Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Onion King: Never Give Up, Never Give In Edition

Remember when Sofia Vergara was engaged to Nick Loeb? I bet she really regrets that now. Page Six reports that the latest in their court fight over embryos, which started in 2015, has reached a new milestone. Vergara is demanding that Loeb reveal the names of two of his former girlfriends who both underwent abortions (in case it's not clear, Loeb was the person responsible for both pregnancies). The court has sided with Vergara, but Loeb is refusing to release the names. Loeb stated, “I would rather go to jail than reveal the names. I believe we have to protect a woman’s right to privacy...Not only are Plaintiff’s [Loeb’s] privacy rights under attack but so are the rights of third-party individuals who have nothing to do with [Loeb’s] relationship with Ms. Vergara, the embryos or the litigation.”

Sorry Loeb, I'm going with the Elle Woods defense on this one!

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