Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Drama Over Lazy Costar

More drama from a major film set!

This very famous lead actor has had it with his lazy costar!

Our Lead Actor actor prides himself on being very involved in the production process. He often serves as producer, he is very involved in the staffing of both cast and crew, and he even likes to do his own stunts in his action films.

Lead Actor is not at all happy with his costar on his current film. Much of his displeasure has to do with Costar’s work ethic.

"He’s incredibly lazy. He was cool about doing a lot of his own stunts on [other films], but on this film, he’s having his stunt man do EVERYTHING!"

This is definitely not making his bosses happy.

"[Lead Actor] likes to do his own stunts because you get long cuts and better continuity. It makes the whole film more believable because you have an actor actually acting. [Director] like to use long cuts, too.

When you use a stunt man, you get lots of short cuts and no actor to bring emotion to it. Because [Lazy Costar] sits in his trailer while the stunt man does all the work, they’re now stuck with all these short cuts. It kills the the continuity of the scene, you lose the character, you lose the emotion. Costs more time and money in post, too. That’s what they’re dealing with here, and they are really pissed about it!"

The result of all this?

"[The Lead Actor] and [The Director] are sorry that they hired this jerk in the first place. Too unprofessional, too lazy. Can’t fire him for this one, but he will not be asked back for the next installment of the franchise. They won’t work with him again!"

Maybe Lazy Costar can go stand on the unemployment line with his friend?


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Lazy Costar:

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