Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - He Will Never Give Up

Even after they broke up, The Tall Man still wanted her.

She tried to completely cut him off, but he persisted, using whatever methods were at his disposal to stay in her life. It didn’t matter to him that she hates him for it. For him, having her feel anything about him is better than having no connection to her at all.

Why? Because he is absolutely certain that if he hangs in there, he will win her back, and that they will eventually marry and have a family!

Recently, his spirits were buoyed when he found out that our TV Actress is having trouble with her hunky new husband. The Tall Man sees this as an opportunity! Yes, he is persistent. No matter how much she professes to dislike him, he is sure that he will win her back. Now if he could just get The Hunk out of the picture…

The Tall Man:

TV Actress:

Her Hunky Husband:

Source: Blind Gossip

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