Monday, October 3, 2016

Lady Gaga Talks Joanne

In anticipation of the release of her new album Joanne (named for her father's sister who died of lupus at the age of 19), which comes out on October 21st, Lady Gaga recently sat down for an interview with People. Here's what she had to say:

"Returning to your family and where you came from, and your history, this is what makes you strong. It's not looking out that's going to do that – it's looking in. Joanne is a progression for me. It was about going into the studio and forgetting that I was famous." 

On whether or not her relationship with Taylor Kinney was an influence on the album:
"Absolutely. When you listen to the album, it's clear the influence that all the men in my life have made on this record. That's at the center of it, as well: I always wanted to be a good girl. And Joanne was such a good girl. But I have such a rebellious spirit, and my father was always very angry. He drank because of his sister's death. I was trying to understand him through making this record, and in that, also trying to understand why I love men that are cowboys. I'm figuring out all of those relationships in my life through the music, and going very deeply into it. But in a totally beautiful way. It's not a sad album. It's an album that is very revealing of me as a woman." 

On her audience for the album:
"I really wanted to reach that girl in the crowd who's got a kid in her hand and two kids running around her and a glass of beer in the other and she's crying her eyes out with heirloom jewelry on from her grandma."

On her upcoming dive bar tour:
"It's very reminiscent of how I got my start. I began singing in dive bars and really small clubs. I dragged my piano down the stairs, and I went down the street with my keyboard and I would go to every different dive bar that I could get to agree to let me play. I'd call and pretend I was Lady Gaga's manager." 

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