Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Met Gala Warning

If you are a celebrity under contract with an important fashion brand, your attendance at tonight’s Met Gala is probably required.

However, this actress’ invitation actually came with a warning!

"She was told by [The Brand] in no uncertain terms that she was not to show up at the Met Gala unless she could prove her sobriety when the invites went out. [The Brand] does not need the kind of mess she caused [on a previous occasion], nor do they want such embarrassment in front of Anna Wintour."

If you read Blind Gossip regularly, you already know that she has been struggling recently.

Check the attendees list tomorrow. If she is missing… that likely means she is not yet sober!

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Source: Blind Gossip - It's An Exclusive!

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