Thursday, May 4, 2017

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Talk No Talk

There are four very famous celebrities in this blind item!

This singer reacted very differently to two different celebrities when she encountered them at the Met Gala.

We have to admit that we found both interactions intriguing!

The first interaction was with an Athlete.

"She was sitting at the table next to his table.  They were just ignoring each other, but when [His Famous Girlfriend] left the table for a few minutes, he got up and went over to [Pop Singer’s] table. He gave her a hug and they talked for a few minutes. Their conversation seemed friendly. He went back to his table as soon as he saw [His Famous Girlfriend] coming back."

The second interaction was with an Award-Winning Actress.

"[Pop Star] was sitting at her table and [Actress] walked by several times. They both deliberately looked away each time and completely ignored each other."

Why are both of these interactions interesting?

Well, Pop Star and Athlete used to date a long time ago! In fact, he left his wife for the Pop Star. When Pop Star and Athlete broke up, it was so ugly that they never spoke again. Now… friendly!

Pop Star and Actress used to be good friends! They used to work out and hang out together all the time. Now… nothing!

Pop Star:


Athlete’s Girlfriend:


Source: Blind Gossip

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