Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Talks Family Life

Ryan Reynolds is on the cover of December's GQ's magazine. Here are some highlights from the accompanying interview:

In a few hours, you're going to be a father of two.
"I'm on the precipice of having a real American family. I mean, I always imagined that would happen, and then it happened. Every idiotic Hallmark-card cliché is true."

You just seem more comfortable being yourself than you have in the past.
"I think that was a slightly fear-based reaction—I never wanted to reveal too much. Even now I'm a little nervous, because you're having a conversation with somebody, and you could say something that either (a) just exposes your utter explosive ignorance about any given subject or (b) could be misinterpreted. I used to just shut down, like, "Okay, only crack jokes and cover the subject at hand in a very kind of cursory way." But I've embraced the fact that I'm smart. I've embraced the fact that I'm an idiot. I've embraced the fact that I'm funny. If this were five, four, three years ago even, I wouldn't have been like, "Come on in to my home, meet the baby." It's all human life. Take it or leave it."

When did you know it was going to happen with Blake?
"Probably after the sex. No, we were hanging out at this little restaurant in Tribeca that's open really late, and this song came on and I was just like, "Want to dance?" No one was in there, so it was just totally empty. And it was just one of those moments where halfway through the dance, it was like, "Oh, I think I just crossed a line." And then I walked her home. And, uh, you know, I don't really need to go into what happened after that."

Do you remember the song?

"I do, but I'm not gonna say. You're shut out."

What are your favorite Ryan Reynolds movies?
"Buried, Adventureland. The Voices, Mississippi Grind. I love Deadpool with my last beating heart. I like Van Wilder. If you watch that, I'm just wholesale robbing from Chevy Chase."

He has that same kind of detached quality that you sometimes do.
"There's an empathetic arrogance that he has. Despite the fact that he's telling you "Do not like me" and he's writing lines for himself that are meant to impale your sense of good taste, you're attracted to him."

Read the full interview, which includes many tidbits about Deadpool, at GQ.

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