has been hospitalized after feeling poorly over the weekend, and subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. The last time Rob was spotted in public was back in June at where else? In N Out. Here's hoping Rob's New Year's Resolution is to move out of Khloe's house. You know she taunts his pudgy digits by having all of those glass jars full of cookies on every square inch of her kitchen counters.

In other Kardashian news, Us Weekly printed the list of which states talked about the Kardashian-Jenners the most on the Internet. The top five are as follows:
1) New Jersey
2) California
3) Delaware
4) Maryland
5) Connecticut

The five states that talked about the Kardashians the least are:
1) Montana
2) Nebraska
3) North Dakota
4) Idaho
5) Wyoming

Are you proud of, or embarrassed of your state?

Sarah McLachlan Hates Those ASPCA Commercials Too

Sarah McLachlan recently sat down for an interview with Makers, where she talked about doing those horrible torturous ASPCA commercials. The publication quotes her as follows:

“I have to say it was brutal doing those ads because it was like, ‘Can you just be a little more sad?’ and I was like, ‘This is just killing me … save the puppies’ … But I can’t watch them — it kills me...I got a whole new audience out of it. I’d be at Target and in, like, Missouri at 10 o’clock at night, getting off the tour bus, and I’d be going down the aisle and these two old ladies go, ‘Are you that dog lady?’”

Goldie Hawn Talks 32-Year Relationship With Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn recently sat down for an interview with People, where she opened up about her relationship with Kurt Russell. The magazine quotes her as follows:

"We have our ups and downs live everybody else. You have to want to stay together, and we really want to. Therefore you work to be together. In relationships, particularly love relationships, people are impatient. They don't listen...We don't have a perfect relationship. Sometimes I get mad and sometimes Kurt gets mad. It's normal. Continuing to to listen and grow is important because we get into bad habits in relationships. We're cognizant of these things in our relationships, being mindful and caring and listening."

Guns N Roses To Reunite At Coachella

TMZ reports that Guns N Roses will set their decades of hatred aside, and all original members will appear at the 2016 Coachella Music & Arts Festival in April. Yeah, more like the members of Guns N Roses will appear together onstage for the first time in decades before Axl throws a fit, throws down his mic, and leaves the stage without ever singing a note. But those few magical moments before that happens when the crowd is thinking to themselves, "This time it will be different! They're really going to play!" are sure to be magical. 

Celebrity Real Estate - Judd Apatow Edition

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann have listed their Malibu beach house for sale for $12 million. The 2,550 square foot home features three bedrooms, three full bathrooms plus one additional shitter, and a front row to the Pacific Ocean. With the success of Apatow's movies, no doubt the family is trading up to a bigger beach house. See pictures of the property at Variety.

Chef Takes Pot Shots At Anthony Bourdain

In a recently interview with Playboy Magazine, some chef I've never heard of John Tesar had this to say about Anthony Bourdain:

"I’ve been around four generations in the restaurant business and I’ve worked with and know everybody. That’s why I can shit on Bourdain. He’s awesome. But at the same time we feud back and forth all the time. He’s mad at me because I made a comment about his new wife and so then she got mad at me.

You insulted his wife?

I made a comment about his first wife on The Braiser, and his new wife got pissed off. She wears the pants. Trust me. He’s always been dragged around by his dick. A lot of guys are. It’s nice that he always marries women with strong personalities to take care of him because then he can just wander around, get stoned, drink and tell stories. He’s like fucking Ernest Hemingway.

If you really have an intellectual debate with him, you’ll learn that he’s an amazing writer and storyteller and probably one of the shittiest chefs that ever lived. The guy can’t cook his way out of a paper bag. Everywhere he goes he makes Portuguese fish stew, beef bourguignon or he brings Eric Ripert with him to do something.

Look, what annoys me about chefs is fraudulent behavior, over-hyped food and ego, and I’ve been guilty of all of it myself. So now that I’ve gotten older, I just don’t want to be that type of person any longer. I’d much rather see younger, talented people do the projects that I’m not directly involved with, but yet be a mentor to them. It’s a valuable gift to be able to mentor younger guys to work hard and be honest about their work. My friends call me Yoda now. Because like, OK, I can kick your ass, but I’d rather sit in the corner peacefully and give sound-bites and good advice. I’ll be 60 in two years. Fuck it, right?"

Read the full interview at Playboy.

Gerard Depardieu Is Making A Movie

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Gerard Depardieu will star in a new movie where he will play Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Russia's Mosfilm will provide the costumes for the movie. I hope they have enough room in the budget for all of that extra fabric! The real question is, who is paying for all of the wine that Depardieu is sure to drink? And will they make him walk in the movie, or is he allowed to do all his takes on his scooter?

Jeremy Renner Is Divorced

TMZ reports that Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco have finalized their divorce. The couple finally agreed to share custody of daughter Ava, 2. Sonni will not receive any spousal support, but as far as child support, Renner will pay Pacheco $13,000/mo. And if Renner makes more than $2.3 million in any year, he has to pay Sonni 5% of the excess as additional child support. This is why you don't marry the surrogate. In happier news, I bet someone gets to move out of the guest house and into the main house!

Steve-O Dating Kat Von D

Steve-O, 41, is dating Kat Von D, 33, reports Us Weekly. Kat Von D was previously married to tattoo artist Oliver Peck from 2003 - 2007, and was previously engaged to Jesse James and Deadmau5. Steve-O's most high profile ex is George Clooney ex Elisabetta Canalis.

A photo posted by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

Kelly Rutherford's Ex Daniel Giersch Suing Vanity Fair

Remember that article Vanity Fair wrote profiling the custody battle between Kelly Rutherford and ex-husband Daniel Giersch? If you read the article, you learned that dude has zero sense of humor and loves to sue people for funsies, so now of course Giersch is suing Vanity Fair for defamation over said article, according to Page Six. The suit states that Giersch "suffered significant injury to his reputation due to...untrue and defamatory assertions." Feel free to hit the comments with your own defamatory assertions!

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THE X-FILES | Re-Opened

Reader's Choice 12/29/15

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Triple Couple Trouble

This couple is married and has kids. She is best known for being part of a famous family and for a television show that is no longer on the air.

He has a good job in the music industry. When he travels for work, he simply can’t keep it in his pants. She tries to shadow him whenever possible, but she has a good life and her kids and her house in Los Angeles and can’t follow him around 24/7.

Couple 1 (Source: Blind Gossip):

She is best known for her film work. Almost always light and funny films. In fact, we’d estimate that she does five upbeat roles for every somber role.

Well, things are rarely funny at home. She got married much too quickly and to someone whose darker mood does not match her own sunny personality.

Why did they rush to get married? The first reason is that they were encouraged to get married by the first couple. The second reason is because the clock is ticking. Even if the marriage goes down, she wants a baby out of this.

Out of the three couples, she is unlikely to be the first to announce a split. She is really trying to make it work. Since she and her husband are like night and day, though, it’s not looking good right now.

Not Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Couple 2 (Source: Blind Gossip):

The woman in this third couple is also an actress and is close friends with the woman in the second couple.

She has been married more than once. This marriage certainly seemed a bit more thoughtful and serious by comparison, but even that’s not enough to hold it together.

Neither of them are bad people. They just come from two different kinds of families and two completely different worlds, and her world completely overshadows his. She has the name, the fame, the money, the enduring career. He… well, he doesn’t have much of a career to phone home about.

At least she got the child/ren she always wanted out of the marriage.

Couple 3 (Source: Blind Gossip):

Deep Thoughts 12/29/15

What exotic pet would you like to have?

The Submarine Kid Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Finn Wittrock, Emilie de Ravin Movie HD

Naughty Gossip Blind Item - Real Housewife Joins Celebrity Apprentice With Arnold

NAUGHTY GOSSIP has confirmed that a real housewife from the EAST COAST has been cast in the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The show is moving to LA and the REAL HOUSEWIFE has already made arrangement to move WEST for the 5 week shooting schedule. She has arranged for her kids care and even found a friend to look after her doggie while she is away.

“This is a huge deal for her as everyone will be watching the new season with Arnold. It will show she is more than a reality show. She is a business person and plans to win the whole show,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP.”

“We are thrilled to be opening a powerful new chapter in the story of the Apprentice franchise,” said Paul Telegdy, president of alternative and late night programming for NBC Entertainment. “Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a global brand in entertainment and business, and his accomplishments in the political arena speak for themselves. It was Arnold’s personal passion for the format that Mark Burnett and Donald Trump built over the last decade, as well as his fresh take on how to take it to new heights for today’s audiences, that made him the man to hire. The Celebrity Apprentice … will be back!”

“I have always been a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice and the way it showcases the challenges and triumphs of business and teamwork,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement. “I am thrilled to bring my experience to the boardroom and to continue to raise millions for charity. Let’s get started!”

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher Donate Money to Refugees

People reports that actors Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have donated $1 million to Syrian refugees. $500,000 will be going to Save the Children, which will pay for 250,000 children to get measles vaccines in Northern Syria. The other $500,000 will go to the International Rescue Committee, which aids women and children with education, health care, shelter and sanitation. Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children, released the following statement: ""By allowing us to make their generous donation to Syrian children public, Sacha and Isla are helping highlight the tragedy of the issue today. These are desperate times for Syrian families facing bombs, bullets and torture in Syria. The couple's donation will save many thousands of lives and protect some of the most vulnerable children." 

The Spectre Theme Song That Almost Was

On Christmas Day, Thom Yorke of Radiohead tweeted the following, as reprinted by The Hollywood Reporter:

"Last year we were asked to write a tune for Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were......It didn't work out ... but became something of our own which we love very much .... As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you ..."

Hear the song below:

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Spinning Samples

Today’s blind item is notoriously known for spinning samples, his known method for puttin’ in work. Most recently, this Mount Vernon man enlisted three M’s for the purpose of sending his Revolt pass past go. Perhaps he wasn’t lyin’ when he previously recruited one (now-deceased) legendary emcee, to publicly proclaim a certain inability to refrain from stopping an unsaid conquest. Just ask Shyne.

Our mystery man would have you believe he had no intent by calling his very own Coke-Cowboy to make a million dollar mark. It’s suspected to be the catalyst’s latest pub-play, reportedly based on anything but generosity. After all, he is Revoltin … and that supposed donation of seven-figures is a suspected decoy of smoke and mirrors. Don’t believe me … Just ask the Burnin’ Bromancer our blind item made first introduction to with the all girl-group, Dream.

Dig the drop:

“Blog sites _______ & Shade Room wouldn’t dare to write a bad story about _______. Kenny Burns isn’t just _______ ‘s part time lover, he also holds down the social media for him!”

He’s a Harlem-shak’in coattail-rider who may have proven confused, after apparently displaying indecision over his many names.

Now, Can you guess who and what blog site I’m talking about?

Miranda Lambert Has A New Boyfriend

After her ex-husband Blake Shelton has been photographed all over town with Gwen Stefani, Us Weekly reports that Miranda Lambert is stepping out with a new man. Lambert has been seeing Anderson East, an Americana/R&B musician, for about a month. A source says that the couple are enjoying each other's company, and plan on spending New Year's together. If you were wondering what a combination of Americana and R&B sounds like, here you go...

Celebrity Real Estate - *NSYNC Edition

Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC has listed his Orlando, Florida home for sale for $2.3 million. The 6,314 square foot home features five bedrooms, four full bathrooms plus one additional shitter, and a "genie-in-a-bottle" themed theatre room. See pictures of the property at Page Six.

Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon Has Died

Meadowlark Lemon, arguably the most famous of the Harlem Globetrotters, passed away on Sunday in Scottsdale, Arizona at the age of 83. He is survived by his wife Cynthia Lemon, and ten children. Read his full obituary at the New York Times.

Most Pirated Shows of 2015

The Hollywood Reporter published the list of the top ten most pirated shows of 2015. Here is the list in full. Are you surprised by any of the results?

1. Game of Thrones - 14.4 million
2. The Walking Dead - 6.9 million
3. The Big Bang Theory - 4.4 million
4. Arrow - 3.9 million
5. The Flash - 3.6 million
6. Mr. Robot - 3.5 million
7. Vikings - 3.3 million
8. Supergirl - 3 million
9. The Blacklist -  2.9 million
10. Suits - 2.6 million 

Ryan Phillippe Is Engaged

People reports that actor Ryan Phillippe, 41, is engaged to law student Paulina Slagter, 24. The couple have been together for four years. This will be Phillippe's second marriage; his first marriage to Reese Witherspoon produced children Ava, 16, and Deacon, 12; Phillippe also has a daughter Kailani, 4, with Alexis Knapp.

Zhang Ziyi Is A Mom

Page Six reports that actress Zhang Ziyi, 36, has given birth to her first child with Chinese rock singer and composer Wang Feng. The couple have been engaged since February. Feng also has two daughters from previous relationships.

Lemmy Kilmister Has Died

Motörhead frontman Lenny Kilmister has passed away at the age of 70. The band posted the following message on their Facebook page:

"There is no easy way to say this…our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer. He had learnt of the disease on December 26th, and was at home, sitting in front of his favorite video game from The Rainbow which had recently made it’s way down the street, with his family.
We cannot begin to express our shock and sadness, there aren’t words.
We will say more in the coming days, but for now, please…play Motörhead loud, play Hawkwind loud, play Lemmy’s music LOUD.
Have a drink or few.
Share stories.
Celebrate the LIFE this lovely, wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself.

Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister
1945 -2015
Born to lose, lived to win."

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A Perfect Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins Drama HD

Reader's Choice 12/28/15

What's going on in your world today?

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Chestnuts Roasting

While you are roasting chestnuts on an open fire, this celebrity couple will be raking each other over the coals!

We believe we’ve told you about their marital issues in the past, so you know that this split has been at least a year in the making. We’re told that it’s finally going to be signed off over the holidays while no one is paying attention.


Source: Blind Gossip

Deep Thoughts 12/28/15

What is your resolution for the New Year?

Fifty Shades Of Black Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) - Jane Seymour, Marlon Wayans Movie HD

Robert Downey Jr Receives Pardon

Robert Downey Jr received a Christmas Eve pardon from California's governor Jerry Brown for his 1996 drug conviction. Vanity Fair quotes the pardon as follows: "By completion of his sentence and good conduct in the community of his residence since his release, Robert John Downey, Jr. has paid his debt to society and earned a full and unconditional pardon.” Congratulations, Iron Man!

Johnny Depp Is A Bad Investment

When Forbes isn't making lists of highest paid actors and actresses, it is making shady lists of which actors are the worst investments. The LA Times reports that this year's king of the list is Johnny Depp, who will only return you $1.20 for every $1 he is paid. In fairness, the winner for the past two years, Adam Sandler, was deemed ineligible this year, otherwise he would have probably won for the third consecutive year. The actor that makes you the most bang for your buck? Chris Evans, who returns $181.80 for every $1 he is paid.

Desierto Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Gael García Bernal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Movie HD

Madonna Embroiled In Holiday Custody War

E! News reports that Madonna, 57, went to court recently to force son Rocco Ritchie, 15, to spend the holidays with her in New York. Rocco refused to obey the order; he has been living with father Guy Ritchie in London. Guy's attorney said of Rocco, "[he] has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York." The issue is apparently tabled until all parties are due in court in February.

The Weeknd And Bella Hadid Broke Up

The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, 25, and model Bella Hadid, 19, have broken up. E! News quotes a source as follows: "Bella and The Weeknd have taken a break. Their schedules got very busy and it really cut into there relationship. They are still in each other's lives though, just not in the same exclusive capacity." You mean the love that spawned this music video didn't last?!

Celebrity Real Estate - Tom Cruise British Edition

Tom Cruise is really liquidating all of his properties lately. Apparently being a Scientologist ain't cheap! The latest one to hit the market is his West Sussex spread, currently on the market for just over $7 million. The 11,331 square foot manse features six bedrooms, five full bathrooms plus two additional shitters, plus staff quarters (where members of Sea Org must serve in perpetuity). See pictures of the property at Variety.

Zac Efton's Mom Knows What He Likes

Zac Efron's mother got the perfect Christmas present for her son - Penis Pasta! Well, at least his mom knows. Efron is still "dating" that chick Sami Miro.

A photo posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

TV Show Roundup 12/28/15

Casting News:
Fox's Sleepy Hollow has cast Charles Aitken as Dr. Japeth Leeds, reports TV Line.

Programming Note:
If you were hoping to see the unaired episodes of the now-cancelled Wicked City, good news! TV Line reports that the remaining episodes will be available on Hulu. Episodes 4 to 7 are there now; episode 8 will be up when they finish it, and it wraps up the story.

T.I. and Tiny Expecting A Baby

E! News reports that rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle are expecting a baby. The couple already have two sons together, Clifford "King" Joseph Harris III and Major Philant Harris. T.I. has children from previous relationships, sons Messiah Ya'Majesty Harris and Domani Uriah Harris, and daughter Deyjah Imani Harris. T.I. and Tiny have been married since 2010.

Courteney Cox Maybe Dating Will Arnett

Us Weekly reports that after her breakup with fiance Johnny McDaid, Courteney Cox, 51, has been going on dinner dates with Will Arnett, 45. The two recently grabbed dinner at The Palm in Beverly Hills. Sweetie, no. 

Eddie Redmayne Going To Be A Dad

Let's see Ace make a blind out of this one! E! News reports that actor Eddie Redmayne and wife Hannah Bagshawe are expecting their first child together. The pair tied the knot in a private ceremony last December.

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What's going on in your world today?

Intruders Official Trailer 1(2016) - Rory Culkin, Leticia Jimenez Movie HD

Puddle of Mudd Singer Popped For Possession

In a deviation from his norm, Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was pulled over, and this time it wasn't for drunk driving while speeding! TMZ reports that Scantlin was pulled over for expired tags in Beverly Hills, and when they realized that he had an outstanding warrant, searched his car and found a controlled substance. Scantlin was booked on misdemeanor drug charges, and posted bail a few hours later.

Onion King Embryo Update

Page Six reports that in the case that will not die, the Onion King aka Nick Loeb recently got some unexpected help in his quest to birth Sofia Vergara's embryos which were to have been destroyed when the couple broke up. Nonprofit law form Thomas More Society is seeking to defend the embryos, on behalf of Loeb. The exes face off in court again in January. 

Greasy Bear Charged With DUI

Remember when Greasy Bear aka Brandon Davis got in a bad wreck in his Mercedes back in October after drinking the night away with Hilary Duff's ex-husband Mike Comrie? TMZ reports that Davis is finally being charged with drunk drivng for his single car wreck. Davis's blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit. Hey, it's tough when your ex is Mischa Barton, and she's the one who's doing better post-breakup than you are.

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What's going on in your world today?

Deadpool | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Carson Daly Is Married

After ten years and three children together, Carson Daly finally put a ring on it and married Siri Pinter on Wednesday in Long Island. TMZ reports that the ceremony was small and simple, consisting of 30 guests, and the reception went from 6pm to 11:30pm.

Bristol Palin Is A Mom Again

TMZ reports that Bristol Palin gave birth to her second child on Wednesday, a girl named Sailor Grace. She joins older brother Tripp, 7.

Richard Marx Married Daisy Fuentes

Okay, this is the coolest wedding that I never saw coming! Who even knew they were dating?! People reports that Richard Marx, 52, married Daisy Fuentes, 49, in Aspen, Colorado on Wednesday. The couple have been together for about a year. This is Marx's second marriage, he split from his wife of 25 years Cynthia Rhodes in April 2014.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays From Outtie

Merry Christmas and a belated Happy Hanukkah, Anarchists! Whatever your plans are for the day, wishing you the very best. I hope that Santa and Hanukkah Harry brought you everything you wanted this year. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, and if you're looking for something to do today, enjoy the 1975 Christmas Special of Are You Being Served?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Free Skate 12/24/15

A post to discuss your nightly TV shows.

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Blind Gossip Blind Item - Merry Facemas

Several celebrities are “freshening up” their faces for the holidays!
This funny female starred in two hit television shows over the past decade, and is currently rocking the big screen. She is known for her brains and her wit, so it’s interesting that she finally succumbed to cosmetic pressures.
She recently had her forehead frozen with Botox. We do have to admit that she does look younger (even if she has temporarily lost the ability to move anything above her eyes).
Funny Female:
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Deep Thoughts 12/24/15

Do you belong on the naughty list or the nice list this year?

I Saw the Light Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleston Drama HD

Wall Street Journal Blind Item - Manhattan Prosecutors Allege Hacker Stole Movie, Television Scripts

Manhattan federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged a man with hacking into email accounts and stealing popular television and movie scripts, a sex tape of at least one celebrity and private information from others.
The 23-year-old then tried to sell the scripts, video, pictures, social security numbers and other stolen data to an undercover federal agent, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan.
The complaint didn’t name any of the celebrities or television shows and movies at issue. A spokesman for Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office declined to comment further.
The alleged hacker, Alonzo Knowles, was scheduled to appear in court late Tuesday. A defense lawyer couldn’t be immediately identified.
According to the criminal complaint, the investigation rapidly unfolded this December after Mr. Knowles contacted a “popular radio host” offering in an email to sell the person scripts from a coming season of a popular drama television series airing on a “premium cable and satellite television network.”
The radio host contacted an executive producer at the network, which then contacted the Department of Homeland Security’s investigations unit. The radio host subsequently connected Mr. Knowles, who also called himself “ Jeff Moxey,” with an undercover agent.
Throughout a series communications over the past month, Mr. Knowles produced television scripts, movie scripts and a sex tape and photos of a television host to the undercover agent to prove he had the goods, according to the complaint. Mr. Knowles also allegedly sent the social security numbers for several professional athletes.
On a FaceTime call with the agent on Dec. 11, Mr. Knowles allegedly said he could get other sex tapes and showed a list of the names of around 130 celebrities and said he had obtained their phone numbers and contact information.
Mr. Knowles said he would hack into the phones or email accounts of celebrities or their friends to gain access to their private information, according to the complaint.
Mr. Knowles, who lives in the Bahamas, ultimately agreed to fly to New York to meet the agent in the U.S. to hand over some of the stolen data and receive payment, according to the complaint.
He disclosed his date of birth, passport number and MoneyGram account so that the agent, posing as a buyer, could make travel arrangements on his behalf, the complaint said.
On Monday, Mr. Knowles met the undercover agent who handed him $80,000 in cash for the scripts. After Mr. Knowles took the money, the agent arrested him.