Friday, July 14, 2017

Tamara Tattles Blind Item - Fired Housewife Collects Other Rejects

This fired housewife has opted to collect a bunch of former housewives for a charity event.

However, the actual motivation is to make a sizzle real in an attempt to get back on TV.

Even fired housewives from other countries and people from a now defunct Bravo show will be there.

This fired housewife is so desperate to be on TV that she is flying women in from around the globe and paying for her own film crew. ALLEGEDLY. 

While we are all clamoring for a show where housewives from all franchises come together for a very special Scary Island event, this cast of misfits and rejects is not exactly what we were hoping for.

It’s just another failed attempt to get back on Bravo… or Foxtel… or ANYWHERE,

Sad. This housewife has more important things to concern herself with.

Source: Tamara Tattles

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