Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tamara Tattles Blind Item - Circuit Raisin

I learned a new term this weekend, “circuit raisin.”  Apparently, in Provincetown where all the rich gays have second homes, the lesser gays have something called circuit week. Every year for the week over July 4th ,there is a big ole gay event called Circuit Week which looks to me to be a lot like what spring break used to be in the 1980s.  Pool parties, pot, miscellaneous other illicit activities appear to be the think. There is a place called Dick Dock where lots of sexual activity and um partying occurs.

While the rich folks are going to high-end garden parties thrown by very wealthy party planners, the damn tourists are at the dick dock doing exactly what it sounds like. It draws a younger crowd of hot guys hooking up. Older desperate guys hanging around the action are called circuit raisins. 

Well my spies say that one circuit raisin is a guy we all know and loathe.  Dick Dock is an appropriate place for him. And in this case it is decidedly NOT VP Pence. Because allegedly, he is much more discreet.

Updated because I asked my source why it was called “circuit week.” Here is what he said…

“Circuit parties happen around the country and attract a lot of party boys.  Tons of drugs, tons of sex. Probably the most famous are the White Party, which is now in Palm Springs I think and the Black Party, which is in NYC.  Used to be at the Saint but now is at different places. The NYC event is probably the sleaziest of all of them. Then there is Southern Decadence in NoLa which has become very big.  So they form basically a circ

Provincetown hosts Independence Day every year, which is pretty much wall to wall twinks and the men who love them.  Although I have to say the twinks seem to be getting older and fatter every year. lol
P.P.S. My friends with property in Ptown say all the cool kids are at Pride Madrid right now. 

Source: Tamara Tattles

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