Monday, August 7, 2017

Jeremy Renner Talks Family Planning

Jeremy Renner is on the September cover of Men's Journal. Here are some highlights from the accompanying interview:

Renner has the following list of rules displayed on the bar in his home:
"Do not fuck with Ava.

No social media.

No photos.

No glass by the pool.

Nothing in JR’s butt."

On that last rule:
“That’s a joke. But also, don’t put anything in my ass. I really don’t want that.”

On how his life would have turned out if he never discovered acting:
“I still would have left Modesto — unless I got somebody pregnant. I had a lot of friends who did that. Who knows? If I didn’t find the acting thing, I might have three divorces and a mullet, driving a forklift.”

On his hectic work schedule a few years ago:
“I was fucking exhausted. In four years, I slept in my own bed maybe two months. I didn’t see my family, didn’t see my friends. I spent four birthdays in a row with my assistant. It was a glorious time — but it was a long, long run. By the end of it, I was toast. It was all things I wanted to do. But I wouldn’t do it over again. Chris [Pratt] is kind of on that train right now. I couldn’t go on that train again.”

On daughter Ava:
“I try to get all my work stuff done when I don’t have the baby. Because when I have the baby, everyone else can fuck off...Everything’s fun, man. Especially at this age ... Like this Christmas,she got a princess castle, but she also got a tool set.”

On the prospect of having more children:
“I’d like to have eight running around. A gaggle, a little clan. But at this point, that’s not in my future ... It takes two. Doing it alone is not fun. You want to share the experience. You kind of want a partner. I’ve done so many amazing, cool-ass things in my life — but I think as we get older, there’s more value in doing something with somebody.”

Read the full interview at Men's Journal.

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