Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Color Quota

This TV series is adding cast after a very successful first season. They really wanted to bring in another female child star to offset the current young female star of the show. They were debating among half a dozen girls from 10-15 who would have been great for the strange role… when an order came down from network executives.

They said that the cast is too white and they didn’t like the fact that all the ones we were doing call backs with were white. So we had to toss them and start over. In the end, we settled on a girl of color who can act. The bad news is that she is in her twenties! She is physically small, but I personally think it will be a stretch to try to convince people that she is a tween or young teen. We may have to rewrite the part.

We’re not sure if a girl in her twenties will make a good foil for the tween star of the show, either, but it seems that they have to make this strange quota thing work.

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