Monday, May 1, 2017

David Feldman Show Blind Item - Jeanine Garofalo's Exes

Jeanine Garofalo recently appeared on The David Feldman Show, where she talked about some of her exes. Here's what she had to say:

"As I got older, the only time there was interest from males was after I started getting some degree of success.

There was a difference in the males that were attracted to me versus the males who were attracted to the leading lady types. Without getting into details, over the years, a number of very well-known men who I slept with would not have dated me out in public. I was not to be photographed with them as their girlfriend.

They had different tastes in women in their private lives than they did in their public lives. Their public girlfriends were exactly what you would expect. In private, though, these gentlemen loved comedy women or punk rock women or artsy fartsy women.

...It just was very clear. And I was complicit in this. This is nothing I’m ashamed of, nothing that makes me sad. I’m just telling you that even when I had male attention, it was comedy guys, you know what I mean? But even with those comedy guys, there still is a premium put on a certain look of female, and I didn’t fit into that.

I’m older now, and what’s weird is, now that I’m older, when there’s male attention, it’s  from very, very young guys who seem to be intrigued by older women, and they’re flirtatious in a strange way. But [the attention certainly does not come from] males my own age. When they are older, they no longer want older women."

Source: The David Feldman Show

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