Friday, June 23, 2017

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Erratic Behavior

This young actress received a lot of publicity during her first season on a TV show.

So, are things looking good for renewal?

"No. She is very popular on social media and she the perfect demographic, but that may not save her. Ratings were below expectations. Another big factor they are talking about is how to rework her contract. Not just for dollars, but for “wellness” issues. She says it’s all an act and she’s just having fun, but she’s got them worried. I’d say chances for pick up are less than 25% at this point."

The “wellness” issues likely centers around her erratic behavior off the set.

What about the possibility of replacing her as the lead?

"Everybody is replaceable, but when they replaced Charlie Sheen (on Two and a Half Men), the ratings for the show were so so good it made sense to replace him rather than cancel. That’s not the case here."



Source: Blind Gossip

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