Monday, April 23, 2018

Politically Incorrect 4/23/18

What's going on in Washington DC today?

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What's going on in your world today?

Deep Thoughts 4/23/18

What has y'all upset today?

Show and Tell 4/23/18

A place to show and tell the latest and greatest from YouTube and Social Media. Here are a few to kick things off:

Summer is coming so this #FitnessFriday let’s go there and talk beach bodies! For me, having a great beach body is so much more than looking good in a bikini, it’s more about FEELING good in your body! No matter what the actual shape of your body is, when you can put on a bikini or swim trunks and FEEL confident, that’s the win! For me, that confidence has always come as a result of loving myself enough to put my health and wellness first by doing the necessary work. If you’ve just started your fitness journey or if you’ve been working out and you’re not quite where you want to be yet, don’t beat yourself up, just stay the course. Knowing that you are in pursuit of optimum health and wellness, your confidence level will sky rocket and you will still be the “baddest” on the beach this summer. Take pics of your transformation as I’ll be having an #HBBEACHBODY contest over the summer and the winner will be flown to LA to work-out with us! On my IG Stories you can find a few exercises to help you along the way. Strong abdominal and chest muscles are important to achieve good posture which is key to looking good in a swim suit. And let’s not forget the butt! The first exercise is called Crazy 8.  All you need is a ball. You do 8 push-ups over the ball, then jump as high as you can, then immediately do 8 squats forcing your butt to touch the ball each time. Next time you do 7, 6, 5...and so on all they way down to 1. Do this for 3 sets. Then get a partner and do a Buddy Back to Back. Do 20 reps for 3 sets. Finish with the fly swatter. All you need is a towel. Do 40 swats for 3 reps. Good luck! 💪🏽❤️ #FitnessFridayHB
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Multipurpose Room 4/23/18

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