Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Johnny Depp's Emails Released in Lawsuit

In the ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and his former business managers, the business managers have made public emails that they claim support their side of the case. Some of the highlights of the exchanges are below, as published in The Hollywood Reporter.

Attorney Susan MacIsaac wrote in the Monday court filing,
"[E]ach member of the [management] team had numerous individual communications with Depp and each other, which, taken together, will overwhelmingly establish that Depp was always fully informed regarding his financial problems, and of course, always knew that he was borrowing money to afford his extravagant lifestyle. 
In an attached email, [Depp's sister Christi] Dembrowski even describes herself as Depp's 'one stop informational center,' while instructing a TMG employee that all documents sent to Depp for signature must go through her."

From The Hollywood Reporter:
"Only one email exchange directly between Depp and Mandel is included. It addresses the actor's need to "take it easy" on spending as well as his $75 million combined pay from The Tourist, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film and Dark Shadows. (The full exchange is posted below.)

Depp asks "what else can I do???" and offers to sell his possessions. "i got bikes, cars, property, books, paintings and some semblance of a soul left. where would you like me to start???"

In a Jan. 25, 2010, email to Dembrowski, Mandel writes, "We are almost $4,000,000 overdrawn" and asks Depp's sister to get him to sign loan documents for a $6 million loan. She responds, "was gonna get them to you this worries!"

A 2014 exchange between Dembrowski and Mandel addresses the loan secured by profit participation from five of Depp's films, which the actor says was done without his knowledge.

"I need your help this week to coordinate having J sign that Letter of Intent regarding this new loan," writes Mandel in the email. "More than that, it is critical to us that J understand what he is signing and, either now or very soon, how this loan will impact him moving forward."

Dembrowski writes back, "I don't understand impact moving forward."

Mandel says he would be happy to give a longer explanation but, in short: "[A]s you know we are pledging our primary Disney profit participations. These monies will be required to pay back the loan and will be unavailable to us for a number of years (likely next 4-5 years). These monies have been a significant source of our income, and have sustained us during the periods between new work. Without access to these monies, even greater reductions in spending will be necessary.""

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