Friday, April 28, 2017

Samantha Bee Talks Late Night Hosting

Lena Dunham recently interviewed Samantha Bee for The Hollywood Reporter. Here are some highlights from that interview:

DUNHAM "Do you think the fact that you had spent so much time in the business, that you had done The Daily Show, gave you a certain kind of DGAF [don't give a fuck] attitude?"

BEE "It absolutely did, because I just know that there's another world out there for me that's equally satisfying. There's something else that I could do that would be fine. And it was just freedom for us. [TBS] actually really trusted us; no one really ever trusted us before. Not to that extent, that's for sure. So it was just not having too many fucks left to give is where it came from."

DUNHAM "It happened right around the time that there was this massive conversation about the fact that the only woman talk show host was Kocktails With Khloe on E! How heavily did you feel the weight of that superhero cape?"

BEE "I didn't feel it at all. And I actually still don't. I just completely separated myself from all that. I have to in order to be able to live life. People will put a yoke on you whether you like it or not. You really have to be very strict about your vision. You can't make a show for other people. You cannot crowdsource your show."

DUNHAM "Speaking of The Daily Show, I wanted to ask — because you did amazing work there, but you were in somebody else's vision — what you learned and if you had thoughts about things you wanted to do differently."

BEE "I could not be doing this if I hadn't done that, for sure. It really primed the pump. Being there for so long, it allowed me to have the exact career that I wanted to have and at the exact speed that was right for us. It also taught me to lean in to my point of view, especially toward the end, to just take ownership of my point of view, which I could never completely do because it was filtered through Jon's editorial point of view. So having the freedom to do my own thing, it was important for me and important also for Jo to go hard into what we thought, and our point of view is harder. It's more forceful in ways that Jon would never be. I think he's amazing. I think he's brilliant. Our point of view is just — it is different. We've been steeped in womanness for a long time, and we have other shit going on, and we see the world differently."

Read the full interview, which is much more political than the excerpts chosen above, at The Hollywood Reporter.

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