Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chris Rock Opens Up About Divorce

Chris Rock is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Here are some highlights from the accompanying interview:

Reflecting back on his marriage:
"I wasn't a good husband a lot of the times. (When he finds out the interviewer is married, with a toddler): You got a kid now. You'll be fine. You need each other. Need is big. A woman breaks up with you, the first thing she says is 'I don't need this shit.' She doesn’t say, 'I don't love you,' she says she doesn't need you...My own daughter has blocked me on Instagram. They grow up so quick."

On whether or not he has had a breakdown:
"I never had one. Getting divorced, you have to fucking start over. You get to reset. It's not a breakdown, but something in your life broke down."

When the interviewer notes that his act has gotten less angry over the past few months:
"You might have caught me just coming out of court. I asked myself, 'Do I want to be angry for a year?' It's not a cool place to be. It's not healthy. I'm not Sam Kinison – I loved Kinison, but that's not where I want to hang out every night."

On thinking that he could get away with bad behaviour in his marriage since he was the breadwinner:
"That's bullshit. That actually goes the other way. My faults are magnified. Your significant other, if they really love you, has a high opinion of you. And you let them down...It's not fair. I have a mic, she doesn't. God forbid people are bugging her in the supermarket. That's not cool. I'm going to have to see her at weddings and graduations."

On whether or not he thinks his jokes are tinged with misogyny:
"Most singers have, like, three songs, four songs that they keep writing over and over again. If you're Prince, you might have five or six. So I have four or five jokes. That's how we eat. I would love it to be different."

Read the full interview at Rolling Stone.

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