Friday, November 4, 2016

Tom Ford Opens Up About Sobriety

Designer and Filmmaker Tom Ford recently sat down for an interview with Out Magazine, where he opened up about his sobriety. Here's what he had to say:

On Parenthood (his son Jack is 4):
“I always wanted kids. But I really had a bad drinking problem. I couldn’t have had Jack in that state — I’d have dropped him down the stairs and accidentally burned him with a cigarette...You give up the right to kill yourself. And I kind of liked that, because it’s the ultimate out...Also, I hurt my back. Jack’s heavy now. You realize why most people have their kids when they’re in their 20s or 30s.”  

On the family's relocation to Los Angeles from London:
“[Jack]’s losing his English accent very quickly, which I’m a little sad about. He hasn’t started saying ‘awesome’ yet, which he absolutely cannot say He cannot start saying ‘awesome.’...The worst for me is ‘my bad,’” says Ford. “It’s like a country of infants! You hear adults saying things like that — I’m shocked.” 

On his formality:
"I sound like an old man a lot of times because I am old-fashioned and formal in many ways. If Jack would meet you, he would put out his hand and say, ‘Hello, Mr. Hicklin,’ and he’d look you in the eye.”

On his film aesthetic:
“I like old-fashioned movies where people are more beautiful than they are in real life. People keep comparing [my movies] to Douglas Sirk, and it was certainly never an intention — I find Sirk’s movies a little camp and melodramatic. However, I love them, and I know them all by heart, and I suppose I can be a little melodramatic. I like stories that are a little overblown like that, and I do like a lot of lacquer and polish on things.”

Read the full interview at Out.

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