Monday, May 1, 2017

Tamara Tattles Blind Item - Moh Money Moh Problems

Well now, things are going very badly for two Beverly Hills Folk today.  I’m hearing that two  families who  had offspring on a yacht, for a recent advertising event gone GLOBALLY BAD  are in hurry up, cover up mode. The family with the offspring who did the least promotion really can’t afford another FAIL.

Two families have come together to bail this shit out. And everyone who bought a ticket will be reimbursed. BY THESE TWO FAMILIES. Because the producers of the event are fucking morons whose careers are over. 

Considering that both of their children’s reputation is at stake, I expected nothing less.

It’s totally Pimps coming together to fix things,  But when your PARENTS are your PIMPS….sigh.

That’s kind of gross. Okay it is really gross. Especially if it is more literal in one case than the other.

At any rate, the property value on the land are through the roof. I hope the people still stranded enjoy the last tent camping.  High rises will be erected ASAP.

Source: Tamara Tattles

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