Friday, November 18, 2016

Kaley Cuoco Opens Up About Plastic Surgery

Kaley Cuoco is on the cover of December's Women's Health Magazine. Here's what she had to say:

On plastic surgery:
"Years ago, I had my nose done and my boobs -- best thing I ever did. Recently I had a filler in a line in my neck I’ve had since I was 12. As much as you want to love your inner self...I’m sorry, you also want to look good. I don’t think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing."

On her workout of choice:
"I tried spinning, I tried running, I tried yoga, I tried Pilates. I realized I don’t like running…I refuse to do it. I like spinning, so I try to mix that in. When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing. Sometimes do I want to get up in the morning and do it? No. But when I get out, I feel like a million bucks...It used to be so easy, I didn’t have to do as much. Now, it’s part of my day—working out is part of my day, eating right is part of my day."

On breakfast:
"When I wake up, I have the same little bit of peanut butter on toast every morning." 

On her cheat meal:
"Tonight I’ll be going to In-N-Out and doing one of their grilled cheeses, massive fries, and a shake. That’d be a cheat for me...No more meat, I’m like, done."

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