Friday, November 11, 2016

Sting Talks Hearing Loss

Sting recently appeared on SiriusXM's Artist Confidential, where he had this to say, as reprinted by People:

“I’m fairly deaf. ‘What?’ is my favorite word. I tried wearing a hearing aid, but I heard more than I wanted to hear! People talk a lot of shit!”

On taking a daily walk:
“Walking has always been important to me. The binary rhythm of walking invokes narrative. 57th and 9th became this taking-stock point. You could write a play just by listening to people’s phone conversations on the street in New York. The energy of New York gave [the album] an urgency.”

On enjoying his move to New York City:
“New Yorkers treat me in an even way, like, ‘Hey, Sting! I like you, I like your music.’ Or, ‘You suck!’ They’re respectful of my privacy, but if they want to say something, they will!”

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