Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hollywood Street King Blind Item - Concocting a Scheme

Today’s blind item is a married couple said to secretly be concocting a scheme as part of a pub play over his product launch of a new overpriced line of sneakers. Don’t believe me? Just ask porn star Flash Brown. Know why? Word in the streets is our mystery man’s people “contacted Flash Brown with an offer to play _____ in a sex tape.”

“They’re planning to release the porn in snippets to trick people into thinking that its them.”

Though we can’t say for sure the female of our deceptive duo reached out to double as our Mrs. blind item, sources say “they’ve already secured someone to play her on the set of the sex tape production.”

Dig the Drop:

“They even opened their own porn company for this project. He’ll release his new ____’s when the fake sex tape drops.”

Now, can you guess the rapper and the porn star I’m talking about?

Source: Hollywood Street King

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