Friday, October 28, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Nutbag and Douchebag

This blind item involves two huge male stars. They don’t like each other… and we’re going to tell you the reason why!

We’ll call them Tall and Short.

Tall is a handsome actor who frequently teams up with one of his childhood friends on projects. He has had great career success and has more than one Academy Award to his name.

Short is a very charismatic and religious guy. He has been nominated for an Oscar multiple times, but has never won. His shoes help him look taller than he is.

A few years ago, Short was cast as the lead in a movie with a political bent. He dropped out of the project to do something else, and his role was offered to Tall.

For some reason, Short was offended by this, and said something like, “I can’t believe they offered that douchebag my role!”

Well, somehow that comment got back to Tall.

Tall’s response? “I can’t believe that nutbag has the nerve to call ME a douchebag! Hey, does he have an Oscar yet?”

And, of course, that comment eventually got back to Short. The two men have disliked each other ever since.

As a side note, Tall eventually dropped the role, too, and it went to a third famous actor who doesn’t have any kind of baggy nickname. Yet.



Source: Blind Gossip

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