Thursday, April 27, 2017

Paris Jackson is Vanity Fair's It Girl

Paris Jackson seems to be everywhere lately. This month, it's in Vanity Fair. Here are some highlights from the profile, in which Vanity Fair dubs her an It Girl:

"Perhaps the only thing more challenging than growing up with the King of Pop as your single parent would be growing up in that shadow—and not talking about it. Paris Jackson, the 19-year-old model and actress, is the second of Michael Jackson’s three children, raised in the surreal world of Neverland Ranch, Bubbles the chimpanzee, and the paternal pride of one of the most influential icons in music history.

While she’s adamant about keeping her family memories private, everything else is up for grabs. She happily reveals that she sings and can play a few instruments—“but I haven’t yet felt the need to make a career out of it. We’ll see.”

Like her father, she is comfortable in front of the camera—though she’s not focused solely on entertaining. “I think it’s important to show our youth that one shouldn’t compare another’s highlight reel to their own behind the scenes.”"

Read the full profile at Vanity Fair.

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