Thursday, December 1, 2016

All About the Tea Blind Item - He's Cheating and This Reality Wife Has NO Clue!

*All About the Tea Exclusive*

This inquisitive reality TV wife believes that her marriage is solid, but she is actually losing the game of love.

Her husband is embroiled in a full blown affair, swinging between devoted family man, and shady adulterer. The wife is clueless to what’s going on, and chalks up her husband’s distance to a busy work schedule.

The husband’s mistress lives in a different city, allowing the cheater to slide by without being discovered. The side chick is besties with a former reality west coaster, who is keeping her secret safe.

The mistress hits the road with the husband’s crew, all directed to keep the year-long romance out of the nosy wife’s radar.

The husband is stretched in two directions, but manages to balance the relationships without getting caught. A recent shift at home might cramp his style, but this double-dealer has no intention of ending his fun.

Name the reality show and reality couple.

Reality Show:

Reality Couple:

Source: All About the Tea

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