Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Princess Beatrice Slices Ed Sheeran

Page Six reports that Princess Beatrice was attempting to fake "knight" James Blunt at a party, but failed to look behind her before wielding her sword, and sliced the cheek of Ed "Sharter" Sheeran. No word as to whether or not the facial mangling caused his usual reaction. "Sharter" Sheeran went to the hospital for treatment, accompanied by girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. A source states that they pair both returned to the party after he was stitched up:

“Afterwards, Ed went back to the house and carried on the party, as Cherry was there and he wanted to show he was OK to Beatrice. Obviously the princess was upset and everyone was talking about it, but she and Ed spoke about and everything was fine. She did nothing wrong except mess around at a party and her friends, including Ed, all told her that.”

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