Monday, July 3, 2017

James Cromwell is Going to Jail

Good Morning, Anarchists! There will be a light posting schedule today, with posts going up every 30 minutes, since many people are on holiday today. Back to our full regular posting schedule on Wednesday.

First up this morning, E! News reports that actor James Cromwell has been sentenced to one week in jail after refusing to pay a fine in connection to his 2015 arrest for protesting the construction of a power plant in upstate New York that creates unacceptable health and safety risks to the public. 

Cromwell released the following statement:
"A poisonous, misguided energy policy, driven by a rapacious, deceitful industry, and abetted by corrupt, self-serving political leadership is condemning all sentient life on this planet to a gruesome extinction. To remain silent in the face of such a cataclysm is to be culpable and complicit. The extraction of fossil fuels has become, in this compromised environment, a crime against humanity. Anyone with a sense of outrage is compelled to resist. Any law that facilitates and justifies such a crime by stifling dissent is unjust. History will vindicate our struggle and excoriate the perpetrators. That is, if there is a history."

His lawyers stated that the reason Cromwell refused to pay the $375 fine is that "his conscience does not allow him to pay those who are corrupt and destroying the planet."

Keep on fighting the good fight, Mr. Cromwell!

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