Thursday, November 17, 2016

Brooke Mueller Breaks Down Again

TMZ reports that Brooke Mueller, ex of Charlie Sheen, is currently in the hospital in Utah undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. What led to this? It all started Tuesday night, when Brooke decided that 7 is the right age to start bringing your kids to the bar, so she wandered into one barefoot with twins in tow, and tried to bum a cigarette. 

Brooke then got in a fight with her nanny, then bolted before cops came. She spent Tuesday night flitting around to different hotels, and was next spotted early Wednesday morning, appearing to swing at her kids at a carwash. A witness called cops again, and by the end of Wednesday Brooke was found and held for psych eval. The twins have been released to an undisclosed family member. I really hope that Charlie has invested well, because those poor kids are going to need all the money for their therapy bills when they're older.

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