Thursday, May 4, 2017

Amy Schumer Talks Normal Boyfriend

Amy Schumer recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show. Here are some highlights from her appearance:

On boyfriend Ben Hanisch, who she met on the dating app Raya:
"I was only on there for 48 hours. He was my first match. The picture was him dancing with his grandma at like a wedding. It was really cute. There are so many douches on there. Just like, it's like, a lot of shirts off, it's like the guys all have a lot of mandatory shot in Europe where they're holding an old timey camera wearing like a scarf, doing a cannonball off a rock...or a motorcycle pic. He's a normal person. He's a civilian. Ben is a furniture designer, he's not like a famous person or whatever."

On inviting Ben to her apartment for their first date:
"I just was like 'I'm tired,' I had done photo shoots all day and stuff and I was like, 'Can you just come over and have a drink?' And my sister is like, 'You can't have someone over to your apartment, Amy.' So we went to a restaurant. [My sister] keeps me alive. But, by the way, he was there an hour later. So, I don't know what we're worried about."

On showing boob in her new movie Snatched:
"My right tit … full nip. The right one is the star and then my left one's, like, the runner-up. It was planned. Oh yeah, I wrote it in. It's so unnecessary. I just thought it was funny. It felt good to shoot it. Like, it was kind of empowering. Let's have them looked at before they're on the floor."

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