Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tamara Tattles Blind Item - Playing For The Wrong Team

I’ve been told something by a reliable source that I do not believe.

Not only do I not believe it, but I want to record it here as things that are be putting out in the universe because someone is not playing for the right team in a certain case that is ongoing.

This information has me questioning everything I thought I knew as true. I may be a poor judge of people’s character in general, but there is one certain skill I possess that is 97.4% infallible. This information either falls within my 2.6% majority of error, or it’s a calculated smear campaign. 

The information relates to someone’s deposition in an upcoming trial and the reason it deviates from everyone else’s. The source states that the reason this person is not telling the “truth” is because they don’t want their “truth” to be exposed and that one side of the trial is holding that “truth” over their head.

It involves an event that allegedly went down after the last reunion of the show in question. An event I do not believe occurred. My source seems to fully believe that someone is being blackmailed to lie under oath and go against what other people who were deposed are saying.

My inclination is to believe quite the opposite. I am starting to wonder if the majority of those deposed are lying for other reasons. Perhaps they are the ones being blackmailed  encouraged to “say the right things” by the other side.

My brain hurts just trying to get my mind around this and I have a lot of information you do not have. This is blind is one that may never be revealed… And it sure did come to me at an interesting time.

Source: Tamara Tattles*

*Tamara Tattles blinds are about Bravo shows

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