Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mila Kunis Blind Item - You'll Never Work In This Town Again...

Mila Kunis recently penned an essay for Ashton Kutcher's website A Plus. Here is an excerpt:

"You'll never work in this town again."

A cliché to be sure, but also what a producer threatened when I refused to pose semi-naked on the cover of a men's magazine to promote our film. I was no longer willing to subject myself to a naïve compromise that I had previously been willing to. "I will never work in this town again?" I was livid, I felt objectified, and for the first time in my career I said "no." And guess what? The world didn't end. The film made a lot of money and I did work in this town again, and again, and again. What this producer may never realize is that he spoke aloud the exact fear every woman feels when confronted with gender bias in the workplace. 



Source: A Plus (The whole essay is worth a read)

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