Friday, November 11, 2016

Billy Bob Thornton Opens Up About His Insecurities

Billy Bob Thornton recently sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine. Here are some of the highlights:

On being allergic to eggs, wheat, dairy, and not being able to eat red meat:
“I have type AB- blood, which is the rarest blood type. It's less than 1 percent of the whole population of the world, and it means that you don't have as many digestive enzymes.” (the interviewer notes that Billy Bob weighs 135 pounds)

On when fans don't appreciate his songwriting:
“You like my band? What was I, just fucking masturbating up there? I wrote every fucking word to those songs...Sure, I'll sign your Sling Blade DVD. And you can go home and fuck missionary like a metronome and never have an original creative idea in your life.”

On the drive to create:
“You're either born with it or you're not. There aren't any people aligned with me passionately. Nobody will ever see the importance the way you see it.”

On Bad Santa 2:
“I mean, now they have fucking Bad Grandma and Bad Teacher and Bad Aunt and Uncle and everybody. People have made sure of that, that you can't shock anybody anymore. It's not just because of movies and TV. It's because of what's happening in the world. It's like, well, surely no one's ever, like, killed a bunch of rabbits with a hatchet and then ate them in front of a group of kindergartners, and you look it up and, sure enough, somebody did it.”

On critics being predisposed to hating sequels:
“ ‘Oh, my God, did you see Joe Dirt 2? It's atrocious.’ Who gives a shit? Then don't go see it. Don't write about it, you know? You take away people's right to like what they want to like by influencing people who are very easily influenced.”

On his marriage to Angelina Jolie:
“I never felt good enough for her...I'm real uncomfortable around rich and important people...I like how I am.” 

Read the full interview at GQ.

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