Friday, July 7, 2017

Blind Gossip Exclusive Blind Item - Bye Beach Boyfriend

We’ve been talking about this fake couple since last year. She is from a family of famous actors and is at the beginning of her acting career. He is a film franchise veteran.

Friends? Yes. But the boyfriend/girlfriend act they had been trying to pull off? Bizarre! Was he comforting her? Was he taking advantage of her? Who knows.

In any case, his motives probably don’t matter much anymore… because they are currently on the outs. They haven’t spoken in almost a month. Supposedly it has something to do with him hanging out with his “ex girlfriend” again (Yes, the same one he dumped before he started clinging to our actress.)

We don’t know if this break is temporary or permanent, but we’ll consider this relationship in its twilight stage… unless they start posting fake romantic beach photos again.



Source: Blind Gossip - It's An Exclusive!

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