Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ryan Murphy is Blazing the Path for Diversity

While there have been untold number of interviews lately of the lack of diversity in Hollywood, Ryan Murphy is doing something to address that problem. Ryan Murphy's Half Foundation was founded with the goal to see more than half of Murphy's television programming directed by women. The Hollywood Reporter reports that in its first year, 60% of Murphy's shows have been directed by women, and 94% of his shows meet the minority requirement. 

In collaboration with FX Networks and CEO John Landgraf, The Half Foundation has "increased the director slate from 12 percent female/diverse directors in 2015 to 51 percent in 2016 for the network as a whole. That includes women and minorities serving as department heads and an all-female art department." So the next time someone tells you that there is no easy answer to the diversity problem in Hollywood, point them in Ryan Murphy's direction and tell them to replicate the excellent example that he is setting for the film industry as a whole.

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