Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Priyanka Chopra Talks Baywatch

Priyanka Chopra is on the cover of June's Glamour Magazine. Here are some highlights from the accompanying interview, where she talks about her role in the upcoming Baywatch movie. Here's what she had to say:

GLAMOUR: Let’s get one thing out first: You didn’t wear the iconic red swimsuit [while filming Baywatch], right?

PRIYANKA CHOPRA: I didn’t have to be in the swimsuits, because I’m the antagonist.

GLAMOUR: Were you sad not to wear it?

PC: Oh my God, I’m so glad I didn’t have to eat one olive and one, like, almond! No. [Laughs.]

GLAMOUR: Tell me about playing the villain, Victoria Leeds.

PC: I take over the beach. I open up a club. I’m this big shot billionaire chick who plays hardball in a man’s world. And what I love about Victoria is that she’s not baselessly evil. She thinks she’s just driven. She had the business acumen, but her family business went to her brother, because he was a boy. So she has a point to prove. There’s this amazing line in the [script]: Zac [Efron] says, “You’re such a bitch!” And I’m like, “If I were a man, you’d call me driven.”

GLAMOUR: I love the bitch boss in movies. I find it cathartic to watch. Was it fun to play that?

PC: Yeah. Victoria goes into an evil territory; not every driven woman’s evil. [But] ambition is a word associated with women negatively. People say, “She’s too ambitious.” Why is that a bad thing?

GLAMOUR: In your own life, you’ve said your parents treated you and your brother pretty equally.

PC: My parents were really progressive. My dad was a surgeon in the Indian army. My mom is a double M.D.; she’s an ENT/ob-gyn. Go figure. Way to set your kids up for failure, you know? [Laughs.]

GLAMOUR: Did you always get a lot of attention [for your looks]?

PC: After 15.

GLAMOUR: Did you welcome it, or was it awkward?

PC: Oh, it was great for my ego. Before 15, I had a lot of self-esteem issues. I was very conscious of the color of my skin. I was very conscious of being, like, a super-gawky, skinny teenager.

GLAMOUR: You were conscious of your skin color here, or in India?

PC: India, because there, you’re prettier if you’re fairer.

GLAMOUR: But you’re not considered fair?

PC: No, dude. I’m, like, dusky.

GLAMOUR: I’m several shades darker than you, so to me, you’re fair. For people who don’t know, what feelings go with the label “dusky”?

PC: A lot of girls who have a darker skin hear things like, “Oh, poor thing, she’s dark. Poor thing, it’ll be hard for her.” In India they advertise skin-lightening creams: “Your skin’s gonna get lighter in a week.” I used it [when I was very young]. Then when I was an actor, around my early twenties, I did a commercial for a skin-lightening cream. I was playing that girl with insecurities. And when I saw it, I was like, “Oh shit. What did I do?” And I started talking about being proud of the way I looked. I actually really like my skin tone.

GLAMOUR: We talked a lot about family before. You lost your father a few years ago. At the time you said that it hadn’t felt real to you yet. Do you still feel that way?

PC: Weirdly, yeah. You make friends with grief. My dad was my biggest cheerleader. Any awards show, he would be my date. Every time I won anything, he’d be like, “Yeah!” as if he’d won. I was like, “Dad, just turn it down by 10.” [Laughs.] He enjoyed my achievements more than I did.

GLAMOUR: Let’s say you could make the perfect partner for yourself, using parts—personality traits, talents, body parts—of costars. Give me your perfect person.

PC: Oh shit. [Laughs.] OK, Dwayne [Johnson]’s drive. I find drive in men very attractive, OK? Also, Dwayne’s gentlemanly pull-out-a-chair-for-a-girl vibe. Mix that with Zac’s abs, Jake McLaughlin’s eyes, and my coactor in India Ranveer Singh’s rebelliousness.

Read the full interview at Glamour.

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