Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anna Kendrick Talks New Book

Anna Kendrick's new book, Scrappy Little Nobody, is out now. Kendrick recently sat down for an interview with E! News, where she previewed some of the topics covered in the book. Here's what she had to say:

On what celebrities appear in the book:
"I mention Chris Pine three times. I love him so much."

On working with Orlando Bloom:
"I wish 15 year old me had realized I was making out with Legolas. [I had to make sure I] didn't permanently damage the money maker."

On Zac Efron:
"I'm morbidly interested in Charles Manson. I've always wondered what is it about Manson that was so charismatic? Then I met Zac and was like, 'Oh, there it is.' I'm glad [Zac] hasn't asked me or anyone else to murder someone for him because I probably would (she said jokingly)."

On talking about her sex life in the book:
"I sent my mom, my dad, and my brother copies that I put Post-It notes of where they should skip to, so that they didn't see anything that would scar their brains. I fully sent them special copies where I redacted certain chapters."

Her response when asked why she doesn't want to have kids:
"Well, if I have kids, it's just another kid that your kid is going to have to fight when the water wars come. The zombie apocalypse is coming, and with my genes, I don't think that they're going to last. They're just going to be food."

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