Friday, July 7, 2017

Rod Stewart Renews Vows

Alec Baldwin isn't the only one to get in on the vow renewal action. Rod Stewart has as well, and he topped Baldwin by selling the photos to Hello! Magazine. Rod Stewart, 72, renewed his vows to wife of 10 years Penny Lancaster, 46. Their sons Alastair, 11, and Aiden, 6, attended the ceremony as did Stewart's children from previous relationships Kimberly, 37, and her daughter Delilah, 5, Sean, 36, Renee, 25, and Liam, 22. Here's what the couple had to say exclusively to Hello! Magazine:

Rod: “Penny is my whole world. What a girl. Love means many things to many people but to me it’s wanting to share everything with the one you love and I love Penny more now than ever, if that is at all possible. It was a beautifully romantic thing to do. We’re not proving anything, just sharing our love with our friends and family...Having family and friends there was everything. It makes you stop to think how lucky you are. With so much unrest, violence and loss in this world, family is everything.”

Penny: “Being able to reflect on those ten years and say those words to one another and still know we mean them is important. This felt more special. You get married with the hope that you’ll be together. When we renewed our vows, we said them not with just hope but with a reassurance. Along with hope, there is also faith, love and bringing all the family together.”

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