Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lindsay Lohan Needs New Representation

Page Six reports that Lindsay Lohan has parted ways with publicist Hunter Frederick after two years. A source says, “You never know what Lindsay you’re going to get. One second she’s in a great mood and wanting to get things back together, and the next you can’t say anything to make her happy. She’s going to have a really hard time finding a new publicist not only because she’s radioactive and no one wants to represent her, but the monthly retainer alone would render her bankrupt.”

Well, it looks like she found some way to pay, because her new manager Scott Carlsen released the following statement:  “Hunter was never working with Lindsay Lohan there was no financial or contractual relationship and this whole story is incorrect. He is shamelessly trying to get publicity for himself while throwing a so-called ‘client’ under the bus. Obviously not much of a PR agent.”

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